Hit or Miss? Bobbi Brown BB Cream SPF 35

There are a few reasons why Bobbi Brown’s BB Cream is one of the better ones on the market – at least from a Western beauty brand. (I haven’t tried any of the famous Asian ones yet, which is surprising.)

Bobbi Brown BB Cream review
Image: Blog for Beauty

You may remember my post, Are BB Creams Worth the Hype? and know that I’m personally a fan of them. I’ve tried plenty, because I don’t really like wearing foundation and prefer BB Cream’s lighter finishes, and this is a stand out.

First, you gotta hand it to Bobbi Brown; the fact that it is SPF 35 is wonderful.

Second, the Bobbi Brown BB Cream gives no nasty white cast on your face – a feature that I find a lot of BB creams have today.

And lastly, I find that my skin looks really smooth and matte for a good 6 hours. Considering Singapore’s hot, humid weather, and the fact that I didn’t get even a slight glimmer of oil on my face is VERY impressive.

The formula is smooth and blends easily into the skin, disappearing and creating a smooth, flawless base. However, like all BB Creams, you have to have somewhat good skin – the coverage is flawless, yes, but also very light. I could still see some slight imperfections coming through and if you’re like me and have some visible little veins on your face… it won’t cover it – maybe just 50% of it.

Overall, I know this is a short and sweet post, but there’s really not much too say except the Bobbi Brown BB Cream is a great one. Out of the many BB Creams I’ve tried, this is easily now in my Top 3, so definitely I recommend this one.

You can buy it online here.

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  1. I’m so excited that you like this BB Cream! Bobbi Brown is a brand that I can easily get my hands on, so I’m definitely trying this one! I’m also very happy that it has SPF 35, it saves me a step =)

  2. Oh no oh no. You tempting me Renee! Haha.
    But it’s probably around 75-80 bucks right?
    Way over my budget but very tempting still. Haha.

  3. awww! Im a little disappointed to read that BB creams are glorified tm:( I had read they help clear up skin and heal scarring. I picked up some of the skin food brand- peach sake pore to fight blemishes and refine pores. although I like the warm peach coloring- I havnt noticed if it really does anything special- but thought maybe I needed a better brand. Isnt that why its called blemish balm? and wasnt it designed to heal scarring? Im wondering if I should even continue to use it, but, isnt it true sometimes it takes a few months for certain products to work and your body to start picking up the benefits?
    who knows! lol

    what does the BB BB cream claim to do? I am considering switching… sorry for all the questions:p

    1. I do believe that BB Creams were more “medicated” than traditional tinted moisturizers, but I believe this one by Bobbi Brown (and the other two I tried) seem to be more towards a tinted moisturizer ’cause they didn’t really say about any other benefits. I believe the “original” BB Creams (from korea, I believe) are packed full of other benefits, like you said, scar healing, etc.

  4. Oh wow I was just at the counter and never saw this. I hope they have my shade lol I’d give this a try 🙂

  5. Hi lovely Renee,

    Your feedback tempts me to buy this BB cream. Do you mind to give me an idea of the price?
    Thanks a lot dear
    Love to your parents

    1. Hey Agnes! It’s $52. And I believe its considered a ‘travel’ product so you can find it at duty-free stores or the airport. 🙂 xx

  6. Hey Renee,

    What do you think of the by terry line? Have you tried it? I am thinking of getting their liquid blush in rose but I’m not sure if it’d be worth the price! Thoughts?


      1. I think they sell By Terry in Tangs on Orchard and the new make-up store in Paragon next to Banana Republic. It is super expensive though…

      2. Hey Renee I’m from SG. They sell their products at tangs. The maker of the by terry line is the creater of the famous ysl touche eclat so they have a pretty good rep. Everyone’s raving about it but I don’t quite know if it’s worth the price :

  7. oh no… I’ve been pretty disappointed by the last few BB cream which I’ve tried on. Reading this entry, made me so tempted to go out all and get this one to give it a last try! I have a pretty oily T-zone and if its good, I can just use it when I go travelling rather than bringing my full make up kit!

  8. Absolutely agree that BB cream is just glorified tinted moisturizers (which i much prefer) but now the brand that i’m using is not available outside of Japan, I’m going to have to start looking for similar substitute! I have normal to dry skin, looks like the BB BB cream is worth a try?

  9. Everyone’s coming out with BB creams the days. Shu Uemura has their LE BB mousse, Body Shop has one, Dior has one, Estee Lauder has one, and Lancom has the one from last year.

    I tried the clinique one and the body shop one. I think they’re nice when I’m in a hurry and don’t have time for full primer + foundation + powder.

  10. Hey Renee, I wanna try this but it’s still not available at Bobbi Brown counters.

    I have tried Laura Mercier TM (read your review too!) but since it’s too expensive here (I use to get it outside SG) i decided to try Laniege’s BB cream which is pretty OK. You should try it too and let me know what you think.

    I am dying to try this though!

  11. After a lot of research, a less expensive alternative is Missha,or Skin 79 Premium BB Cream. It can be bought on Ebay, from Asian Sellers,mostly. Also Smasbox is coming out with their version in their Camera Ready line. Advance orders cqan be made now on QVC. I can’t imagine Smashbox will be better than Bobbi Brown, but you never know, Smashbox BB Cream is about $34,plus s/h.
    Where can you buy Bobbi Brown BB Cream?

  12. I’m a NC 15-20 ish. I was wondering what shade you were and if “light” was the right shade for you? I live in the states so I wont be able to try it out before I purchase it. Thanks!

  13. Yeah, it is totally awesome. I bought it last 3 weeks ago, and its outcome is more than satisfactory, i do not need to apply make-up at all. It works well on me. The last word, Perfect 🙂

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