Out, Damned Spot: My Fave Zit Zapper Of All Time

There is nothing – and I repeat, NOTHING – more heartbreaking, embarrassing, or humiliating as a teenager than having a zit right smack center of your nose.

Unfortunately for me, in my first two years of high school I endured the most horrible zits. Zits are bad, mind you, but the placement of them are even worse. And though I tried almost every zit cream I could get my hands on, it was one that my mom bought from a hospital pharmacy that worked the best: Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream.

Bless my Mama – she knew how upset I was about all my acne. I’m not joking when I say I’ve probably tried over 50 types of pimple creams during high school, and this is by far in the top three. I’m not sure if it’s available all over the world, because a quick Google search told me nobody really knows about it… so this might be a hidden gem!

There is not much to say except this: it is 3 freakin’ dollars. (Actually it was S$1.50 at the time and recently doubled.) Whiteheads are flattened overnight, and those huge volcanic cystic zits can disappear within two days… all for S$3. How can you complain?! Unfortunately (or actually, fortunately) I haven’t used this in years because my skin cleared up after high school – my acne, on hindsight, was probably was due to my love of junk food – but I always have a tube of it just in case I get those random nasty ones. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Acne Clear Pimple Treatment Cream. You can find it at Guardian.

Have you tried Acne Clear? What’s the best zit cream you’ve tried?

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  1. Do you know where I can find this, I tried to google search it but didn’t come up with much :S Thanks!!

  2. It’s really cheap! May need to check it out sometime soon haha. xx Definitely hates those random spots that sometimes pop up on otherwise clear skin too! 🙂

  3. Hey! can you please include the name of the product in a comment for me, for some odd reason I cannot see the picture. thanks!

  4. Sorry guys! Weird that the picture didn’t show up… I re-uploaded it, can you see it now? It’s called Acne Clear. My Mom got it from NUH’s pharmacy, but I’ve also seen it at Guardian* xx

    edit* I mistakenly said Watsons before, sorry about that! It’s actually at Guardian.

  5. Zit on the tip of my nose? Story of my life throughout middle school and the first two years of high school. It always comes around Christmas time too. Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer much?

    It’s not reappeared for years now, thank GOD!

  6. I remember buying 5% benzoyl peroxide once and it came in a tube almost like this one, except the writing was in green and the tube only had english writing on it.

  7. It sounds like a cool product (haven’t seen it before). I have tried about 25 products myself and I have found that the ones that work best for my acne contain benzoyl peroxide and some sort of anti-bioitic. Could you list the active ingredients in this?

  8. I have tried this product and must say it is really all that you say it is, Renee. I bought it from Guardian Pharmacy at $4.50. Great great value for money!

  9. I think i have a liquid version of this.My mom got it from NUH as well and yep, it’s very gentle on this skin and works as well.

  10. I haven’t tried this – my favorite pimple cream is Quinoderm! In fact I need to use it tonight. I don’t get zits often but I suddenly have 3!

  11. The best that I have tried is from a dermatologist in Indonesia. It costs about 5 bucks a pot. And the results was fantastic after 3 days. I sound like one of those ads. But no, I’m not joking. I’ve tried EVERYTHING and NOTHING worked. Yes, I even burnt my face with apple cider vinegar and all that but then my gal pal brought me to this dermatologist and I am now free from zits! *cross my fingers*

  12. What are the ingredients in this? I still have a scar from one of the giant pimples I had in high school. Ugh! I haven’t found any single zit zapping products that work well. I have to use a combo of things, but luckily I don’t really break out too much anymore.

  13. HI everyone, the active ingredient is sulphur (4%) – yikes! I guess that’s why it works so well.

    Unfortunately I checked and it seems to be Singaporean made, so you can only get it in Singapore I’m afraid… you can find it at Guardian and NUH’s pharmacy, those are the “confirmed” places for now… if anyone finds it elsewhere please let us all know. 🙂 xx

  14. i just bought it, its kinda like clay! smell, looks and feeling wise!
    do u wash it off after a while or just go to sleep with it? /i didn’t realize the magic way yet, didn’t made mine disappear.. 🙁

  15. I have never heard of this one before. Is it minty feeling on the zit? There were a few pharmacy zit cream that tend to be too strong that it aggravates the zit more and they are usually minty feeling. Does it work on blackheads? If you have any tips on how to get rid of blackheads, please please please tell me.

    Currently using Mario Badescu Drying Cream. It is a concealer plus zit cream. I do like it but it doesn’t work on all zit, I think. I am still looking for a holy grail zit cream?

  16. i will be in singapore in october and i will be getting myself one for sure! i’ve been using benzac 5 for a while, but i stopped recently because i tend to overuse and though i get rid of the zit itself, i always end up scarring myself. i also destroyed a lot of clothes because of it -__-

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