(French) Girl, Interrupted

I’m still buzzing over visiting Paris, you guys.

So let’s talk more French beauty – specifically “French girl beauty”, an aesthetic I have loved and feel has influenced my beauty choices the most.

One of the criticisms of “French girl beauty” today is the idea that it’s only one type of French woman: the rich, white, skinny kind, who lives in Paris and works in fashion.

But from what I saw and experienced in Paris, this couldn’t be further of the truth. I saw all types of women, all ages, all races, all walks of life, that looked so different, but still had that attitude, that je ne sais quoi quality about her that translated into her beauty and fashion sense.

Girlhood French movie
Image: Tribeca.com

To me, French beauty is not confined to one type of woman. French beauty is all about looking natural, effortless and you. It’s that spirit of inner confidence, acceptance of your flaws, and a beauty philosophy of just making the best of what you’ve got. (And no, you don’t need to be French either!) That being said, I think the critisms of what French girl beauty is totally valid – and it’s that way because that “stereotype” is only what is shown (and celebrated) in the media today.

And that’s why I am so excited for Girlhood, a French film by Celine Sciamma (who has been killing recently with her other hit, Tomboy, which I also loved).

The screenshot above are of the actresses in the movie, and when I saw that image, I was SO impressed. These girls look pretty, chic and best of all, they look like themselves. There is certainly makeup, hair and creative expression (I love that nose ring!), but it still has that quintessential French girl beauty look – that look of being confident, natural and effortlessly beautiful. (Just as this French model also says.)

I hope that this film, which is already getting critical acclaim, will be so popular that others will follow suit – and make everyone, especially the media, realize that “French girl beauty” is not actually a woman, but a beauty philosophy and way of thinking that any girl can adopt.

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