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Get The Most Out of Your Concealer

In the June 2016 issue of Allure Magazine, there was a great little page on concealer tips from pro makeup artist Pati Duroff that I wanted to share here, as well as add in my own concealer tips.

concealer tips

Whether you’re looking to conceal dark eye circles, under eye bags and puffiness, or redness, read on…

Dark circles: As Allure shows, it’s best to apply concealer in a triangular shape underneath the eyes that will not only cover dark under eye circles, but it will also brighten the whole eye area. They recommend a creamy concealer for this, and I agree – try Laura Mercier Secret Concealer or Benefit Erase Paste, which are both excellent for the under eye.

Redness: I totally agree with this! Apply concealer right at the inner corners of your eyes, even to the edge of the bridge of your nose – this has redness and shadows that no one really thinks about, but brightening this area will allow the whole eye area to “pop” as well.

Puffiness: This one is tricky to conceal. As the article says, if you conceal puffy eyes in the traditional way, the puffiness will appear more prominent. I agree with makeup artist Pati Duroff here – apply the concealer to the actual crease underneath of the “puffy bag”, and it will kinda of blend it into the rest of the under eye area.

However, if you want an even more advanced technique, you can actually apply a concealer one shade darker than usual all over to “debuff” the puffiness as a whole (remember to blend), and then add color-corrector to the dark eye areas (under eye, inner corners, bridge of the nose) and that will brighten the other areas to take away attention from the puffiness.

What are some of your favorite concealer tips?

P.S. Check out Guardian’s Undereye Mask treatments that actually work, and How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes.


Great post! Short and clear. I truly have learned here on what to do with those pesky under eye skin issues.


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