Top 7 Best Celebrity Perfumes

best celebrity perfumesCelebrity fragrances are nothing new – today, everyone and their mother is launching a perfume line.

(No, seriously – Paris Hilton’s mother, Kathy, has her own perfume too.)

But which are actually the best celebrity perfumes?

While some might snub their noses and claim that celeb scents as just another way for them to make money (as one master perfumer told me, which I agree with); but get this… some are actually good.

Best Celebrity Perfumes

Here are my picks for the best celebrity perfumes:

1. Fantasy by Britney Spears. 

One of the best selling and most-loved celebrity perfumes is Fantasy, which pretty much describes Britney: the scent is sweet and girly, and one of my best sweet perfume picks, too. With notes of vanilla and cupcake accord and white chocolate, you can be sure any young girl would love this.

2. True Reflection by Kim Kardashian. 

Say what you want about the Kardashians, but you gotta hand it to them – they know how to squeeze every last exposure (and dime) from… what exactly? I don’t know either. Which is fine, because at least it gave us this. This is one of the best celebrity perfumes I’ve tried so far, much to the dismay of others. But the fragrance is pretty beautiful. It’s a sweet scent that has a bit of floral and I always get compliments on it, go figure. Housed in a stunning ombre-effect bottle, the scent contains notes of peach, coconut and gardenia, making it a truly sweet, yet sultry scent.

3. Wonderstruck by Taylor Swift. 

While one might think that the perfume is made up of ripped love letters and tears of failed relationships, it is unmistakably inspired by one thing: berries. Don’t be fooled though, this is surprisingly a very mature fruity scent and that is why it makes the list – anyone of any age can wear this. It reminds me a little bit about Calvin Klein’s Europhia, if you know that bestselling scent well.

4. Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker.

If you’re sick of sweet celebrity scents, you can always look to one of the best selling of them all – Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely. It is, with lack of a better word (or imagination), lovely. Romantic, soft, and floral, every woman in your life would probably love this; and therefore it makes the list. It’s safe, yes, but just lovely and pretty. I definitely know why this flew off the sleeves and continue to (while her follow up fragrances never did).

5. Hilary Duff With Love

Now this perfume’s success – or lack of it – really puzzles me, even to this day, ’cause this is really one of the best. I don’t understand why it didn’t do well. I guess celebrity perfumes today are all really sweet ’cause that’s what sells, which is a shame.

But I still think that Hilary Duff’s first (and only, I think) perfume is one of the best celebrity perfumes. It is incredible – imagine a tropical woody mix of spices, mango and amber. It’s a grown up scent, but still a bit youthful; perfect for someone in their mid to late twenties. It’s hard to find, but I found it’s still online.

And A Must Have… 

What is the must-have celebrity fragrance in my books?

Why, it’s none other than the celebrity leading the fragrance pack: Britney Spears. Do yourself a favor and take a trip down memory lane with her first fragrance, Britney Spears Curious. It’s not overly sweet like her other scents, but has notes of pear and vanilla, making it a creamy, delicious treat. It’s one of my all-time favorite perfumes.

What are your picks for the best celebrity perfumes? Do you have any to add to my list?

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    1. It is so lovely, wasn’t it? I am puzzled as to why it didn’t do so well. I guess the younger crowd just like sweet scents!

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