Lip Scrubs 101

exfoliate lip scrubs 101

As a kid, I remember skipping down to the local shops, spending all your pocket money on Magic Dust candy or anything with huge, obvious chunks of sugar, and before eating them, I’d spread it all over my lips, pretending it […]

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The Truth About Cellulite

Women since the beginning of time (slight exaggeration), has been asking the question, “How do I get rid of cellulite?” How do you get rid of cellulite on your thighs? … Arms? … Stomach? And I’m afraid I have some bad […]

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Let it Snow, Let it Reindeer

The Holiday collections of the beauty world have arrived in full force, are you ready? First up from LUSH Singapore: First Snow and Fairy Dust dusting powders – fine scented powders that are made to keep areas smooth and dry, as well as adding […]

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How to Find Your Face Shape

how to find face shape

Knowing your face shape is pretty important in beauty. Once you’ve figured it out, it’s so much easier to know what really flatters you the best – whether it’s the the right haircut or the proper blush application. So how to find your face shape? All […]

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