Clinique Says, If It Ain’t Broke, Fix It Anyway

Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion, one of the best selling, iconic, biggest beauty product of all time, just got a makeover. When the dreaded “reformulation” news first broke, loyal fans all around the world lost it – the response was dramatic, to say the least. (I believe my reaction was “!@#$%^&!!!”)

Luckily, Clinique knows what they are doing – the reformulation took 3 dermatologists, 53 researchers and 100 formula trials tested on 1600 people across 5 countries (if just one person got any sort of allergic reaction, they would can it and start again). That’s dedication!

But first, why the change? Clinique explains:

“The world has changed since 1968 when DDML launched. In recent years, the Orentreichs [the dermatologists that developed Clinique] have been talking about a shift in their patient’s skin profile. Patients were coming in with more and more manifestation they described as redness, itching, burning, breakouts, dryness, dullness… in other words; unhealthy skin. The dermatologists attribute these symptoms to one thing: a weakened barrier. Among the influences that can account for such a shift are environmental aggressors, climate change, traveling more, sleeping less, eating processed food and juggling the complexities of our daily lives.”

Or as Janet Pardo, Clinique’s Senior VP of Global Product Development puts it perfectly: “The world has changed. Skincare technology has changed. And so we changed.”

When I heard that, I thought, fair enough, and I eagerly awaited the new formulation – things can only get better, right? As you may know, I started using their 3 Step Skincare System (minus the toner) since I was 17 and it transformed my skin. I used to use the original DDML; but found it too oily and switched the the Gel, oil-free version and never looked back. The Clinique DDML + version is just like the original in that sense – it has mineral oil, as well as the new added ingredients phytofix, hyaluronic acid, glycerin and urea. So I had my reservations – I thought since the original was way too oily for me, this one would be too.

However, I was surprised that it wasn’t… it didn’t really give the oily feeling I remembered. It was throughly moisturising; and sunk into my skin almost immediately (one of the reasons I love the moisturizer, it’s like my skin drinks it). I am also quite impressed how they managed to make it just like the original – it felt the same, smelt the same, went on my skin the same – yet, it’s definitely different and better, even if you can’t really pinpoint what has changed.

That being said, DDML + is a great product, but I won’t be needing it, at least not yet. If you have dry-to-very-dry skin and need some intense moisturization, then I would definitely recommend it. I adore Clinique (anyone who’s read this blog will know) and they know what they are doing regarding skincare, and it’s definitely worth checking out.

You can buy Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion + on

Thoughts on the new DDML+?

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  1. I think I’ll stick to my oil free moisturizer. It is really most suited for my skin. How much is the Clinique gel oil free moisturizer? Thanks

    1. Hey Mei Fong! It’s $70 now, it’s gone up. 🙁 But! It lasts a really long time (like 8 months?) so for me it’s worth it.

  2. I too love love love the Gel version of the DDML! And I KNOW RIGHT – my skin drinks it up and I can instantly feel the difference after slathering it on 🙂 The lady at the Clinique counter also told me to try the new DDML+ but I still stay away from anything with “oil” in it. Happy with my Gel version! 🙂 Quick question tho, and I know it sounds silly, but do you have this issue of getting the last bits out once the pump can’t “reach”? That’s my one complaint about the otherwise nice packaging – I resort to digging it out with a spatula or something and because I always count how much to put on by number of pumps I end up putting on too much or too little then. Oh wow this all sounds so silly and first world problems-y but it has been bothering me for awhile! :/

    1. It’s seriously a miracle product! Every time I come out of the shower and lather it on my skin is like “OOOH YEAH BABY!” hahahaha.

      And nope, not silly question at all. In fact I face your problem right now as my bottle is finishing! 😛 What I do is that I turn it to the side, so all the product at the bottom travels to the middle of it. Then I use that pump and it’s clear stick to dig out the product, put it on my hands and apply. But a spatula is probably a better idea! I LOVE the bottle but it’s kinda inconvenient isn’t it? I suppose we could saw the bottle in half?! They should make a tube version…!

  3. I am never ever ever gonna change from the gel version. Took me many trials and error and I’ve finally found the ‘perfect’ moisturizer for my skin. Why fix it when it ain’t broken.?!! Hehe.

    1. It is seriously an amazing product, isn’t it?! 🙂 If they ever reformulate I’m gonna make a lot of noise, hahah!

  4. I use the gel oil free version. The original DDML was far too oily for my face, but I might want to switch to this new formulated one as my skin seems to be getting less oily as I get older. 🙁

  5. I used to have oily skin in my early twenties. Now, it’s become way less oily. This reformulated DDML might be a good choice. Judging from all the positive comments, it should work good on me.

  6. I haven’t used the 3 Step Clinique System in awhile. I have done everything from Proactiv to Cetaphil to Neutrogena and other drug store brands. I need something that cleanses deeply and helps get rid of break outs but a moisturizer that moisturizes without giving me more break outs! It is hard, but maybe I should give Clinique a try again!

  7. You said it has no mineral oil now but mineral oil is the second ingredient so there’s more of it now. I have it and it’s too greasy now

  8. I’ve recently purchased the new DDML+ and was disappointed. It makes my skin so oily and I feel like an oil factory. I am 41 years old and have dry combination skin and the lotion makes my skin itchy especially around the cheeks area. I thought that this lotion would help me unfortunately it didn’t. It is definitely not suitable for Singapore humid weather. Do they have an exchange policy? I need to change this to the gel formula.

  9. Not happy about Clinique’s Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion +? What is the plus??? Greasy, oil is the plus. I’ve been using this product since I was in my early twenties, I swear by it and do not have a wrinkle on my face at 55 years old. That was when it was Clinique, not L’Oreal. L’Oreal purchased the Clinique company a couple of years ago. Too bad they will ruin it. No plus here, I’m leaving Clinique and going to look for something else. Too much money to pay for mineral oil and whatever other greasy “crap” they put in the once awesome product.

  10. I don’t like the new formulation either, BIG mistake Clinique! The first one I’ve used for years was light, felt soothing for my breakout prone, sensitive skin. In summer I used a bit less. Skin felt smooth and “plumped up”. I’ve stayed with that version for almost 15 years. This new formula feels heavy, stickier on the surface AND worst of all feels irritating. The red patches I haven’t had in years are back and my skin feels itchy like before too. I could understand if they offered the original and the new formulation but exclusively changing such a successful product is crazy. Sadly, I’ll be looking for something else – just can’t justify spending that much on a product that doesn’t deliver anymore. Sooo sad : (

  11. I have tried the new DDML plus and my skin has reacted to it. I have used the other lotion for over 20years and am so disappointed, I now have an angry red rash around my nose and need to find a new moisturiser.

  12. Well I had an allergic reaction, my face puffed up and turned red and I got a slight burn… Its a bummer. I have been using clinique products for over 18 years!

  13. I had no choose but to try it since you can not longer buy the old one. After about 1week I started to breakout all over. I NEVER breakout and now I’m stuck with acne all over my face. They are big and red and I’m not happy. Thanks Clinique

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