Hall of Fame: Etat Libre D’Orange Fragrances

Etat Libre D'Orange perfumes SingaporeAs a perfume addict, I am very happy we are getting more niche brands here in Singapore. Especially for Etat Libre D’Orange – a brand I’ve seen in various magazines and have admired their fun, outrageous spirit.

Etat Libre D’Orange came to Singapore recently earlier this year, and I attended an intimate launch party where I got to meet Etienne de Swardt, the founder of Etat Libre D’Orange

It was my first time testing out these perfumes and I have to say, it is definitely everything I imagined. The scents are the most unique, strange – strange is good in my world – scents I’ve ever tried.

The inspiration behind each scent, too, is so refreshing. (I mean, how many times have you heard a perfume be “inspired by spring”? BORING.) As Etienne told me, the brand explores “the risky side of perfume”, and is all about “sincerity, joyful attitude… and a whole lot of nonsense.”

I tested the whole range (or at least the ones that will be available here), and my first impressions are:

  • Putain des Places. This is a powdery, musky scent and a cult favorite; if you know French you can probably figure out why!
  • Like This. This has to be the strangest scent I’ve ever tested. Nicknamed “Immortal Ginger”, it is in collaboration with actress Tilda Swinton, so you can imagine it’s just like her: standout, quirky and out-of-this-world.
  • Tom of Finland. In collaboration with the late artist’s foundation, I really liked this scent – lots of suede and sure, very “manly” but I don’t see why women can’t wear it either!
  • My personal favorites were Fils de Dieu, Cologne, Putain des Places and…
  • DivinEnfant. I am obsessed with this smokey yet sweet scent. After being bored of the perfume I’ve been wearing the past 10 years, I finally found something to replace it – I’ve kinda been searching for my next “signature”, and I think this is it. I’ll buy a bottle for myself soon and write more about it later.

Etat Libre D'Orange perfumes Singapore

Etat Libre D’Orange is definitely a niche perfume brand to check out – I am sure you’ll find something you’ll love. You can find Etat Libre D’Orange online at Amazon.com (probably the easiest for all international) and in Singapore at Beautique at Takashimaya Level 3.

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