Perfume, Like A French Girl

french girl perfume rulesMy first beauty love, as far I can tell, has always been perfume. My mother only wore perfume when going out on dates with my dad at night, so I always thought perfume was a part of “romance”.

And when I think of perfume today, I think of the French. (And especially so since I just visited Paris for the first time!)

As the saying goes, “French women know one can go far with a great haircut, a bottle of champagne and a divine perfume”, and so, since we last learned about French beauty secrets by a French model, here are my French girl-inspired perfume “rules”…

Know the real reason why you’re wearing it. To me, perfume expresses who you are without the other person seeing it (like in your fashion choices) or even hearing it (like the way you speak)… it’s an invisible accessory; a glimpse into your personality – after all, the scent you choose tells a lot about yourself. I believe perfume is an amazing thing, that magical “invisible” accessory.

Know where to apply it. Coco Chanel herself probably gave one of the best perfume quotes: “Apply perfume where you want to be kissed.”

Do not wear the same perfume as your mother. Back when our mothers were young, in the 80s, most French perfumes (actually all of them, really) were very strong; definitely not like the stuff today. Today, those scents will probably instead repel people!

Keep it mysterious. I once read that French girls never reveal their perfume. I say good call, because even though a perfume will smell different on you and another friend, it’s still so personal. Perfume should be about getting one that describes you, not to copy someone else – plus, what might work on you might not work on someone else!

Lastly, never leave home without it. For me, perfume “completes” my outfit, and since I’ve been wearing them for years and years, I cannot leave the house without it. In fact, if I leave the house without perfume I feel strangely naked, and neither does the French girl.

P.S. The next step is to find a great perfume! Check out Top 10 Best French Perfumes for Women.

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