Hall of Fame: Bond No. 9 Fire Island

Bond No. 9 Fire Island perfume review

“Imagine freshly baked skin, doused with a coating of premium Euro-sunscreen then warmed up by a midday siesta by the beach – and the sensual stirrings of a body in heat.”

No, this is not an excerpt from a romance novels – it’s the premise of Bond No. 9’s fragrance Fire Island, said to “summoned forth the distinctive spicy-sweet aroma of the most sought-after of vintage Euro-bronzing oils”, and is a “reminder of skin sniffed up close.”

Fire Island is exactly that, a perfect mix of sweet and spicy, and includes notes of cardamom, neroli, white musk, skin musk, tuberose and patchouli.

Bond No. 9 Fire Island was the winner in the 2007 Fragrance of the Year FIFI Award for Men’s Nouveau Niche Category, but I don’t think this is necessarily a men’s fragrance.

Overall, I love this fragrance – it is perfect for summer, and one of my all time picks for the best summer perfumes, but warrants its own post.

I can’t really explain Fire Island except it does capture their visual very clearly – there is a sense of “suntanning bodies” and feels very European. The scent itself specifically reminds me of a summer vacation in Costa Del Sol, Spain many years ago. It’s not too strong that it’s obvious you’re wearing perfume to the beach/pool, yet there is a sexy warm scent lingering somewhere. Absolutely gorgeous.

That being said Bond No. 9 is super expensive – I checked out the prices in Singapore, and forget it! It’s much cheaper online. You can get it on Amazon.com.

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