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Just Brow-sing at Browhaus Paragon

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of going to Browhaus’ new outlet at Paragon, a cute and cozy camp-cabin like outlet.

Browhaus Paragon Singapore review

Isn’t it cute? Almost made me want to go camping. (Almost.)

But when Browhaus asked me to try out threading and tweezing with them, I was kinda hesitant: I wanted to, because, I have friends who go there and have amazing brows, but I had a traumatic brow experience at a salon when I was 17 and never did it again (This thin, overly arched, crazy-lady eyebrows.) But I told myself to calm the eff down, it is only hair, and it will grow back.

Still, once I was there, I was super annoying and mentioned not once, but FIVE times to both the PR lady and my brow stylist that I did not want an arch, and that I like my brows thick and natural looking.

Thankfully, I got beautiful brows.

Threading, as I was told, was going to be painful – but you know what? I loved it. It was so quick and it got off all the little baby hairs at the top, which makes such a difference. (This difference of course, is up to personal taste – while I think that threading looks good, personally I don’t think I like that very defined brow look. I still like my brows with the baby hairs still there for a softer, more natural look.)

Either way, I really enjoyed my experience and if you like your brows more defined, threading is the way you want to go, and I’d definitely recommend it at Browhaus, especially the Paragon outlet in Singapore. My brows did feel a little sore after, but the brow stylist applied a Browhaus special, a lotion named “Peace” to calm the skin, and apparently, stop the hair from growing too fast back, which really worked. I can’t figure out how that happened, ’cause my brows usually grow really fast, so I am quite impressed!

A threading session is only S$15, and for something that is every few months, I think that’s really reasonable.


I love threading! And I do most of my eyebrow threadings in Browhaus too! I was told it would hurt initially but the pain was nothing compared to what I imagined. Absolutely bearable! I usually ask for May because, I feel she does the best brow shaping for me. And her service is superb!

Yay for brow grooming! 😀


Awesome! It didn’t hurt for me, I just really kept thinking how it sounded like a zip being opened… how the heck does the thread get the tiny hairs? Amazing! So much fun.

And oh yes… yay for brow grooming who DOESN’T over pluck and actually does a nice job haha! xx


Hi! which browhaus outlet do you go to?

Sze Ling

The deco is just too cute! I’d go just for the that. LOL.


I know, right? I’ve never wanted to go camping so bad… haha! It’s super cute.


Still waiting for your brow shaping tutorial 🙂

I’ve tried Browhaus about 4-5 times in the past (last time was about a year ago) and I’m planning to go back soon. Hopefully, the experience will still be as good. 🙂 Only problem I had in the past was that there were only a few English-speaking brow artists at the branches I visited so I had to explain to the manager first what I wanted and she had to translate to my therapist.


Oops, sorry! I’m on it. I have a file of blog ideas, I’ll move it up the list. 😀

Oh yeah, I had that problem… I don’t speak Mandarin so I had a translator for me. :/ That could be a problem, yeah.


Oooh, Browhaus. I’ve been fiercely loyal to them for…a few years? (it’s that long!) other than periods I’m overseas. Usually awesome. If I start gushing, I can’t stop 🙂


I had the trial too and thought it was great. Much prefer the threading to tweezing and could not believe how efficient it was. Loved the interior too!


I always wanted to try browhaus, do update abt the serum! I would love to hear abt it!


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