So Underrated: EMK Placental Face Cream

EMK Placental Face Cream

There’s only one word that comes to mind when describing EMK Optima Face Cream: Yum.

EMK Beverly Hills is a skincare line which boasts some A list clients (such as Eva Longoria, Tyra Banks and Simon Cowell… basically: people who are always on TV), and recently launched in Asia. I was at the launch event a few months ago, and while the products all looked good – they use the power of plant placenta – their Face Cream is absolutely divine. (Their sunscreen, for one, is probably my favorite one of all time.)

My first thought was that it smelt like marshmallows, but a closer look to the ingredient list showed that it was actually natural vanilla extract that made it smell so good. And with other ingredients such as plant placenta, Seabuckthorn Oil and Vitamin A this Face Cream is making my first foray into anti-aging products pretty darn delicious.

The cream goes on light and leaves my skin feeling very plumped and full, and because Vitamin A is the only ingredient right now that is again scientifically proven to prevent/reduce wrinkles (it exfoliates the skin to keep bringing in “new” skin, which therefore looks younger), so I know long term this would be great. Best of all, I like that it never made me break out. I tend to get a little bit of “objection” whenever I try something new, but none here. Not a single breakout since using this product.

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