Hall of Fame: Alba Botanica Soothing Sunscreen Pure Lavender SPF 45

When I was told that Alba Botanica sunscreens beat out 100s of sunscreen in a recent in-depth dermalogical research and is constantly rated as the safest and most effective sunscreen by the EWG, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it.

alba botanica soothing sunscreen pure lavender review
Image: Alba Botanica

I instantly chose the Alba Botanica Soothing Sunscreen Pure Lavender SPF 45 sunscreen because it had the highest sun protection factor – I write more of that in Sunscreen Myths & Facts – and, well… I totally understand why this sunscreen is so loved.

What it is

First, the good: it’s a high SPF 45 100% natural, mineral sunscreen, which is said to be better and safer for your skin.

This particular version, Pure Lavender SPF 45, is made for sensitive skin and infused with organic lavender, aloe vera (extra soft!), chamomile and green tea (extra calming) and even ginkgo blob. The lavender scent itself, in aromatherapy, is said to be soothing and calm you down.

Lastly, it is not tested on animals and is 100% vegetarian. Always a huge bonus.

My Experience

As the name suggests – it used to be called “Very Emollient”, before it changed to Smoothing Sunscreen – it is a very emollient, oily sunscreen. It looks like it will be greasy on the skin, but it’s not; not even a bit.

For my dry skin, this oily formula is perfect and keeps my skin looking and feeling great. It will also be perfect on mature and dehydrated skin.

I can, however, see this as being a problem for those in hot, humid climates, and for those with oily, acne-prone skin, in the sense they wouldn’t want to come near this, but I wouldn’t give it a pass just yet. It’s an incredible sunscreen – feels so “healthy” and pure on the skin – and at $4 for a tube, it’s worth a try.

The sunscreen itself applies like an oilier version of whipped cream, if you will – the white lotion applies smoothly, easily and spreads like a dream over skin (just keep it away from the eye area, I’ve heard it can irritate those with sensitive eyes).

The formula sinks into skin and leaves no real oily residue, and best of all, no white cast. My makeup applies normally on top of it, or for days I don’t wear makeup, gives skin a dewy look.

The only con – and this is the only one – is that lavender is a known irritant to some.

While I have sensitive skin and have no issue at all, if you’re worried about that, the Mineral SPF 30 version will be just as amazing, although the sun protection factor is lower.

In fact, I now want to try the whole Alba Botanica sunscreen range – there are many to choose from, and as always, you’ll hear about them on the blog when I do.

You can find Alba Botanica sunscreens online at Amazon.com – honestly, just buy it in bulk for friends and family!

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