Bliss Mammoth Minty Scrub Soap Review

Sheesh – talk about something refreshing in the morning!

Perfect for mornings where you can’t wake up or at night after a long day, this giant soap is refreshing to the senses. It’s minty scent wakes you up, and at night, it calms you down – perfect, in other words.

What I love about the soap is its size. At first, I couldn’t believe my eyes – it is huge. What I also love about it is that it doesn’t use up too fast – for some reason, I thought that because it was so big it might “run out” faster, but nope – one week on, twice a day and it looks brand new, so I know it will last.

Other than being long lasting, and smelling wonderful, the soap also moisturizes and exfoliates. Post shower, my skin felt soft and smelt beyond fresh (talk about a “shower-clean” scent”) and it’s tiny jojoba beads gently massages you and exfoliates your skin at the same time.

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