I’m very humbled that people are interested in my blog, here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions…

Where are you from?
I don’t normally say where I live on my blog, as my content and audience is completely international – the tips, advice, etc, are universal, and products featured are readily available online with worldwide shipping. But if you really want to know, I am based in Singapore.

Why did you change the blog name from “Beauty Fool”?
I didn’t change it per say, more like I came back! I started Blog for Beauty in 2006, and then changed it to Beauty Fool from the years 2008-2013. I grew to hate it – especially the word “fool” – and came back to this domain. Sorry for the confusion – so annoying, I know.

How come you’re not on social media?
I am! Just not that much. There’s a Facebook page and a Pinterest page for the blog.

How do you know all of this info?
Most of it was through self-learning, and what you see on this blog is a collection of knowledge I already have. I started getting into beauty after my best friend introduced me to Bobbi Brown’s beauty books at 14 years old… we were obsessed. In the years after I read countless makeup & beauty books, experimented on myself and friends, learnt from fellow beauty-crazy friends and family, and also working as a beauty editor/writer and then of course, makeup school. I still research and read everything beauty-related, so the learning never really stops!

What does ___ mean?
You can find it out in my Beauty Glossary A-Z!

Can I send my makeup & beauty questions to you?
Absolutely! You can find out how to contact me here. You might also be asked if I may include your question and make a blog post out of it. (But you can always remain anonymous if you wish.)

How do I become a beauty editor?
It’s been awhile since I’ve been in publishing, but I would say the easiest and best way is to start with an internship, and then once there, work really hard and hopefully get a job there. Another option is to connect with the beauty editor of the publication, and ask for job opportunities – whether an internship or to be an assistant. But internship is always the way to go. Also look out for job posting, etc. Just get your foot in the door somehow into the publication, and then you can work your way into the beauty department!

How do I become a makeup artist?
Makeup is easier – you can go to school, or you can self-learn. A lot of the top working makeup artists today do not have professionally training. My opinion? I did both – I’ve been self learning and doing makeup on any face I could get my hands on since I was 15 years old, and then I went to makeup school. But I think the best way to get a hand into the industry is to start by assisting another makeup artist, or go straight and get a job at a counter or salon to start off with. Learn as much as you can, network, start social media accounts for our work and just spread the word about your makeup service. Makeup is all about word of mouth.

What makeup school did you go to?
I went to Make Up For Ever Academy. Before makeup school, I went to university and did communications (mainly journalism), so my background is in writing.

Do you accept guest posts?
Sure, if you’re a genuine reader with something to share – you’ll see my best friends contributing posts now and again. But if you’re a company just working to get backlinks, then sorry, I do not accept guest posts.

I want to start a beauty blog, any tips?
How fun! Yes I do – my tips for beauty blogging can be found here.

What’s your policy of working with brands?
I do work with them sometimes, but not as much as people, think to be honest. My blog and the work I do here is 100% independent and everything you see here is because I wanted to write about it and I was interested to test it out. That being said, I do accept samples from brands and PR reps once in awhile, with the understanding that it is for consideration only.

How do you choose what will be reviewed?
It’s quite simple… I just choose products that I like and are interested in, what I think my readers will be interested in, and also what’s hyped up or new from my favorite brands.

How do you make a living writing a beauty blog?
With blogging it’s a variety of income streams. It can be through ads – direct advertising or ad programs such as Google Adsense – affiliate marketing, sales of my e-book, makeup artist gigs, sponsored posts, etc.