What’s Your Everyday Makeup Look?

This photo is a tiny bit old, but nonetheless, I think this showcases my everyday makeup look very well. (By everyday I mean “go-to” makeup look; I actually don’t usually wear makeup everyday. Do you?)

To start, here’s what I do to my face:

When my skin is behaving, I can usually get away with only concealer on my dark eye circles and loose powder. I use Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and Aubrey Organics Silken Earth Translucent loose powder.

For blush I’ve been using MAC blush in Taupe, which I really like I’m not into pinks or peaches (or anything really) and just prefer a little contour and less color. I adore this blush and recommend it 1000%.

Next, my eyes – my favorite part to play up! Before that though, my brows. I never used to do anything with my brows until I discovered Bobbi Brown’s natural brow shaper. It’s wonderful. It’s been through rain, sweat, you name it – and it doesn’t budge. Don’t expect it to fill in bald gaps or anything, it’s mearly a brow mascara that adds a little tint to the color and keeps the messy hairs in place (and boy are mine insane!)

For my eye makeup, I use a peachy champagne color for my whole lid by Estee Lauder. Next, I apply a line of pencil eyeliner (the one I’ve been using recently is from Estee Lauder and I love it).

I apply pencil eyeliner before the liquid because there is no way I can draw a proper line with a liquid liner – I’m terrible! After applying a thin line of liquid liner, I take the black powder and layer it on top of the liquid eyeliner, to smudge the line a bit and also so that the liner stays on. (Both liquid liner and black powder is the Chanel La Ligne Liquid Eyeliner.) I also take the powder and smudge some on the outer corners of my lower lash line. In the photo it looks like I line my whole bottom lash line, but I don’t because I feel it closes up my eyes, so I just focus on the outer corners. For mascara I use my forever favorite Lancome Virtuose.

For my lips, I don’t really do much. I’m not into lipgloss at all (maybe for very, very special occasions) and I much prefer lipstick for ‘dressing up’ occasions. So pretty much all I’m wearing for everyday use is Rosebud Salve, my favorite lipbalm in the world.

This is what I’ve been putting on my face now a days (or at least for the whole of 2009 and 2010) and I don’t plan on changing; at least not yet. My favorite ‘look’ is semi-smokey eyes and nude lips and cheeks, and I think that finally, after all these years of experimenting, I’ve found a makeup style that I really like and feel suit my features.

But I want to know what your everyday look is like! What do you use? Do you even have an ‘everyday’ look, or are you way more experimental than me?

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  1. That’s really quite similar to mine! 🙂 Except that I don’t use eyeshadow, because I have no idea how, only eyeliner, and I use either Estee Lauder Artist’s Eye Pencil or KATE’s eyeliner. As for mascara I’m currently using L’Oreal, but thinking of changing to something better. For my face I only use pressed powder (T. LeClerc in Banane for me), and no lipgloss/blush unless it’s a very special occasion.

    1. How great is Estee Lauder’s eyeliner?! I got it in a set a friend gave me and I really love it! For mascara you should try Bourjois, pretty good and they don’t test on animals 😀

      1. It was my very first eyeliner and I’ve never found any like it for pencil eyeliner, it’s amazing! 😀
        I’ll try to look around for Bourjois, since we’re pretty limited on the cosmetics front here sometimes in Malaysia 🙁 Thanks for the recommendation 😀

  2. I hardly ever wear makeup unless I just wake up with a crazy sense of adventure and decide to throw something on my eyes! Most foundations look really weird on me..I think my skin just looks better without it for some reason…anyway though, I just fill in my brows, line my upper lids, throw on some mascara (anything from any brand will do, my skin/eyelashes/brows are VERY low maintenances) and that is about it. If I get really dressy I’ll probably do a smoky eye, some very light foundation mixed with a moisturizer, and nars orgasm, which is probably the only blush I like, lol. So, yeah, I don’t really do makeup, and when I do, it’s VERY low key. OH YEAH, I almost forgot the rosebud salve, it is my favorite too!

  3. My everyday look is pretty much a natural/neutral look I wear to the office. Bobbi Brown’s stick foundation, Skin Food’s Salmon concealer or Benefit’s Erase paste and Bobbi Brown’s Gel eyeliner. For Eyeshadow I’m still experimenting with neutrals colours and somedays I just pat on some of Benefit’s Lemon Aid and off I go in the mornings.

    1. Oh is Benefit’s Erase Paste good? I’ve been hearing great things about it… so tempted to try it out as my current concealer is almost done. 🙂

  4. you are so pweeeeeeetty *bats eyelid like a little girl*

    hehe, can’t help it. that was the first reaction I had when I saw the pic!

  5. you are so gorgeous! my every day look is foundation, brown eyeshadow, mascara, chapstick. occasionaly ill bother with liquid liner but usually im too lazy, ha.

    1. Thanks, Dip! Yeah liquid liner is a bit of a pain so sometimes I skip that too but it makes such a difference – pencil eyeliner just isn’t dark enough for me 😛

  6. I have been reading this blog for a little while now, but never left any comments. I really love it though! It has a lot of helpful little facts &tips. btw I am still on the hunt for the Mixed Chicks leave-in-conditioner for my crazy curls!!

    the only thing that I wear constantly/every day is my Maybelline Great Lash Mascara, 🙂 absolutely fabulous! this is the only mascara I use, I too love the natural look. I use my powder foundation from Avon(smooth minerals-just as good as Bare Minerals!) and if I feel like really doing it up I’ll add the black eye liner, a little light pink lipstick &my go-to eyeshadows-Sparkle Eye Dust by N.Y.C.–opal sparkle is my ALL TIME favorite for my eyes it does amazing things!

    1. Hey Julz, welcome! Thanks for reading, it’s very nice to meet you! 😀 Great Lash IS wonderful, isn’t it? I love that it’s a quality product for an affordable price.

      1. OH YES, it’s absolutely wonderful, it makes them look so long &pretty!! I use the Maybelline eye liner too, such a great brand! I love your eye makeup btw, so cute! nice to meet you too btw, I love this site!

  7. You’re absolutely gorgeous, Renee!
    My go to look is pretty simple. Loads of mascara on the top lashes (but combing out any guck!), tight lining my top & bottom lashes with a grey or brown pencil liner, with strong brows & lip salve. Sometimes a peachy blush on my cheeks during the winter. 🙂

  8. You look awesome!!!

    I’ve just sorta developed a makeup routine. Clinique Black Honey or Tarte Lipstain in Moody on my lips (I always wear lipstick – it’s a trademark for me). Clinique pressed powder and a tiny bit of concealer on my face. Suncoat natural mascara…eyeliner as well, if it’s a special day. And Almay Pure Naturals eyeshadow in lavender.

  9. haha you are very pretty no wonder you were a model (: my makeup is pencil eyeliner, top and halfway through bottom, which i then smudge. I spread on some pink eyeshadow (my eyes are brown), and brown in the crease. Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume mascara, which i sort of make natural-looking by blinking my lashes against my finger… no way to describe it…. anyways then i comb my eyebrows to tame them, and spread on some foundation and then lip balm! haha i would go with no skin makeup but you know acne…

    1. Hey Kich, thanks so much! I do that blinking into your finger for my mascara too, haah! But I do it to take out the residue so it doesn’t smudge on my skin! 😛

  10. You look stunning! My usual look as of late is Bare Escentuals Matte, coral or peach blush, eyeshadow (it varies, but I’ve been really into gray lately), eyeliner, brow pencil, mascara, lip stain.

    1. Thank you, Tammy! 🙂 How are you liking BE? I’m looking for a new powder and I hear great stuff about BE but I heard it’s not too good for those in hotter climates 🙁

      Oh and PS I’m really into gray eyeshadow as well now! It’s perfect for brown eyes, I think.

  11. your gorgeous!!!

    Since I just started college I’m usually always in a hurry … but i never leave my house without putting on my L’oreal voluminous mascara, and some blush!… oh and chap stick 🙂

    1. Thanks, Meli! I know what you mean – for school I’d rush and my best friend would do her makeup on the bus! But it seems you have got the essentials 😀

  12. luscious lips!! My everday is:

    Revlon Photo Ready foundation, AMAZING. Does NOT clog pores and feels light!
    Physicians Formula blush and bronzer palette, equally as amazing
    Sephora brand liquid eyeliner, black or course. I usually only use this on the top lid during the day
    and around 6 coats of Covergirl Lash Blash Volume mascara.

    This does the trick!

  13. Dear Renee,
    May i confirm this with you? i have friends telling me that blush should be applied only after you have primer on your face, otherwise it’ll leave pigments on your cheeks, is that true?

    1. Nah, not true at all. Blush is just powder, it won’t ‘stain’ your cheeks! You can apply it straight to your face or after your base makeup like foundation and/or powder. 🙂

  14. http://img821.imageshack.us/i/dsc04380h.jpg

    This is my everyday look. The most important cosmetic for me is an eyeliner – it provides me accentuated eye for whole day. I use mineral powder, concleaner for my horrible dark eye circles, bronzer for cheeks, eyeliner, eyebrow designer, mascara, lipstick and lipner. I never go out without make up 😛

  15. I missed this post! This look u did is natural and easy, I like it! I actually dont use make up everyday either, but I do use sunscreen. And the one I use has like a tint to it, it feels like a tinted moisturizer, but with FPS 40! Sometimes I use my Mac MSF in medium, mascara and concelaer (Mac select cover up) which I’m not liking, I might try the Laura Mercier Secret Concealer. I think that’s it for my everyday look. On my lips usually I use carmex.
    I love eyeliner too, but I have the same problem with the dreaded line on my eyelid, I hate that.

    Renee by looking at this picture I think you would look great with red lipstick (I dont mean for everyday look of course,hahah). I wasnt a big fan of lipsticks but a few months ago I bought 2 and decided to give them a try!

  16. I love the make up you’re wearing here!!

    ..haha it made me smile to read that you do the eyelash-blinking-on-finger-to-remove-extra-mascara thing, me too:)

    Everyday makeup for me is a touch of dusty pink eyeshadow, just to give a shiny effect, a must is eyeliner, mascara on top lashes, a teeny touch of blush, the rosy-cheeked look is sweet, youthful and energetic, and some tinted lip balm. It’s nothing super special, but I swear by labello pomegranate or cherry, keeps lips lush and kissalicious 🙂

  17. i jus discovered your blog! love it!

    The makeup that i wear every day is pretty simple. Lots of black mascara on the top and bottom lashes, especially the outer corner. Diorshow is the best but right now I have a l’oreal one. Then concealer under my eyes unless i feel particularly fresh, haha.Then a little black eyeline blended into the lash line and sometimes I will do a winged look as well. The lipstick i wear almost every day is the nude Myth, by MAC. If i’m not wearing lipstick i will use the Sugar Rose lip balm by Fresh, or a shea butter lip balm by Occitane.

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