Hall of Fame: EMK Guard Sunscreen

EMK Guard Sunscreen Review SingaporeIt’s quite a big claim to say that something is the best you’ve ever tried, but I’m gonna make this claim: EMK Guard Sunscreen is the best sunscreen I’ve ever tried so far, in my many years of beauty writing and testing.

My amazement has to be in the formula, because it honestly doesn’t feel like sunscreen at all.

(In fact, there were a few times I had to double check the bottle, and then check again for the ingredients to see if it were indeed a sunscreen.)

It feels like your usual day cream – smooth, silky and a dream to blend onto the skin, and isn’t heavy on the skin. Best of all, it gives a slight dewy finish with no white-cast or that dreaded thick, goopy sunscreen look.

That already sold me, but if you need more convincing: The sunscreen is also paraben, oil, colorant, lanolin and fragrance free, and boasts many anti-aging benefits. It has SPF 30, which is the amount dermatologists recommend, and a soft, natural sweet vanilla scent which makes it such a pleasure to use. (You know I’m a sucker for anything vanilla scented!)

In other words, I am trying to say as much as I can to give you a proper, detailed review, but really, there’s nothing more to say. The EMK Guard Sunscreen is pretty much perfect, and already one of my Top 5 beauty products of the year.

You can find EMK Guard Sunscreen on Amazon.com.

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