Adding Oil to Your Foundation – Worth A Try?

adding oil to foundation

I’ve been hearing all about adding oil to foundation, a new, yet “controversial” makeup trick, and have recently been asked if it’s actually OK to mix oil with foundation.

Which is so funny, because something like this just happened to me recently!

I was doing makeup for a bridal client, and was mixing two lipstick shades together to create a more rosy, watermelon red.

My client caught me and was shocked that you could “mix makeup”. This of course, is nothing new to makeup artists as it’s something we do all the time – it’s just like mixing paint to us!

So it’s no surprise, I think, that this makeup trick of adding oil to foundation must’ve come from a makeup artist to the “mainstream”.

Should You Be Adding Oil to Foundation?

If you feel you need to, go ahead!

It would work well, and make your foundation more “runny” and easier to apply, as well as be even better for dry skin.

In fact, adding oil to foundation makes the foundation a little more “runny” and helps with application.

Why does oil in foundation work?

An oil would make the foundation formula a bit more, well oily, allowing the foundation to spread and blend onto the skin more easily, and generally have an easier-to-work-with, more smoother consistency.

In other words, it’s definitely one to try out.

But there’s a catch – I wouldn’t recommend adding oil in your foundation or if you have very acne-prone skin.

Oil isn’t too great for acne prone skin, especially coconut oil, which is known to be in the moderate range of comedoeginc and can cause clogged pores such as blackheads, whiteheads, pimples. No thanks!

How to Use

Prepare your foundation. Add a few dollops of foundation on the back of your hand, the usual amount you use for your whole face.

Add the oil. Add no more than 1-2 drops of the oil onto the foundation, and mix it in.

It’s important that the foundation and oil is completely mixed in to work. If it gets too oily, then add more foundation. The trick is to make your foundation formula a tad more runny, not too oily, or else it could just make your foundation slip off you face!

Application – don’t forget to blend! My personal recommendation is to apply foundation that has a bit of oil in it with your fingertips for even better application.

The warm of your fingertips will make the foundation blend seamlessly into the skin for the most natural, smooth application.

And as I said above, don’t forget to blend your foundation in. It’s one of the mistakes women make with foundation, but you should blend it in until it looks like your skin.

The Best Oil to Use for Mixing With Foundation.

Jojoba oil is said to be as close to our skin’s natural oil, and therefore should be the best fit for your foundation.

With jojoba oil though, I’d say it’s probably better to mix it with water based foundations.

Argan oil may work better for silicone based foundations.

Either way, just make sure it’s only a few drops and the foundation doesn’t get too oily and sticky – the key is to make the foundation formula easier to blend, not slide down your face after application!

Some of the best argan oils to mix with your foundation are by Foxbrim, Majestic Pure and InstaNatural, especially since they are made for the face and will be less prone to breakouts and reactions.

For Jojoba oil, try out Majestic Pure Jojoba Oil for Hair and Skin.

What do you say? Will you be adding oil to your foundation?

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