Are Korean Beauty Products Worth the Hype?

are korean beauty products worth the hype?

Confession: I’ve been blogging for almost a decade and I only just recently tried some Korean beauty products.

Can you believe it? I kinda got “scolded” by a friend in the beauty biz about it recently, and it made me think why, in all my years of blogging, I never really delved into ‘Asian beauty’. (Except very hyped up Japanese makeup products in Singapore – Fuberwig mascara, anyone?)

I suppose that, when I started blogging back in 2006, the beauty industry in Singapore was not as large as it is today. What was popular and easily available here were the top US and UK brands, so my makeup choices were quite limited to Maybelline, Sephora, Bourjois, MAC, and Lancome (when I dared to splurge).

Fast forward to now, and the business of beauty in Singapore – and the Asian markets – are booming like crazy and gaining international recognition, it’s so hard to ignore. And best of all, they are so easily available, especially in Singapore.

And you can’t deny that Korea is leading the beauty pack. So much so, I recently went to a department store recently that sold purely Korean brands!)

And so, finally, I tried my first Korean beauty products.

Are Korean Beauty Products Worth the Hype?

I made my first order at Althea SG, a Korean online beauty shop that just opened it’s Singapore version. They kindly asked me if I wanted to try out some Korean beauty products and try out their new store. To which I was really excited about, because…

Korean beauty products! And my very first foray into them.

The store itself is great – very straight forward. You make an account, select your items, and pay. And then they arrive in a cute pink box. Really straight forward, how online shopping needs to be. Of course, it’s so “easy” that for me making repurchases (which I am planning to do), almost too easy – you’ll need to resist temptation to not shop there all the time.

Korean Beauty Products I Tried

The products itself – which has nothing to do with the online shop really – were also great. I tried out Missha’s famous BB cream as well as the one by Too Cool for School – just because I really wanted to see the cute dinosaur packaging. (I love dinosaurs.)

And don’t get me wrong, the BB creams are great. Missha’s one got me a few compliments that night at a party, where I was told my skin looked “incredible.” And it did – but it was all the BB cream. Same with Too Cool for School’s – I am noticing that Korean BB creams are full coverage and really, really whitening.

Which is great, but personally, I like something a little lighter on the skin and don’t like to look so “white”. I use these as foundation now, when I need a fuller coverage or if I’m going somewhere that will have a lot of cameras. The result truly is amazingly flawless – but it’s not something I would want every single day.

For the rest, I can say that the Holika Holika waterproof eyeliner, which was a cool S$5, is one of the best in terms of staying power.

It REALLY is waterproof and it lasts through this hot humidity we have in Singapore. It’s absolutely perfect. For the rest – stay tuned, I have yet to try them out.

What I Think About Korean Beauty Products

I am definitely impressed with Korean beauty products so far, I think there’s definitely some good stuff.

Personally though, I don’t know if it’s for me, especially with the whole whitening thing. Perhaps I will prefer the skincare products more than the makeup items. But still, great products, just as I was about French pharmacy products actually – it seems that in these cases, they are definitely worth the hype!

Over to you: What do you think about Korean beauty products, and the Korean Beauty boom? Are Korean Beauty products good – or even “better” – to you? I’d love to hear your thoughts – and your recommendations on your favorite Korean beauty products!

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  1. I think Korean Beauty Products really work for me especially the facial cleansers and masks provided by a beauty brand known as the ‘Face Shop’ which I buy regularly.

    1. Hey there! I do think Korean products are good, and they are mostly value for money. The only thing I do not really buy into is this fascination with being fair – so I do not go for products which claim to lighten the skin tone. Otherwise, they are easy to try. I’ve been into the skincare regimes, serums, masks, haircare and even make-up and nail polishes. Most I’ve tried are decent. (:

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