Best Foundation for Makeup Beginners

Whether you’re a makeup beginner looking for that perfect foundation or someone who wants to buy a foundation that fits their skin type and/or problem, you’ve come to the right place.

best foundations for beginners
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Foundation is made to even out skin tone, enhance complexion and give a fresher, uplifting look to your skin – but if you wear the wrong one, it can do the exact opposite. So it’s important to get the right foundation that will work properly for you and your skin type.

Best Foundation for Beginners

As a makeup artist, I’ve tried about every type of foundation and have worked on evey skin tone, skin type, and problem. Here are my foundation picks for makeup beginners for personal, everyday makeup. They are also the easiest in formula, so they are super simple to use for makeup beginners:

For normal skin
For normal skin where you just want to apply foundation for evening out your skin tone, I can’t recommend this foundation enough. It’s a bit tricky to use – I explain more in that post – but once you’ve figured it out… it’s fantastic. It feels like you’re not wearing any makeup, it goes on like a second skin and makes your skin look absolutely flawless.

For acne prone, oily-skin
The best foundation in my experience is Tarte Amazonian Clay Foundation. This foundation is medium to full coverage, and the formula is slightly sticky, which is what makes it so good for acne prone and oily skin. The stickiness makes sure the foundation actually stays put – oily skin can make foundation “slide” and oxidize off the skin – and the tacky formula also makes it great to cover pimples, zits, whiteheads, which are hard to “grasp” since they are usually smooth and poreless.

For dry skin
Try Make Up For Ever’s Water Blend foundation, which I first mentioned here. It’s super easy to apply – and blend – and looks positively gorgeous on dry skin. It not only moisturizes the skin but also plumps up the dry areas and gives a dewy, highly moisturized look to your skin. You may also want to try tinted moisturizers, since they are very moisturizing for the skin – hence the name – such as this one, which is my personal favorite.

For mature skin
You don’t want anything too drying, and something that brightens your skin tone. Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer Illuminating is perfect for you – the coverage is super natural, light and blends easily into skin without settling into fine lines and wrinkles, and the illuminating feature gives the appearance of plumped up, glowing, youthful skin.

For more foundation beginner tips

Check out my e-book, Makeup For Beginners – I have a huge chapter on foundation and other things you need to know about it, according to your skin type, tone and concerns.

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