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Are Ampoules for Wedding Makeup Necessary?

ampoules for wedding

To Ampoule or not to ampoule? It’s a questioned asked a lot in bridal makeup. Here are my thoughts…

What is an ampoule?
It’s an intensive skincare treatment with potent ingredients that delivers results very fast. (In plain English: it’s like crazy intense serum.)

Why are ampoules used in bridal makeup?
For makeup (especially base makeup, such as foundation, concealer, powered) to look even more flawless on your skin, it needs to be as flawless as possible by itself.

Ampoules are basically a “shot” of intense skincare treatment – they are very concentrated and this allows for a super quick skin treatment to make your skin as “good” as possible and helps makeup stay on longer. Skin seems more glowy, plumped up and youthful after it. Because of this, this is a something that a lot of bridal makeup artists use to help make you look even better on your wedding day.

But do you really need one for your wedding?
Here’s the thing: skincare prep is very important for makeup, and any good makeup artist will know that. So my answer would be yes and no.

No because if you already have good skin, you don’t really need it. It’s like monthly facials – some argue that women should be doing them, and some don’t do it. It’s up to personal preference and also the state of your skin. If you really want that extra glowy and radiant look – and if you have dry and dehydrated skin or are a mature bride – then yes, you may want an ampoule before your makeup on your wedding day.

Ampoules for makeup – a risky business.
Some makeup artists “push” the idea of an ampoule for bridal makeup – or anytime they do makeup – because honestly, it makes them more money. And because of that, a lot of them are ripping people off.

Ampoules are fairly hard to find – the only one I’ll ever use is from Paris, for example – and so I understand that it’s an extra cost to bridal makeup services. But I have heard some ampoules for an extra $90 and that is beyond ridiculous!

“OK, so will I need an ampoule for my wedding makeup?!”
I know this is quite a vague post – it’s because my answer really is, it’s a “up to you”!

You can speak with your makeup artist at your trial – if it’s me as your bridal makeup artist, you can ask me as much as you want about it, and I can show you. I myself don’t use ampoules for my bridal clients, unless they insist. I do my own skin prep and other base products for long lasting makeup.

Speak to your makeup artist.
Either way, you should definitely ask about skin prep for your bridal makeup.

All makeup artists should do some kind of skin prep – or should – and if they talk about ampoules, check the price of that first. If it’s too expensive, just say no. To me that’s a clear sign that this makeup artist is in it for the money and not the passion! (I’ll be writing how to choose the correct bridal makeup artist for your wedding day in my upcoming post, stay tuned for that.)

About the Author: Hi, I’m Renee, a makeup artist and person behind this blog! Blog for Beauty is an online resource for makeup & beauty tips, advice and reviews created with beginners & newbies in mind to to help you enhance your natural beauty so you look – and feel – great.

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