A Quick Guide to Eyebrow Makeup

eyebrow makeup for beginnersThey say eyebrows are important because they frame the eyes; the windows to our souls, and I totally agree.

If I only had 10 seconds to do my makeup before rushing out of the house in the morning, my brows would be it!

Brows make such a huge difference and gives your face so much definition and structure.

To get perfect arches, obviously, the first step is to tweeze/wax any extra hairs that are out of place.

(Or, if you have too thin and over plucked eyebrows, make sure to fix your over plucked eyebrows and get your natural brows back first).

Then, eyebrow products will help achieve a more arched, clean look.

Types of Eyebrow Makeup

However there are quite different products in the market today for eyebrows, and I hope my guide will help you out.

1 – Brow pencil.

Gives great definition to the brows. Also, probably the easiest to use – the pencil gives a very controlled application. Perfect for achieving light, subtle strokes that look very natural.

My personal favorites has got to be Tarte Brow Architect Brow Shaper and Benefit Instant Brow Pencil, both that have very true, natural colors and will last throughout the day.

2 – Brow powder.

When using powder, choose a slighter lighter shade than your natural brow color, as powders can look very hard. Use brow powder with a slanted, angle brush to get a flawless arch.

For even more intensity, you can apply the brow powder wet. For this, any brow powder will do – I haven’t found anything “bad” to be found with powder. You can even use brown eyeshadow to define your eyebrows, but make sure it is a cool, ash brown – they are the most natural.

3 – Brow gel/mascara.

Clear or colored, brow mascaras are just like your typical mascaras.

With brow mascaras, however, they are used to shape your brow hairs and keep holding them in place for hairs that are unruly. I adore Bobbi Brown’s Brow Shaper and Benefit’s Gimme Brow – I’ve lost count of how many tubes I own!

4 – Brow wax.

Brow wax is applied over brow powder or pencil to keep hair in place, and is also used to shape the brows.

Very similar to the brow gel/mascara, just a different texture that is up to personal preference. People say that it looks more natural than gels/mascara, although personally I don’t find that to be so, and it’s my least favorite brow product! It’s just too much for me.

Try it out and see if you like it. NYX makes a great one called NYX Eye Brow Wax Shaper.

What’s the Best for Beginners?

If you’re a true beginner in makeup, for eyebrows, the best would be a brow pencil. They look the most natural and will be the most mistake-proof, keeping in mind that you will need to blend.

Just use your brow pencil to fill in your brows – be very gentle, keep the product on light – and then afterwards, use a Q-tip (or cotton bud) to smudge it a bit, blending it so it doesn’t look harsh.

This is a common “newbie” mistake, that your eyebrows are too dark, so remember to keep it light and blend it a bit. It’s better in this case to look a little lighter than normal, than too dark.

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