So Underrated: Floxia Disco Hyperpigmentation Skin Discoloration

floxia disco hyperpigmentation creamHow refreshing that a skincare product with ridiculous claims actually work.

(And really, is it any surprise that it’s a French Pharmacy brand? I am seriously loving their stuff!)

After trying out many “fade out” creams for those annoying post-blemish reddish marks (that don’t seem to go away after a full 3 months – very annoying!) and none of them working, I had to go to Plan B and ask my doctor for help.

I was at my GP for another reason, but I decided to bring up the topic and she gave me a tube of Floxia Disco Hyper pigmentation Skin Discoloration Fade Emulsion, which they claim “helps to fight dark spots, unify skin tone, protect from persistent skin darkening and repair cells for better resistance against UV rays.”

I had not been as diligent in application in the beginning and only applied it once every few days, but this week I’ve been good and been applying it like its directions say, twice a day.

And guess what? It’s actually working!

I’d say a good 80% of the marks are gone – I’m amazed, to say the least. It’s quite a small tube and I got it for S$50, but I say it’s worth every penny.

Have you tried Floxia’s Disco Hyperpigmention Cream yet? What do you think of it?

It’s a bit hard to find, but a great “dupe” would be the Clinique Even Better Dark Spot Corrector. I used this for a post-acne mark that just wouldn’t come off, and it took about 3 months, but it worked beautifully – the mark is completely gone now.

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  1. Hmm… I have some red acne marks, and I want to try this product. However, I live in Canada (Van, BC), wondering where I could get this? Online? :S

  2. Tessellate, I tried looking online but found nothing, how strange! So I will write to them now and get back to you. 🙂

  3. Hey Tessellatte,

    They wrote back saying that they focus on doctor’s market and do not sell online, so you can try asking your doctor?

  4. I’ve been using it month once aday 4 dark spots but no result,I bought it from middeleast for 70$ I will try to put it twice

    1. Hey Phan, I got mine at my doctor’s office so I believe they might sell it at pharmacies/clinics. Not too sure if they are sold in ‘normal’ shops yet, at least I haven’t come across it yet! Maybe you can ask our doctor?

  5. Wanna join in. My doctor gave this to me and i bought it for only $40 for 40ml. I apply it twice a day. It works! Amazing!

    1. Who’s your doctor? $40.00 in which currency? HK or US dollars?
      Pls let me know. I would very much like to buy some.

  6. Hi, I live in Hong Kong. I would like to try the Floxia Disco Hyper pigmentation Skin Discoloration Fade Emulsion. I couldn’t buy the product from my skin doctor. Would you pls buy one for me and mail that to me?

  7. Hi Eva, I live in Hong Kong as well and would like to try the Floxia Disco Hyper pigmentation Skin Discoloration Fade Emulsion yet cannot find this over here. Any possibility that you could buy one and send to me?

  8. Hi Eva, I live in Hong Kong too. And also want to buy the Floxia Disco Hyper pigmentation Skin Discoloration Fade Emulsion. Any possibility that you could buy one and send it to me? Connie

  9. Hello…..Eva, I live in Hong Kong too. I also want to try the Floxia Disco Skin Discoloration Fade Emulsion. Can you help me to buy and send to me? Many thanks! Nancy…..

  10. In Singapore, u can get in NUH pharmacy, behind the cashier counter, slightly costly compare to getting from clinic. I got mine in Ang Mo Kio, a clinic few blocks away from Jubilee. It does fade some of the pigmentation but not aged spot. You have to apply according to instruction otherwise it takes longer.

  11. I am from Singapore. My face is suffering from two huge patches of scar wound. Thanks to lousy China beautician who claimed that they can remove tiny little few dark spots but ended up worsening it into two huge patches of dark scar on my face (both around 2 inches in diameter). It’s nightmare, and I spent near S$15K for it. I tried pressing them for a firm answer on whether they could cure from face from their mistake but they couldn’t provide me with a firm answer. After various suggestions from friends, I visited National Skin Centre and the doctor prescribed me with Floxia. Supposed to use it for 3 months, it’s one month now and my skin has lighten soooo much that I could visit the mall without make up and nobody will stare at me and wonder what went wrong with my face. I am looking forward to the end of third month for my face to return back to it’s original flawless condition.

  12. Hello my name is Martha and I need to buy one floxia where can I find it????
    can you guys let me know please, I found this cream in mexico one of my friends
    gave me some and I really liked it !!!!!!!!! she also told me that some one gave her a sample
    she doesn’t know where to get it either :((

  13. i live in st.charles, MO USA and i heard about your product. i would like to try to get it,but i don’t know where from. would you please help me?

  14. I have just started
    Floxia hyperpigmentation cream for about a week. My face is quite dry as a result of applying twice a day as recommended.
    So, I try to apply hydration mask every alternate day if possible. I was wondering whether I should apply sun block on top of this Floxia cream? Since most of my pigments are due to UV exposure, I still continue with the sunblock. Hope this ok.

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