First Look: Niche Luxury Perfumes with Fragrance Du Bois

Fragrance Du Bois Singapore

Regular readers, or anyone who knows me, will know that I am quite the perfume fanatic. It’s probably my favorite of all the beauty things (well, other than my profession in makeup, of course!).

Perfume to me is more than just a scent – they are capsules, “memory albums” if you will; of feelings, stories, experiences. One thing I love when meeting people – after finding out their name, where they are from, etc – is to always ask what scent they are wearing, if I can detect one (… seriously! It’s my favorite thing to know about someone). I even like to do a “personality read” with them, because I feel scent tells you a lot about yourself, and it’s always so much fun learning about someone through their choice of scent.

Introducing… Fragrance Du Bois in Singapore

So it’s no surprise; that while there are a lot of great mainstream scents out there, I am definitely more a fan of niche perfumes; and was so excited when I was invited to check out Fragrance Du Bois at Fullerton Hotel, a French fragrance house who specializes in oud fragrances.

Oud, put very simply, is mostly known as “agarwood” and is the most expensive wood in the world. Fragrance Du Bois prides itself in having the most ethical and sustainable source of 100% pure out oil in their fragrances, which not only includes a vast selection of scents to choose from, but also bespoke fragrances.

I tried all of Fragrance Du Bois’ offerings, and while I am more of a fan of lighter scents, I can appreciate the rich, deeper, more intense fragrances of the lot. Though my personal favorites, and one I would recommend to check out, would have to be London Oud, a scent I can only say that successfully captures the crisp, yet damp, creative energy I feel every morning in London. (I simply adore London by the way, so I cannot resist this scent and think this is the next one on my list). Other scents I enjoyed: Oud Jaune Intense, a “happy” uplifting scent and Rose Oud, a feminine, woody scent.

Fragrance Du Bois Singapore

More than just a fragrance – an experience

As mentioned, Fragrance Du Bois has bespoke services, and I tried the “semi bespoke”, which meant that the house has special “pre” mixes of some of their fragrances.

In the end I chose Rose Oud with a mix of “calone”, which made the woody-rose scent lighter and more refreshing (sea breeze kinda refreshing). What I was left with was a touch of the original Rose Oud, in all it’s floral oud intensity, but slightly more refreshing and even had a hint of powdery finish, which made the scent have an innocent, closeness to the skin that I love with my fragrances. The scent is absolutely lovely and undeniable luxurious, and I will cherish my 30ml bottle, because, as you can imagine, Fragrance Du Bois does not come cheap. But if you have the love (and let’s face it – the budget) for a niche luxury scent, and something very, very special, definitely check out Fragrance Du Bois, and even their semi-bespoke service, which I think houses some true gems.

It was such a pleasurable experience that, this Valentine’s Day, if you are looking for something extra special, I’d say skip just buying a scent and instead, bring your loved one to the store and make it an experience of testing and selecting a scent. (And oh yes – spritz the perfume you have chosen right away after your purchase, so in the future that scent will bring back memories of your experience.) Make an afternoon – adventure! – out of selecting your Fragrance Du Bois scent, and I am sure it will be a Valentine’s Day your partner will not forget.

Fragrance Du Bois is at #01-07 Fullerton Hotel, 1 Fullerton Square, Singapore 049178.


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