Soft, Youthful Lips From… Eye Cream?

It’s no surprise by now that tons of beauty products can actually double up and be used for more than their original purpose.

This week, I have a semi-anti aging tip for you, concerning your lips. Skin care specialists actually say that eye cream can be used around your lips to prevent fine lines from forming. Sweet!

I also read somewhere in a magazine whose name I can’t remember (would anyone know which magazine I’m talking about?) that eye cream is so moisturizing and filled with great anti-aging ingredients, that it can also double up as a night time lip balm – so you get super soft and youthful looking lips. I personally haven’t tried it before, so I can’t vouch if it works or is safe – but do this at your own risk and consult your doctor first. But eye cream can most definitely be used around the lips as a moisturizer, I’ve tried it before! 🙂

What do you think of this week’s tip – have you ever tried this before?

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  1. That’s brilliant, especially for people who make duck face all the time! 😉 I know Nivea now makes some lip moisturizer for “night repair” that I think I want to try out!

  2. OMG RENEE!!! I’ve been doing that trick with my shiseido eye cream because i found it too rich for my eyes! I got milia ;( I wake up to super soft lips!

  3. Interesting tip! My eye cream is kind of sticky, though, so I might not try with the one I’m using right now (Mario Badescu Hyaluronic Eye Cream).

    1. Ah yes, probably works best with eye creams with creamier textures. How unique to have a ‘sticky’ eye cream, that’s gotta be fun to apply? 😛

  4. Hi Renee,

    Stumbled on your site through DIggys. Although I can’t relate to this recent post, I’m lovin’ tha feel of your site.

    And out of all my travels, Singapore is by far one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Ashame it comes at the cost of free speech tho’ :/

  5. I use provitamina e cream from johnsons – its hydrating and….. gives a very light beautiful tan/glow to your skin which gives evening out of skin tone- all natural ingredients the tan is given by vitamins. I will NEVER stop using this product. I have combo skin and I do use a light slather bc it is very hydrating but my skin is so clear and I have never ever ever loved my skin before- I was pale and uneven with redness- never left the house w/o foundation-
    now im so ticked to see pretty skin when I remove my make-up- I never thought I would get there
    my point? lol, I put it on my lips too- they love the vitamins and the product evens out the skin tone all around my lips making them look a little more defined than they were before- I have undefined small lips.

    my face also LOVES boots#7 perfect& protect serum- plumps up my cheeks.


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