Makeup for ALL Skintones, Finally

One of my close friends, who is Sri Lankan, would always ask me when she’s in Singapore if I know of any brands that actually make makeup – base makeup specifically – that would suit her darker skin tone. She would tell me that Singapore has NOTHING for girls like her, and at first, I didn’t believe it.

So I took her shopping one day… and I was appalled. The color choices here are pretty pathetic, which I don’t understand, because those who do business in Singapore – do they not know what nationalities, skin colors and tones reside here? Helloooo.

Anyway, long story short: I was at Escentials for my scent profiling, and looked around and spotted Becca, which just landed on our shores this month and lo and behold: COLORS! An actual range of colors!

So to my friend and for anyone else who has that problem: try Becca at Escentials. They seem to have a pretty awesome range in all sorts of colors; be it stick foundation, concealer or pressed powder. I’m so glad the store brought in the full range of colors, and not selected color and shades (which I think most do).

Do you have a problem finding makeup shades to suit your skintone? Where do you normally shop?

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  1. I’m from Canada, so I don’t usually have any trouble finding products in my skin tone as most of the makeup and beauty lines available have a multitude of colors! I am in Asia right now and I’m starting to jump on the BB Cream bandwagon so in searching for some product reviews, I found your site! 🙂 I have heard that the Bobbi Brown cream is great, as well as the Etude and Missha creams. Have you tried those?

    Love your blog, BTW!


  2. Ah, I get the frustration of your friend. Also it seems very hard to get make-up base in a very light color around here, and this is The Netherlands (you know, full of white people, haha). I (luckily) never have problems with finding the right color, but your friend should also give Bobbi Brown and M.A.C Cosmetics a try. In the USA there’s Iman Cosmetics and Black Opal. Sleek MakeUP (British brand) also has darker colors. And what about the new Lancome foundation? I noticed they have very dark new colors too! At least, here. Maybe it’s different in Singapore.

    1. Yeah, we went to Bobbi Brown and MAC… although they had “medium-light” colors, they didn’t have medium or anything darker… they just bring in the lightest shades and maybe 2 of the medium, so it’s still quite light. It’s very frustrating for them and I don’t think it’s fair.

      I have heard about Iman Cosmetics! They should bring it here!

  3. Buying foundation is always a nightmare for me but I’m the other end of the scale, I’m just too pale, even in the UK most brands don’t do make up pale enough. The only brand I’ve found that do foundation pale enough is Bobbi Brown, and even then I’m the palest shade in their range. They have a good selection of colours though- all the way from really light to really dark which is good.

    1. Oh dear, that’s a tough one! Have you tried mineral makeup? They have some really light shades as well.

      It seems like Bobbi Brown is mentioned a lot here, I think Singapore must only bring in a selection of their range, because here the choices are very little. Shame! 🙁

  4. Oh my goodness, don’t get me started 🙂

    I live in Norway (as an expat) and I’m medium dark as I’m of Indian descent. It’s a nightmare trying to find a foundation that will suit me, let alone work with combination oily skin. Most people (not all though, as Norway does have a lot of citizens who have parents or grandparents from Sri Lanka or Pakistan) are very fair here and have dry skin so majority of the products are better suited for them.

    The only brand I can find that suits my skin tone is MAC (NW43). Bobbi Brown might have it but they refused to give me a sample so I gave up. I don’t believe in buying foundations without trying a sample first. Estee Lauder, Lancome, Sisley, Guerlain, Clarins, Chanel etc.. most Norwegian make up stores only get like the first 6 shades of the foundation range. If you’re anything beyond that — you’re screwed.

    Technically there is only one huge chain of cosmetic stores in Oslo at least (Oslo is a small city, a population of about 5 million) and I’ve tried e-mailing them but nothing came out of it. So now I buy MAC foundations but if I want to try anything else I buy them when I travel. Stores in UK are a bit better with shades so that’s how I survive 🙂 I know make up is not considered an element of survival but sometimes it makes such a difference to how I perceive myself when I look good, you know? Gives me that extra bounce in my step. If only cosmetic stores here would understand that :/

    It’s really depressing when you read about new foundations on various blogs but you cannot possibly try them out because you’re too dark :/

    1. That’s horrible! 🙁 Singapore tends to bring in only select shades of the ranges as well, though now that I think about it, perhaps MAC has a broader range. I remember reading that for one fashion week some years ago, the organizers had to import Lancome’s darker foundation because they had a very popular African-American model and you can’t find foundation for her skin here… I think that’s just unacceptable, there should be all sorts of colors for everyone.

  5. I have yet to find a decent foundation that matches my skintine. I have a neutral pale skin. More yellow than pink though. And Ive just about had it with foundations. I bought expensive ones only for the color to be too dark or have it oxidize on the bottle or on me. Tried two BB creams one worked but it broke me out and the other was too dark. Finally purchased one really pale from Sleek but the quality is so terrible. It applies badly. Best with fingers. With no primer if you rub it lightly it balls up. And if you sweat it runs and becomes obvious. It dosent sink in properly to the skin. And the shipping was so expensive too… = going for a year to spain though. Hopefully there…

    1. I’m sorry to hear. 🙁 You say yellow undertone – BB creams would work fantastic as it’s an Asian sensation (haha) and a good majority of Asian skin has yellow undertones.

  6. I live in Canada and am Sri Lankan as well. I do have some difficulty in finding foundation shades, drugstore foundation included but MAC, Makeup Forever, Nars and Armani all have shades for my skin colour. I’m a NC45 in my MAC foundation.

    1. Oh lucky! I think Canada must be more open to bringing in other colors (and obviously there’s a big market haha)!

  7. I don’t have nearly the problem that people of Color do finding base makeup… but I have a peach undertone that is really hard to match properly. Thankfully I don’t wear base on a daily basis, but people, I do not have golden undertones. I do not have yellow undertones. I do not have pink undertones. They are PEACH. This is combined with the fact that I am anemically pale, and most pale-toned foundations have pink undertones. Finally I found a Dior color from their range of face makeup that is spectacular, doesn’t oxidize, and doesn’t make me look chalky: 023 Peach. 😀

    1. Mollie, peach sounds lovely! What is your heritage if you don’t mind me asking? I have never heard of “peach” undertones before, sounds awesome 😀

      1. No, not at all. 🙂 French and German, and from my maternal grandmother’s side we do have a lot of Native American. She’s very “peachy” too, although darker than me.

  8. I also have a lot of trouble with finding the right skin tone for foundation. Normally I just mix a couple to get the right shade.

  9. I am really pale. Like vampire pale and suprisingly i really struggle to get the right foundation. The pale shades are either too pale and powdery or slightly to dark for my skin which then makes me look orange!
    Currently I am using Maxfactors Lasting Performance in Fair (uk based brand i think) and so far so good. I think i’m going to stick with it for a while. I usually have to add moisturiser to my foundation to make it paler.

  10. In Mexico the problem is the same than in Singapore for darker skinned people is difficult to find make up, strangely Bobbi Brown in Mexico only offers from 0 to shade 6, while others brands like MUFE offers their complete shade selection

  11. I live in Australia, but my parents are both from Sri Lanka so I have quite dark skin. I can’t find any drug store make up that is dark enough for me, so I had to buy Mac. I’m a uni student, so it ends up being quite expensive. I don’t want to spend a lot of money so I don’t bother buying powder etc. It really sucks.. Especially with all the diversity and multiculturalism here.

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