(Almost) Hall of Fame: Benefit Bad Gal Lash Mascara

I’m surprised I haven’t tried this popular mascara earlier, because I love anything black and pink! I’ve heard tons of reviews on this mascara (good and bad – seems to be either loved hated), so I’m glad the day has come!

One of the major features of this mascara is it’s obnoxious brush. I thought Diorshow’s brush was a bit ridiculous but I love that mascara, so I thought nothing of the claims of how big this brush is. Well, let me say that this brush is big; it can probably scrub the corners of your kitchen sink. I was scared I might poke my eye out (or actually not reach my lashes) but surprisingly it didn’t. A little hard to use though, especially if you have smaller eyes like me!

Apart from the brush, the formula seemed easy to apply and went on smoothy. However, I gotta say I’m a bit underwhelmed. I was hoping for massive, insane “BAAD” lashes. It seems like a normal black mascara to me. Normal length, normal volume, normal everything with minimal smudging and no flaking. When you layer on more than 2 coats, then yes; there is a lot of volume but then it gets clumpy. Hmm. Too bad, I really love some of Benefit’s products (especially Boi-ing concealer!).

Has anyone tried Bad Gal? What are your thoughts on it? I’m not saying it’s a terrible mascara – far from it – but for that price I don’t feel it’s worth it. But let me know what you think!

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