The ‘Safest’ Way to Lining Your Inner Rims

eyeliner on waterline safe

Is eyeliner on waterline safe?” That’s a question eyeliner lovers have been asking, and since “tightlining” is a makeup technique that’s gaining more and more popularity for everyday wear, I’m afraid this post is gonna be a bit of a bummer.

While eyeliners today have been tested for safety, and while technically applying eyeliner on waterlines are “safe”, it doesn’t exactly mean it’s good for your eyes.

Since the eyeliner is so close to your eye, potential bacteria, infection and other nasties may come about. But still, I know many absolutely love this look, so there are a few ways to keep it as clean, safe and hygienic as possible.

Save this ultra-glam look for special occasions. Ophthalmologists strongly advise against it, especially if you are sensitive to eye makeup, but if you really have to, don’t do it so often – hopefully, this will minimize the risk.

One ‘layer’ is enough. One layer of eyeliner is more than enough – don’t go over your inner rims with several layers of eyeliner. Going over your waterline with eyeliner will clog the glands, which could cause meibomitis, or irritate them, which could cause blepharitis – two things I deal with regularly, and I can tell ya – it ain’t fun!

Sharpen your eyeliner pencil each time. This mean you have a clean, new product each time so less risk.

Clean your pencil sharpener regularly. Clean/disinfect your sharpener at least once a week.

And of course, remove your eye makeup as soon as you get home. (Check out my picks for the best makeup removers.)

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  1. okay so u might know (or may not) but here in the sub continent women line their inner rims as part of daily routine with something called ‘surma’ or ‘kajal’ specially hashmi’s surma is very popular all over. its the deepest black organically produced pigment which women (aswell as men somtimes) put in their eyes to keep them from getting infection! the best part about it is that it doesnt bleed out like most eye pencils or cosmetically produced kajal does and safe to say is safe 😀 its originally made in pakistan but all the actresses from india and makeup artists import major amounts of it from here. you should probably try getting your hands on some! (i know lucky us )

    1. Thanks Maria for the link and info! 😀 I have heard of kajal, I think they should have it here; I’ll ask my indian friends about it! Come to think of it one of them always has really deep, dark eyeliner… I wonder if she is using them!?

  2. I tried this once. It makes my eyes look sooo small, and kinda like I’ve been crying. Not a good look for me.

  3. I wish I could use eyeliner 🙁 My eyes just look tiny it always smudges everywhere.
    Although I did used to do it all the time in high school, and I did have a tendency to get eye ulcers back then, but I thought it was from misuse of my contacts? Of course I haven’t had a problem since I quit lining my eyes, so maybe…?

    1. Oh dear! Eye ulcers?! That sounds horrible 🙁 What about regular eyeliner, are your eyes OK with that? I were contacts too and it is absolutely vital you clean them properly so it could be that. A friend of mine got some nasty bad infections from misusing her contacts… yikes!

  4. I really like this look… and white eyeliner too. Sometimes it does make my eyes itch and stuff. i just leave lining the inner rims for some big event…

  5. I line my inner rims each day ! I just love how it looks so i don’t think I’ll stop :/ But I do sharpen my pencil each time :p

    1. And it does look good ’cause you have big beautiful eyes! 😀 Girls like me with smaller eyes, it might not suit so much. Good job that you are sharpening the pencil each time, though; very important 😀

  6. I only line my waterline sometimes but that’s it. I love how it looks when you line your inner rims but I already have small eyes and that makes them look even smaller, so I avoid it.

    1. Yup, white liner in the inner rims has the opposite effect of black eyeliner – makes eyes look bigger! I tried it once but I think I did it all wrong so it looked SO bad, haha. 😀

  7. I don’t line my inner rims with black since it makes my eyes look smaller. I do use white or fleshy tones to make my eyes appear brighter, though.

    1. Yup, that’s a good trick for bigger eyes as well. I tried to get a flesh colored one but I couldn’t seem to find anywhere that sold that kinda color :S

  8. Not anymore!!! I used to line but just like u said, it makes the eyes look smaller, it works on people with big eyes for sure!
    Then I find out that the best for me would be a beige eyeliner, so it would open up my eyes!! I bought one and since then it´s what i use! Specially if im wearing dark eyeshadows, I line my immer rims( i didnt that´s was the name in english LOL, now i do) with the beige or nude eyeliner. People always say to use white eyeliner if u have small eyes, but the white makes u look crazy, so i prefer the nude ones. It really helps!!

    1. No problem, now you know 😀

      I have to agree with you that white sometimes makes you look crazy, especially with those with darker skintones… a beige/flesh color is better. Which brand makes beige liners, which one do you use, Deb? I’ve been looking but haven’t found one…!

      1. Ohh i wear a brasilian brand called Contém 1g (Contains 1g)!! I dont think they sell around the world though =/ !! But I guess M.A.C does, doesnt???

    1. Same :/ More sharp, squinty, generally much smaller. I use to do this in highschool and when I look back in photos it makes my eyes look so small, so my nose and mouth look extra BIG and in your face. Haha, not a good look!

    1. All you have to do is practice. Try to get a day when you’re not doing anything and just go for it. lifting your eyebrow with your finger helps sometimes, too. Personally, I lift my eyebrow, use a light hand, and “aim” more for my lashes. 🙂 Hope this helps.

  9. I do this every day! I didn’t realise how bad it is for you, although I do try my best to be hygienic with my make-up products.

  10. ooof. i love it! but i rarely do it because i feel like my eyes tear up and get yellow/stained fast.
    i guess i have good and bad points/experiences with this, anddd i have a question for you.

    alright good: So i tried the Himalaya Kajol. it. is. amazing. YES it kinda smudges but it doesnt smudge a lot if you don’t touch it. if you only tightline under and above and don’t go over your water line, then it later on smudges onto your water line but it looks good. i was using it everyday during the first week and honest to God, it felt so nice Renee! it was COOLING and my mom told me my eyes looked whiter because of its herbal properties. i once fell asleep with it. and my eyes never teared up once, my eyes always do with other brands.i’d been waiting to tell you about this when i tried it like 4 or 5 months ago but i forgot, and we hadnt heard from you so yeah :/

    the bad part: so after a week or so it started to stain my eyes like every other eyeliner sigh. so i thought “okay probably because its the old fashioned one, its a huge lump so it’s not a pencil i can sharpen n clean.” so i took tissue n wiped an entire layer off. but it wasnt the same T_T and its not like i can just buy a new one and throw it away after a week or two. so i haven’t used it since (but thats also bcoz i have no friends where i’ve moved to so there’s no occasion for it.) idk what went wrong. maybe my eyes were just being fussy or it got too warm in my handbag? – if that even affects it? idk.
    i really really really suggest you try it though.theyre pretty cheap i think. himalaya products arent too expensive. hopefully its as soothing as it was for me.

    Question: Removing eye make up.
    when it comes to eyeline on the water line, i tend to wash my hands and then with my finger i drag the line onto my skin, away from the inner water line. then i moisturise and wash it off. BUT in the past i used to rub my eyes so ive got slight wrinkles above and below my eyes T_T i have no idea what to do. a friend of mine (the one who told me about castor, almond and snake oil) said she started using Vitamin C oil to get rid of marks and wrinkles and it helps but…im not sure? do u know of anything that helps soothe away tiny wrinkles?
    p.s. sorry for my always long boring posts lol

    1. Oh wow – I hear tons of good things about kajal and I know the many benefits they say they have. I’m afraid I have no experience with kajal liners so I am not sure what could’ve gone wrong… my only guess that since it’s a “natural” product (you mentioned herbs and stuff), it might’ve gotten bad? And yes, I think heat in these instances definitely make products go bad, especially if they are natural.

      Ah yes – rubbing your eyes a lot will cause that! Unfortunately wrinkles are really hard to get rid of (just take a look at the anti-aging beauty industry right now!). The only thing I know for sure that has been proven to fight wrinkles is Retinol (Vitamin A), and what it does is that it “exfoliates” your skin, stripping it layer by layer (extremely slowly of course) so the wrinkles slowly disappear. Vitamin C also does work because it too exfoliates, but I don’t think it’s as “strong” as Retinol, so results may not be as great.

      What I recommend is finding an eye cream specially for the eye area that has either Retinol or Vitamin C as an ingredient… would you like me to do a post on that? Oh, and stop rubbing your eyes! 🙂

      And no worries, your posts are never boring! I enjoy talking with you. 🙂

  11. I tight line the upper and lower corners of my eyes every morning, and by the end of the day, most of the eyeliner ends up on my lash line and off the waterline anyway. However, I LOVE the effect it has and I hardly ever leave the house without tight lining! Sometimes my eyes tear up, but it is usually fine. I only sharpen my pencil once every two weeks or so, and I rarely clean my sharpener (but I should probably start!!). I have not had any problems so far. My favorite two pencils are: NYC Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil, and Too Faced Perfect Eyes Waterproof Eyeliner.

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