Cakey Foundation? A Quick Trick to Smooth it Out

You may remember when I talked about the benefits of using a wet makeup sponge to apply your foundation.

Well, I’m talking more about foundation today, with another quick foundation tip that actually also involves a damp makeup sponge too!

Cakey foundation? No problem!

fix cakey foundation water trick
Image: Laura Mercier

If you find that your foundation is cakey – and keep in mind I’m talking about water-based foundations only, you’ll find out in a second – a quick way is to spray your face with a quick spritz of some water, and then take a damp makeup sponge (or your trusty Beautyblender) and gently rub and smooth out the edges.

Remember though, it’s a quick, fine spray of water – no water guns or drenching your face with water!

You can use the famous Avene Thermal Spring Water, which I love, or you can even use something with even more skincare benefits that will help your foundation out.

I’m talking about Clinique’s Moisture Surge Spray.

I’ve loved that products for almost a decade now.

Not only is it great for a mid-day pick me up (especially with this heat), this works really well to smooth out cake foundation, moisturizing your skin at the same time.

And the reason why this only works for water based foundations is because water and oil don’t mix.

If you have an oil based foundation and try to smooth it out with this water trick, it might pull and move around too much. Luckily, tons of foundations today are mostly water based!

What do you think?

I consider my readers my “co-bloggers” (I can’t do this without you!) so tell me: how do you smooth out cakey foundation? Do you have any more ideas to share?

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  1. Great post! I usually mix my foundation with moisturiser and apply on my face with my pinky! It turns out lovely if I have the time, but when in a hurry, it can look cakey. Thanks for the tips which I would certainly try out 😃

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