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Just Checking In!

Me in Tivoli for my birthday this week.

Hi everyone (or should I say the 12 people still reading, ha)!

Just checking into my blog to say that I know it’s been a very quiet summer (or should I say year) here on the blog. So much has happened…

In June, I got married and moved to the other side of the world! Between settling into a new country, trying to learn the language and enjoying married life, things have been a bit busy.

In July, Blog for Beauty turned 11 years old, and for a while I wondered if it was time to move on. But after much thought and encouragement from friends, I’ve decided to continue to write in this space, even if it’s just for fun.

It’s so crazy to think this blog has been with me as an after school hobby in high school, to a nightly ritual in college, to becoming my job post college, following me through my career in beauty editing/writing and then a career switch to makeup artist; until now, to whatever this next stage of life may bring. I can’t let it go just yet!

Beauty wise, I have access to many more unique beauty brands here, which, as you can imagine, has been super fun, so stay tuned for posts on…

And so much more.

Talk soon, and I would love to know – what’s everyone been up to? I feel so removed from the Singapore beauty scene here, though I will be visiting regularly. (Like this week!)

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  • Ruiting

    I’m still here, after all these years. Love your blog, miss your regular updates!

    • Renee

      Thank you for reading Ruiting, that really means a lot. I remember all your thoughtful insights and comments. 🙂 I will have more regular updates like before from now on, promise!

  • Congrats on getting married! 🙂 Enjoy what you are doing and don’t worry too much about not posting regularly. Whenever you’re inspired and decide to do a post, your audience will still be here. 🙂

    • Renee

      Thanks so much, Grace! You’ve always been so kind and supportive to me, thank you. I hope you’ve been well. 🙂 xx

  • Sam Joy

    Was a fan then, still a fan now! <3

  • Erna Santoso Loewen

    Congrats Renee! What a wonderful update! Enjoy your new life! Please keep writing when you have time, I love reading your beauty tips, they are very useful 😀

    • Renee

      Hey Erna! Thank you! I am so glad you found my tips useful – stay tuned, more are coming right up! 😀

      P.S. Did you get married too? Your name has changed 😀

  • Ruth

    Hi Renee.
    I’ve been a fan from way back and really glad you’re back! Congrats on getting married!

    • Renee

      Hi Ruth, yes I remember you! Thanks so much, and also for reading all these years! Really appreciate it 🙂

  • Yvonne

    Yay! nice to see an update! and congratulations on your marriage!

    please do continue to write! (:

    • Renee

      Hey Yvonne, thanks for your comment, I definitely will continue! And thanks so much 🙂 <3

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