Hit or Miss? Clarins Super Restorative Serum

I so wish I could give this serum an in-depth review, because this is Clarins’ most expensive product so I wanted to see if it was worth it, but unfortunately, my experience was not great. In fact – it was quite the opposite!

I tested the Super Restorative Serum as I usually test serums. (I’ve been testing a lot of serums and anti-aging products recently, and the the last serum I tested, for example, was incredible.)

What I do is first do a very gentle cleansing (I feel this gives a very “clean” foundation with no other ingredient, etc, to test on), and then applying it on clean, dry skin.

Application with the Super Restorative Serum was great – the formal spread easily, though there was a very synthetic, almost plastic feel to the formula. Still, I had liked it so far, and it had a very nice floral scent. Perhaps it was the floral scent (thinking about it now, it was pretty strong), but after just 2 times of use, I had to throw this one out.

Unfortunately, my skin reacted quite badly to it and the serum gave me at least 8 fresh, angry zits overnight, making my skin looked greasy, oily and even a little itchy. To say I freaked out is an understatement – the only time I had such “bad” skin before was during my acne years in high school, and it’s not something I want to revisit. In fact, I’m still kinda wondering what could possibly be the culprit, but I think the fragrance and the formula itself, which is quite synthetic (and feels it) could be the answer.

Either way, I have to say it’s a big miss for me. If you have sensitive skin (which I kinda do, but it’s not that sensitive) and/or are prone to breakouts, it’s probably best to skip this one too.

You can find Clarins Super Restorative Serum on Amazon.com.

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