First Impression: Sephora!

Greetings from Milan, Italy!

After eagerly hearing and constantly reading online about Sephora, “the” beauty store of the world, I finally spotted one here in Milan.

It was like it was meant to be: we were all settling down for lunch in this cute little cafe in the middle of Milan’s famous shopping district (unfortunately the name escapes me) and I look up – and spot Sephora right across the street from us! You can bet that was my first place to go after our lunch.

We don’t have a Sephora in Singapore (yet?), so this was a real treat – my very first trip to Sephora! The first of many, I am assuming. I could only take a quick look, but I was in heaven: there were so many beauty goodies (brands) I do not have access to in Singapore. The fun packaging, the loud colors, that beautiful black and white striped bag… Sephora is truly the beauty addict’s playground!

I love everything about it, and the thing that caught my eye the most this time round was Too Faced. I wish I had jotted down notes – proper notes on the brands I thought were awesome and products worthy of checking out. But I was in and out so quick. I will be back soon!

This has spurred up so much excitement from me, beauty wise, so I reckon my little beauty blogging break (blame school) is over. I wanna start getting into it again! Maybe after summer?

Stay tuned…

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