Are Facials Really Necessary?

I once heard that when you reach a certain age, it’s important to go for facials.

Some of my mother’s friends, older ladies I know, all vouch for it, saying they’ve been going for regular facials since they were in their 30’s and you can really tell a difference in their skin today (they’re all in their 50’s now).

But I wonder, is it really the facials or is it just good genes?

are facials necessary? especially once you're 30?
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Are facials really necessary?

I hear it’s touted as especially necessary once you ‘hit’ 30 years old, and I’m sure people working in that field would argue that as well, but I can’t help but think, if you really know what products work for you (perhaps getting a dermatologist involved), then you might be doing enough for your skin.

Bu I wanted to know your personal opinions especially from those who have regular facials. How has it changed your skin? Did you start going for regular facials once you turned 30?

My thoughts

Personally, I’m not a regular facial goer.

I love trying them out, especially for the blog to recommend to anyone reading that is looking for good places in Singapore.

And while there are plenty of great services out there and I really enjoy them, I don’t actually go to them myself. I just don’t have the time and energy to go religiously every month!

Although I find them really relaxing and my face definitely better after it, I’m not sure if going for facials will make my skin look any better than if I don’t go. I feel that if I just keep up my skin care regime and apply sunscreen, my skin should be fine.

Over to you

But I’d love to know what do you think – are facials necessary to keeping your skin looking its best in the long run?

Have you found anything to be better (or worse) when going for facials? Would love to hear your opinions.

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  1. Hi Renee, silent follower of your blog.

    I’ve just recently started going for facial due to uncontrollable acne popping out. It did help but if you think that your current skincare regime is sufficient then would suggest skipping it. It’s definitely not a must. Plus, it’ll you’ll save a lots of money to check out other makeup products. 😉

    1. Hey, welcome Rmage! Thanks for reading 🙂 Oh yeah, I reckon we could save a lot of money huh? Some of the facial prices I see are so crazy!

  2. Hello Renee 🙂

    I’ve been going for monthly facials for about a year now. The pimples and acne scars on my forehead – they are much lighter now and i have less pimples appearing on my forehead. But I do suffer from mini breakouts here and then – only if i don’t keep up with a proper cleansing regime or if i keep picking at my face, something i’m very guilty of doing when i’m feeling stressed haha! But i still think having a proper skin care regime works just as fine. 🙂

    1. Hey Kisslock 🙂

      Thanks for your thoughts, I guess the general thoughts of everyone is that it is up to the individual? Seems like a lot of your ladies have tried them with success, which is awesome!

  3. Hey Renee!

    Haha, I think you know my position on the matter…definitely pro-facials! I didn’t start getting facials until about 10 years ago, but I’d definitely recommend them.

    However, the only thing I would say is the kind of facial you get is important. I’ve never been that big on ‘standard’ facials i.e. cleanse, steamed up face and extraction (yuck! so painful!!) and mask etc – usually there needs to be some kind of special treatment element to it that I couldn’t get at home, otherwise I might as well hang out at home with an SK-II Facial Treatment Essence mask 🙂

    1. Great tips Glo! So true on getting one that is right for you. And it’s definitely working for you, your skin is ammmmmmazing! 🙂

  4. i am on the fence on this. I tried facial at Leonard Drake before for my acne flareup, although it did help on making my face brighter, my acne was not “cured” by it. My acne was stablised due to my doctor topical medications.

    On the other hand, I relieased i do have a lot of clog pores and it might help with some facials? Then again, I witness a turn of event when my sister went to do facial for her acne and it became uncontrollable after that until she had to take steriod injections on her cystic acne!

    Would love to see what others think!

    1. Oh wow Janis, I can understand why you’d be on the fence about facials, that’s awful 🙁 Hope some of the comments here will help you out!

  5. Well, facials (if done properly for your particular skin type) can certainly help, but I don’t think they’re absolutely necessary. As long as you keep your skin clean and moisturized, with spot treatments for problem areas as needed, and plenty of sun protection if you’re fair– you shouldn’t actually NEED facials. But some warm steam or a scrub or some mud is nice and relaxing every once in a while, even if it isn’t a miracle cure. You just have to be wary of using new chemicals, especially if your skin is sensitive to begin with.

    1. Great comment, I agree. I should start getting in the habit of an “at home” facial once in a well – a nice mask, for example!

  6. I agree that good genes are the best guarantee for good skin later. Look at your mum and you know how well you look at old age. That said I’m going for facials regularly now as I find them relaxing and they keep my skin clean. Ask me again in a year’s time when I will have tried out quite a few facials in Singapore. My skin is aging rapidly now so hopefully they will help halt the process! (I may need some more serious help though)

    1. Hey Sylvia! I agree, facials are sooo relaxing and all your responses is making me want to book one right now haha! I’d love to know if you have any recommendations for good places in Singapore?

  7. i’d love to try some time but ive never actually gotten a facial…but im super obsessed with skincare products so maybe i’d be into it

  8. I’ve never actually had a facial, but skincare is definitely becoming more of a priority for me as I get older! I had to buy a bunch of new products because my Dove-soap-and-drugstore-moisturizer routine just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I’m sort of a DIY type, so maybe I’ll try an at-home facial and see what I think! Been a while since I steamed my face …

    1. I agree, now that I’m getting older, skincare is for sure becoming more of a priority to me too. At-home facials sound sooo fun, I’m gonna try it too 🙂

  9. I don’t have any acne but my pores are huge and really clogged, no matter what I do (I live in Rio de Janeiro and it’s VERY humid down here). I tried getting a facial once – at a nice place, recommended by my dermatologist – and the only thing it did was leave my face all red and sore, but my many encrusted blackheads were all still there. I still haven’t found anything that truly helps me remove them. Every now and then, only when the situation’s pretty bad, I’ll do a facial at home: boil some water, put it in a bowl with some chamomile flowers, put a towel over it and stick my head in between (NOT IN THE BOILING WATER, for god’s sake – just let the vapor open your pores). After that it’s fairly easy to remove the blackheads just by running a piece of cotton through your face, and then just wash your face with cold water to close the pores. But it’s still not perfect and I dream of the day I’ll find a way to get rid of them permanently!

    1. That’s so odd. A good facial should at least get out all the blackheads, especially if they’re encrusted and pretty old! Did the lady even go over your face to get them out? Try another facialist! 🙂

    2. That is indeed weird that the facial you went to does nothing for your blackheads! Extraction is quite common in facials, I agree with Kara, perhaps look for another facialist? Also for blackheads I’ve found retinol to work very well in keep pores clean and blackhead free for longer. 🙂

  10. Hey Renee!

    I’m quite a regular to facials- at least once a month or once every two months. While I don’t see them as compulsory/mandatory or even necessary, they do help, particularly if you have problematic skin! I remember back when I was younger, I had quite severe acne, but thanks to regular diligent facials my skin cleared up well 🙂 Now I have sensitive skin instead, and going for regular facials helps maintain my skin and keeps it looking good… so I do try to go for facials 😀

    I do do facials about twice a week myself- scrubbing and masking after my cleansing routine, but the effects are not as long-lasting as going for a facial session (i.e. the smoothness of the skin!), where they really deep cleanse. It’s also my way of pampering myself and destressing, and it works for me haha!

    1. Hey Steph! So glad facials worked for you, and doing it yourself – how fun! I want to start too, it does sound amazing and destressing… 😀

  11. I started doing facils when I was 17 because of crazy acne(it doesnt cure acne btw). It made my skin look health so kept going, every month, for almost a year and half. I became friends with my esthetician and EVERY product that she recommended to me it worked great. I’m still using the same products, bc they are wonderful. But I dont think the facial itself would help to keep my skin looking young, it’s not a must for me anymore. It has been a while now since I havent had a facial…
    I like to exfoliate and then apply a good mask every 15 days, I use sunscreen religiously and a good facial wash. I believe u get the same results or almost. For me It’s all about finding good products =)

    1. I so agree with you on finding good products, Deborah. Unfortunately that takes time… hence my blog, haha! So glad you’ve found things that worked for you, and that your facials were a success!

  12. For me, a monthly or once-in-two-months facial works wonders for my skin. I think a jolt of intensive cleansing and therapy is needed cos I’m not super consistent with my own skincare – bad I know!

    1. Hey, whatever works for you! I kinda agree on that “jolt” in skincare too, I used to do that sometimes when I had acne (teen years) and it would help.

  13. I have been doing facials-more or less once per month- for the past 10 years. I feel that it really helped me. I had acne prone skin and was starting to see some dark circles. When I stop going for the facials, I start looking old and worn out with bad skin. So I would strongly advise it especially for women who cross 30.

  14. I start doing facial about 2 years back due to darkening & drying of skin at the mouth & cheek area. I do not have acne problem but have dry, peeling & sensitive skin.

    It really help me a lot. People start commenting that my complexion looks better & fairer. I think choosing the right beautician & product is the major factor. I went to Reena Beauty Care. The owner personally analyse my case & instruct her staff on the type of facial I shd be given & the products I shd be using. I went for monthly facial where she again analyse my skin to see if she need to add or lessen the product that I use. She taught me how to cleanse my face & explain what each product do. They also call weekly to check on me & advise me accordingly because the last 2 months was messy, with more peeling & drying of my whole face. After 3 months, my skin turn back to normal or better than normal I shd say.

    Now I hardly went for facial due to time constrain. I try to do my own facials about twice a week – scrubbing and masking as well as the normal cleansing routine, but I can say the effects are not the same.

    Maybe when you are in your 20s facial are not really necessary if you have a good skin because your skin is still young & firm. You just need to have a good cleaning routine & healthy diet but when you reach 30s…hmmmmm..alot of things need to be done to save your face. My auntie is one firm believer of facials session. Her skin is glowing & smooth like baby until now. She is nearly 50.

    1. That’s so great that facials have helped you, Hariyati! And for your auntie too… hmm you gals are really convincing me to start going soon then, maybe there is some truth in starting once you turn 30! 🙂

  15. Hello, Renee! I love a good facial, but I think it depends on what your needs are and what types of facial you go for. If you’re young and your skin is still behaving, you don’t need to go more than 2 or 3 times a year. Even then, only if you can afford the little splurge. But as you get older and start to see fine lines or have more serious concerns like acne and scars, then the right type of facial can give your skincare routine a big boost. Even then, it’s best not to have them too often. Facials that include peelings, for example, can thin the skin, making it more prone to sun damage. Its best to have them one or two months apart at least or you’ll end up worsening the problem instead than fixing it. Like in all things, it’s about moderation. 🙂

    1. That sounds spot on, Gio! You really know your stuff. 🙂 Perhaps then I am due to start going for facials somewhat regularly soon, as I can tell my skin is starting to change a bit now as I age.

  16. Hello Renee!

    I have sensitive skin that is pretty prone to redness, and I’ve been learning to care for it by reading and learning along the way. Personally I’m not exactly pro-facial. I guess it’s partly because I’m pretty diligent in both my morning and night routines. I prefer to customize to what my skin needs and mask when possible/necessary, based on what I feel than listen to what others say I am.

    I was more pro-facial in my 20s when I first had the means to indulge. I guess the change in attitude is also because most facial places in Singapore come with loads of hard-selling that I’m not keen on. That said, I have tried a number of facials around, and those that are relaxing are quite good. I do take what they say with a pinch of salt though, as they are not exactly doctors.. (:

    1. Hey Yvonne! 🙂

      I understand where you’re coming from. I have sensitive skin too that is prone to burning/itching and facials, in my mind sound too risky. I’m slowly trying to build up a proper skincare regime for my skin type (it’s gotten more dry and sensitive the past 2 years), and even with that I’m so careful! Everything burns/itches my face 🙁

      May I ask what products you are currently using?

      And oh gosh, I hear ya! The hard-selling in Singapore can be really off-putting, I totally understand that! It makes me just wanna run out of the spa immediately hahaha 😀

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