An At-Home Deep Conditioning Hair Treatment

If you’re looking for healthy, strong and beautiful locks, I believe the answer is to add a deep conditioning hair mask to your hair regime.

Deep conditioning your hair allows your hair to really soak in the moisture it needs and repair hair concerns such as split ends, frizz, breakage, color damage and more.

I try to do a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week, and my really dry and damaged hair (I have no idea why it’s so dry or damaged, I don’t color it or use any heat tools on it!) and it’s made such a big difference.

How to: Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Wash hair
OK, it might seem obvious, but first you’ll need to start with clean, freshly washed hair. If you have any sort of styling product or buildup, or even dirt, the conditioning mask won’t penetrate the hair properly. A quick, simple wash is all you’ll need.

Apply the mask
Next, squeeze out excess water (so that your hair is still damp) and apply your choice of a deep conditioning hair mask. I love any conditioner by Aveda, but really really love Redken’s All Soft conditioner – it’s something I’ve been using for years and always come back to. Apply the conditioner to the bottom half of your hair only.

Wrap hair
Next, wrap your hair with cellophane or simply put it a shower cap. Use the warm setting of your blow dryer and slightly heat up your head so that the conditioner will penetrate into the hair cuticle. Leave on for however long you want – the longer the better! (At least 15 minutes, though.) For seriously dry hair, try leaving it for an hour if you can.

Finish off with a cold rinse
To finish, remove the cellophane/shower cap, and rinse hair with the coldest water you can stand. The heat of the hairdryer before would help open up the hair to allow the conditioning properties to penetrate, and the cold rinse after will help “close” it in.

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