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Seeing Red (No More)

clinique redness solutions review

This review will be unique in the sense that my best friend, whom I visited in London last month, was raving about this product so much that I tested it while at her home with her.

The product? Clinique Redness Solutions powder.

Here’s more info:

Unique mineral treatment measurably reduces redness on contact. It’s lab-certified. Under its care and cover, visible redness and broken capillaries virtually disappear-instantly and for hours.

Patent-pending formula helps skin “keep its cool.” Oil-free, talc-free. Appropriate for skins with mild-to-moderate Rosacea or reactive redness.

From my intense scrutiny of my friend’s face, the powder seems to give a very matte, sheer finish. I’m kinda amazed how it’s one universal color and somehow suits a lot of skin tones. Plus, I always thought green neutralized red? Hmm. Also, the whole point of the powder – to cover redness – is pretty impressive. I’d say a good 85-90% of my friend’s redness disappeared, and overall her skin looked great. It’s definitely worth a try if it’s something you’re looking for, and it’s mineral makeup (check out the pros and cons of mineral foundation makeup), so that’s a plus already.

Anyone have product recommendations that covers redness? Or if you’ve tried this product out, what did you think?

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