A First Look At French Beauty

Greetings from Paris!

I’m finally here – I’ve been wanting visit Paris for a very, very long time (I’ve been as a kid, but that doesn’t count, does it?) and it’s everything I imagined it to be.

Paris is absolutely beautiful, romantic and magical. I also love how I can actually hear, read and practice French on a daily basis, a language I adore and have studied since I was 10.

But let’s talk beauty.

After seeing countless articles on French pharmacy products (like from this French Supermodel), I can finally add my own thoughts on French beauty! The French pharmacies in Paris are easily recognizable by their green cross popping out at the side of the wall, and when I saw it for the first time, I was all, Ahh! Let’s go!

While I have used and do use a few of these “cult” products thanks to my love (obsession?) with online shopping, there’s nothing like seeing the real thing, experiencing it for yourself.

Plus, I had to go – pharmacies and drugstores have always been a refuge of mine, especially overseas. I remember the first time feeling really homesick: I was 17 years old and was walking around in Milan close to tears when I popped into a small, tucked-away drugstore.

Something about it felt so cozy, so normal, like something I’d be doing back home on a night like that, and it was somehow comforting.

And I gotta say, that even in a “normal” place like the drugstore, the French Pharmacy still has that effortless chic stamp all over it. The simplest of products look so glamorous – you’re really getting some luxury at great prices. Some of my observations of the French Pharmacy:

  • The brands we know and love such as Bioderma, Vichy and La Roche-Posay seem to be the main (and most popular) brands, and each brand have probably close to 10 times more products that we see in Singapore. For example, some of these brands – which I had always thought were skincare lines – had makeup lines as well.
  • Bioderma seems to be the “it” brand. Bioderma seemed to be the focus point of every drugstore I went into… which was good for me because I am really growing to love the brand.
  • Nuxe and Caudalie seems to be the brand that were promoted the most; anytime I would ask for help, I was always pointed to them. (They looked good, but my thought is that we have these brands in Singapore, so I was looking for more unknown French brands instead.)
  • Other brands that were new to me and looked interesting were Ducray, Embroylisse, Uriage and Roger + Gallet, which looked like the French version of Crabtree & Evelyn.

So what did I end up getting? Check out My French Pharmacy Haul!

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