Beauty Brands That Do Not Test on Animals 2017

Friends, my annual list of beauty brands that do not test on animals is finally here!

beauty brands that do not test on animals
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As always, first and foremost: I got my info from PETA’s cruelty-free beauty database for consumers. I get asked about this a lot, and am always accused of making this list up (why would I do that, though?), so again – this list is from the PETA Cruelty-Free Consumer Shopping List.

beauty brands that don't test on animals list 2016
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Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands for 2017

Above is a chart of the beauty brands that do not test on animals for 2017. There are plenty more cruelty-free beauty brands than this list, of course, but I’ve chosen the brands that are more well-known and easily accessible internationally.

What about parent companies that test?

That being said, the issue about which beauty brands that do not test on animals in 2017 is still a hot topic. While there are many brands that are cruelty free today, there is also the issue about the parent company.

I’ve been asked again and again why The Body Shop is still on the cruelty-free list, since they are now owned by L’Oreal who is known to test on animals. And somewhat recently about Tarte Cosmetics, which caused some fan outrage when they were bought over by Kose.

Here’s what I know: just because a company is being “bought over” or owned by another company, doesn’t mean that whole company has changed all their ethics, mission, branding, etc.

When companies are bought over it simply means they are now being funded (with much more money they probably didn’t have before) to help the brand grow and develop. (Of course, with profits to the new parent company as well.) So it is up to you to make that decision if you still want to indirectly support a parent company that does tests.

That being said, when smaller brands get bought over by larger companies, there definitely can be changes – internally, externally, whatever.

Basically it will be changes to whatever the parent company thinks will help it to grow. In some cases, the parent company may allow the brand continue to do their thing, and just help out financially. In some cases (most cases, let’s be real) they more profits, and that’s when you start seeing changes and perhaps even compromises in the original brand’s ethos.

My response would be to heavily monitor the brand, and make an informed decision.

Cruelty-Free Beauty News 2017 – Is it Still Compulsory in China?

Great news – China no longer requires animal testing for “ordinary cosmetics, including makeup, skin, hair, nail and fragrances.”

So if a brand opts to sell in China, they could still very well be cruelty-free.

I’m also keeping up to date with the happens at L’Oreal, who have for many years been developing alternative ways to test cosmetics, which I am excited about because I think we are getting closer. (Although they did say animal-testing would be “done with” in 2013, so there’s been delays.)

Some more news – slowly but surely, many countries are banning animal testing! We all know the EU was the first, and as of now, Israel, Norway, India and New Zealand also ban animal testing. Canada and Taiwan, I have read are on the way to.

Bottom Line

Being a cruelty-free beauty and finding beauty brands that do not test on animals is not that hard these days. (Check out my favorite Cruelty-Free Beauty Products.)

There are plenty of brands that don’t test (W3ll PeopleNudestix, Hourglass, Alba Botanica, to name a few I’ve written about) and worldwide pressure on those who do are slowly but surely changing their ways. I have every confidence that it’s only a matter of time for all testing on animals for cosmetics to be illegal in all countries, and hope this will be a thing of the past very soon.

In the meantime, please continue to help me spread the world, and I would be very grateful if you could share this post and my chart above with friends and family.

Are you a cruelty-free beauty? Are there any other beauty brands that do not test on animals that you would like to add to the list? Please let me know!

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  1. Thank you for doing this. However, I’m a little confused by why you list some companies that have parent company’s that DO test on animals.

  2. I wouldn’t trust much research from ANY “PETA” site…they are full of it when THEY claim to “save” animals, when they kill most of the pets that they “rescue”…have you seen the statistics? It’s HORRIFYING! Just saying it’s hard for me to believe ANYTHING they say, after pulling the wool over our eyes for so many years…

        1. I couldn’t bear to read all but I got the gist of it – thanks so much for letting me know! I had no idea. I’ve never supported PETA directly since they aren’t in my country but I have been keeping in touch with their animal-tesing in cosmetics info. When I update this list for next year, I’ll look to other sources; although many companies have looked to PETA as a way to “get word out there” about their animal testing so I wouldn’t exactly doubt the information presented. But I’ll still look around. Many of the stuff in the list has also been double checked on the companies website and their statement on animal testing (but of course, some of them could be lying, you never really know), so this post has always been tough to write and I cannot claim that is it 100% correct.

          1. No problem! I was SHOCKED myself by these horrid statistics, and there are SO many stories out there when I originally googled, to see if there was any merit to it, so I try to tell EVERYONE that this is an awful organization to donate to, since their $$ clearly doesn’t “save” the thousands of pets that they claim….the most recent one I heard was about some PETA workers picking up a bunch of rescue dogs from a shelter, to “transport them” and get them ready for adoption…the guys in the van actually euthanized them ALL, and dumped them into a grocery store dumpster, witnessed by someone who called the authorities! Again, I was shocked! 🙁

  3. Some of these companiea don’t test on animals, but they send product out for its final testing to, or use ingredients from, labs that DO use animals for the test process.

  4. The Body Shop says they do not test on animals but they are owned by L’Oreal which tests on animals. This is a very blurry line so I have decided to boycott both of these brands.

    As for the PETA comments below, The Huffington Post isn’t exactly a reputable organization. PETA is one of few organizations that are actually going out and making progress. Many times a shock factor is involved but it gets people talking about the issues and that’s not a bad thing. Almost all major animal rights advancements, PETA has been involved in.

    Before spreading mis-information in this PETA smear campaign, probably headed by well funded lobbyist groups (pharmaceutical , agricultural :: Ag-Gag will shock you!), use a little common sense and do some reseach rather than rely on mainstream media.

    PETA Response:

  5. Brands are legally required to disclose whether they test on animals, so if it came from the company there’s a very slim chance they were lying. And to add to your list – Colour Pop is one of my favorite brands that I know also does not test on animals 🙂

    1. Thank you, Sophie! So true. I know one big company where a friend works, and while he says the range he is working for – body care I believe – is all cruelty-free, they cannot legally say they are cruelty-free because this company also makes pet food.

      And OMG ColourPop – I really, really wanna try them out but I don’t know where to begin! What would you recommend?

  6. Nyx was bought by Revlon. Sucks because I liked Nyx. Revlon tests on animals. I will not buy from a parent company that tests on animals. Stop selling in China. No more animal testing.

    1. Hey Limor – check what I wrote above about cruelty-free brands that were bought over by bigger brands who do test. (As well as China’s policy on animal testing now.)

  7. What about Elizabeth Arden then , they claim not testing on animals but sell in china ?
    Does it means they are now could be considered cruelty-free ?

    1. Hmm, depends when they started selling in China, was it only recently? (I’m guessing like the other Estee Lauder brands it’s a no, so I don’t think they are cruelty-free.)


  9. Any out of county company that sells cosmetics in China will test on animals there. That means that all non-Chinese brands selling their cosmetics in China are subject to mandatory animal testing before their products can hit the market there.

    1. Yes that tallies with several other reputable sites I’ve checked. All cosmetics exported to China are tested on animals. However, online stores are not subject to this ruling, neither are cosmetics made in China. Several ethical companies e.g. Vapour do not export to China or Brazil.

  10. So… Correct me if I’m wrong because I’m a little confused, but say if L’Oreal released a brand new product wordwide, say tomorrow, would that be considered cruelty free? Even though L’Oreal has been sold in China for years and years before they stopped the mandatory testing, would the new product be considered cruelty free as it has been released and sold in China after the testing was no longer required? I hope that makes sense.

    Also, I was reading a couple of articles that came up when I was searching for an update regarding Garnier and Revlon being cruelty-free, and there was many saying from January 2014 that they had pulled out of being sold in China. So would you class these as being cruelty free now? I can’t find either brands on the Sephora China website.

    1. L’oreal is one of the biggest offenders of animal testing. They are still in the Chinese market so they MUST test on animals.

  11. I hope that the brands sold in China aren’t tested there but have heard that brands like Estee Lauder and Revlon have resumed testing or allowed on their behalf in China? I also wrote to an ethical brand NUXE which I love but heard that they sell there and they replied that although they are personally against it they may be tested there before sale so I’m not sure that China has renounced its view, also some other brands will not sell there because of this so always best to check. Personally I do not think that ethical websites like Love Lula or Naturisimo should sell things that are either owned by a parent testing company or sold in China as their customers surely buy there because of both the natural quality of the ingredients and their anti cruelty stance? Its also worthy of note that Hong Kong do not demand that ingredients are animal tested and that products even in China can be bought online without testing on animals.

  12. The new Chinese law exempting cosmetics from testing applies only to Chinese companies. Overseas companies selling in retail location in China still have to submit samples for testing. Sorry for the bad news.

  13. With all these new Korean and Japanese beauty brands that have recently come to our attention, I would love to know more about them in depth, especially since many of them seem to have animal-based components in their formula.. Where are they manufactured? Is the collagen in them taken from deep sea sharks or is it plant-based? Do they test on animals? I’m dying to know

  14. Re The Body Shop….I understand that it was sold to L’oreal. They are one of the worst offenders. How can The Body Shop advertise as not testing on animals when its new directors sell other products that clearly do??

  15. I want to find the right cosmetics for my skin tone but I also get frustrated at these companies that would hurt an animal. How do I know if they are telling the truth

  16. So for new products, cosmetic or medical, that need to be tested for safety, what or who do you want them tested on? Prisoners? First graders? Mental patients? The homeless? Seems to me that testing on a rat or mouse would be preferable.

  17. Hello ladies, I know for a fact that PETA need to practice what they preach and are not doing so. I only buy products now with the official Bunny sign on them. I am in the UK and buy all Superdrug own brands as they are cruelty free also the Co-Op are cruelty free with their cleaning products etc… thanks and for the record J. Lafitte, testing is NOT necessary on Animals ANY Animal Rat or mouse and yeah why not test on humans!!

  18. Arbonne does not test on animals, and never has. They are a 100% vegan company with great skin care, personal care products, spa detox products, and nutritional products.

    1. I’ve heard great things about Arbonne – I’ll definitely check it out, thanks for letting me know, Kathi!

  19. Shaklee is an American company with a 60 year stellar reputation. They do not test on animals. Not their patented skin care line. Not their home care line. Not their supplements. The products are guaranteed to be safe, effective, and green.

  20. Renee yourn2016 list is totally wrong. Can’t believe you’re serious. Either you have vested interests or you haven’t done your research. Loads of the companies you’ve listed are the biggest offenders. Makes me wonder about you.
    Shame on you. On behalf of all the suffering animals.

    1. Joan, I’ve said time and time again that the info I got is from PETA. I chose what is more mainstream and popular so we can all support them, and no, I don’t work for ANY of these brands. I don’t understand these sentiments that I have some kind of agenda behind this post – why would I? I’m just sharing info from PETA. Maybe take it up to them? Which companies listed here are the “biggest offenders”?

  21. Is Honest Beauty by Jessica Alba a cruelty free brand? I know there has been different speculation about it and not sure what to believe.

    1. Yes, I believe they are. The company has been very vocal about that and they are also on PETA’s cruelty-free consumer list. Where have the speculations been? I’m curious to take a look!

  22. Products should be tested on the CEO’s of these companies…and maybe the shareholders…after all, it’s their companies…and they are the ones that make so much money they should be willing to be guinea pigs to justify it. You know the old adage, “Put your money where your mouth is”–or in this case, “put your product where your mouth(eye, ear, nose, anus, rectum, vagina, veins, whatever) is”…it’s only right.

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