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The Beauty Glossary A-Z is Here!

Friends, just a quick one today, but I am so excited to let you guys know that I have completed my Beauty Glossary page – a page of beauty terms you may be wondering or things you need to know.

With 100+ beauty terms already (and I’ll keep adding more), I explain everything from makeup techniques such as what is strobing, “baking”, tightlining, to popular ingredients, to products and their uses, and even beauty-blog exclusive terms like lemming and guru.

Please check out the Beauty Glossary, and if you like it, share it with your friends.

Also, I’d love for it to be a complete resource of all the beauty terms, so if you have any other beauty terms you want to add to the list, please let me know! Either add a comment below, or feel free to email me personally.

About the Author: Hi, I’m Renee, a makeup artist and person behind this blog! Blog for Beauty is an online resource for makeup & beauty tips, advice and reviews created with beginners & newbies in mind to to help you enhance your natural beauty so you look – and feel – great.


YAY!! Thank you!


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