Read This Before Your Next Haircut…

beauty tip of the weekIt’s time for Beauty Tip of the Week!

Today, we’re talking about hair, specially a tip you must remember when getting a haircut (which is just as important as my other tip in how to tell your hairdresser what you want).

And sure, this tip might seem like common sense – but hear me out; this is pretty important to know before your next haircut…

Take a look around the hair salon at your next visit and you might be surprised: people sitting in all sorts of funny positions while getting their hair done. I think we can all understand their frustration, though – sitting on that chair for hours is tiring!

But take it from me: NEVER cross your legs while getting a haircut.

Though it may seem like it won’t make a different, even subtly crossing your legs or even slouching just a bit can cause your haircut to come out uneven an unbalanced. You may not even notice it right away, but only after a while when your hair grows out funny!

I mean, I say all this because this happened to me before. I once had a simple (or so I thought) layered haircut, and noticed that one side was ever so slightly shorter than the other. The lady then snapped that it was ’cause I wasn’t sitting properly and it was hard for her to cut that way, and I had to sit up and she had to correct it.

So don’t make the same mistake as I did – the best bet is to sit up straight when getting your haircut, no matter how restless you are, to ensure your cut stays even.

What do you think of this tip?

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  1. Ha! This is something I have never thought about before. I always cross my legs so I don’t know if I could go for an hour or two without doing it!

  2. i had an afro when i was ten because the hair dresser didn’t understand that I wanted a different type of curl. It was pretty bad haha.

  3. I cut hair and you could not be more right. I am constantly telling my clients to uncross their legs and sit up straight!

  4. That is all because when you do not cross your hands and legs – you are “open”. that is a psychological fact. 🙂

  5. Your hairdresser should really tell you to uncross if he sees you sitting like that! I got my haircut yesterday. I tried to sit up straight 😛

  6. I am a hairdresser and i always have to ask my clients to uncross their legs. Also dont keep your head down while reading if they are cutting, foiling/colouring or blowdrying around the front, It makes our jobs harder.

    1. Ah yes! Keeping your head straight is also important. Thanks Phoebe. 🙂 My hairdresser is always pulling my hair back so my head is “upright”! I always tend to daydream when I’m at the salon 😛

  7. Haha funny story! Sometimes an asymetrical cut is actually pretty cool, and I was slouching and crossing my legs like I usually do (bad posture) and my haircut turned out asymetrical… but I liked it! Strange… (: Good tip though!

  8. I’ve been growing out my hair for a long time and haven’t actually gotten it cut in a while (I know I need to get my ends trimmed b/c they’re splitting but I can’t bear to cut off an inch or two when it’s hardly past my shoulders now.) and recently I’ve been complaining a lot that I think my right side of my hair is longer than my left side. Especially today (how convenient that I would read this the day I was complaining about it the most to my mom) since I am wearing it down and spent extra time straightening it this morning. After reading this I was in complete shock for a moment. I cross my legs all the time! I kid you not, there is hardly ever a time when I sit in a chair without crossing my ankles or my legs. (Due to my grandma’s constant nagging, “cross your legs like a lady, Beth!”)
    Now that I’ve had this revelation that my hair is most likely this way because I crossed my legs, I feel a bit slow that I hadn’t realized this before. Duh!! It makes so much sense now! Haha.

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