Perfume, Like A French Girl

french girl perfume rules

My first beauty love, as far I can tell, has always been perfume. My mother only wore perfume when going out on dates with my dad at night, so I always thought perfume was a part of “romance”. And when I think of perfume […]

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The Perfect Island Holiday Scent

Greetings from Phuket, Thailand! Please say hello to Urban Rituelle’s Island Citrus scent, a fragrance I can only describe as LOVE. Let me elaborate: this gorgeous scent is my favorite for the summer, hands down. Notes include lime, grapefruit, orange, and […]

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Nuts about Love Coconut

Good morning! Isn’t it lovely out today? I’ve started my morning sitting at my balcony with this pretty cup of coffee… Just kidding. You all know I hate coffee. (I say hate, but I’ve never tried coffee. Yes, I know.) […]

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