Top 10: Best Chick Flicks for 2017

Chick flicks may have a reputation of being cliché and predictable, but no one can accuse them of not being fun.

Watching a chick flick is my favorite way to de-stress, and are great for when you just want to relax and not think about anything. Here’s a list of the top 10 best chick flicks for 2016 if you are looking for some good fun and girly giggles:

Mean Girls (2004)
Mean Girls was a huge hit when it was released, and its witty one-liners are still quoted to this day. Comedian Tina Fey wrote the script, so as you can expect, it is hilarious. The plot: a girl born and raised in Africa moves back to the US and goes to public school for the first time, only to deal with “The Plastics”, a group of very popular but mean girls. And then, of course, she ends up becoming one. Oh, the drama!

Easy A (2010)
Easy A is about Olive, a girl who pretends to lose her virginity to her friend Brandon (who begs her to pretend to have sex with her so everyone would stop picking on him), and chaos (and tons of gossip) ensues in her high school, especially her conservative rival played by Amanda Bynes.

13 Going on 30 (2004)
13 Going on 30 is about a 13-year-old girl frustrated with high school and “hates her life”, until she plays a game on her birthday and wakes up as a 30-year-old woman with seemingly everything she’s ever wanted: a Sports star boyfriend, an apartment in NYC, and job as editor of her favorite magazine. But what did it take to get to the top?

It’s A Boy Girl Thing (2006)
It’s A Boy Girl Thing is totally predictable, but also so adorable and funny. Two classmates who also happen to be next-door neighbors hate each other, and one day; find themselves in each other’s bodies. And of course, they start to fall in love.

How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days (2003)
How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days. Andie Anderson is a magazine writer working on a story about common mistakes women make in relationships that drive men away. She tests her findings on a poor suspecting guy; and Andie’s antics to try to ‘lose’ him are equal parts cringe worthy and hilarious. Somewhere in there, you can probably find some valuable dating advice.

A Walk to Remember (2002)
A Walk To Remember is about a bad boy who eventually falls for his good, Christian classmate who he (and his group of friends) have ignored and made fun. As you can imagine, gets a little messy, especially when the girl is the daughter of that town’s pastor, and also when she reveals a secret she’s been keeping from him.

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)
Bend It Like Beckham is the story is of a daughter of orthodox Sikh who rebels against her parents’ traditional cultural beliefs and secretly plays football and then joins a women’s football team, even running off to Germany with her team.

She’s the Man (2006)
She’s the Man is a modern day re-telling of Twelfth Night by Shakespeare; Amanda pretends to be her twin brother and goes to his new school so she can play on an all-boys soccer team. As you can imagine, hilarity ensues; and it also gave us the meanest shut down: “Girls with asses like mine do not talk to boys with faces like yours.”

Clueless (1995)
Clueless is “the” chick flick classic that is still being referenced to this day; inspiring everything from fashion to music. A parody of Jane Austen’s novel Emma, the movie is about Cher, a privileged, spoiled popular high school girl who lives a very superficial, clueless life. Cue the high school stereotypes, drama and all.

The Notebook (2004)
The Notebook. The plot is simple: Ryan Gosling plays the perfect man… just kidding. Kinda. This is regularly called the most romantic movie ever; and so romantic I only saw it once and that’s good enough for me. The story is as follows: Ryan Gosling is a charming, handsome young (poor) man who falls in love with a very rich girl; and problems ensue due to their social differences.

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