Georgia Jagger Makeup and Beauty Tips

Well, it’s official: get yourself a rockstar dad and a supermodel mom and you will win the genetic lottery. (Just ask Liv Tyler!) And now, there’s a new up and coming supermodel who I find absolutely stunning: Georgia Jagger.

(And is it just me or is she sporting the pastel-colored hair trend in this picture? Loves it!)

Georgia Jagger is the daughter of The Rolling Stone’s frontman Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall, and she caught my eye in a magazine – I just love her unique beauty. And those lips! She spilled some of her beauty and makeup secrets to Cleo Australia and I had to share – she’s not only beautiful but she’s got some sound advice.

Firstly, she shares what it’s like being a model (she’s a model for Hudson Jeans, Versace and Rimmel): “I’ve never really thought about being a role model – I’m still coming to terms with all that has happened work-wise. I’m glad that I can represent a sort of goofy imperfection.” And what was the one modeling tip her mom and sister, fellow model Elizabeth Jagger, gave her? “They told me to moisturize!”

And though Georgia is a veteran at red lips, (when asked what her all time favorite product is, she says, “lipstick, as long as it’s red”), she still has some makeup mishaps: “I’ve learnt how to smudge my eye makeup, but I still can’t put on fake eyelashes without them ending up on my forehead!”

Still, Georgia knows that at her young age (she’s 18!) less is more to show your real beauty. “I think if you wear too much makeup when you’re a young girl, it can make you look overdone.” So how does she get ready on a night out? “I start with clothes because I spend so little time on my makeup and usually end up doing it in the car.” And what about her all time beauty staples, other than red lipstick? “Liquid eyeliner and smudgy pencils. Oh, and Vivienne Westwood perfumes.”

What I really loved about the article is her sound beauty advice – like Marilyn Monroe who believes “imperfection is beauty”, so does Georgia: “I’m not stick thin or really tall and my teeth is a bit messed up, but I think that’s OK. I don’t want to be perfect, it’s impossible. I love it when girls are happy in their own skin. They look great no matter what shape – even if they have a wonky nose. You have to make the best of what you’ve got, right?” Amen! She sure is wise for a 18 year old, no? Beauty and brains – something to celebrate, for sure.

What do you think of this supermodel in the making? Isn’t she gorgeous?! 🙂 She does red lips perfectly, so I had to add this picture of her in a recent beauty tip of the week post!

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  1. I think she’s beautiful BUT it’s too easy to talk about imperfections and being “ok” with them when you look like that! I don’t know why but when pretty people talk about not feeling good or having “these imperfections”…I glance the other way and do a “whatevs” shoulder shrug. She is unconventional in the sense that, she’s not a classic beauty w/ that crisp, meticulous and elegant-put together look. I like her style it’s carefree, a bit wild, mis-match and colorful like her father!
    Thing is…I feel she resembles or somewhat favors Lara Stone..??
    Is that just me..?
    Anyway…I want more variety with these models…they kind of start to look all the same…
    I just feel that more Asian, African, Native American…etc models don’t get enough shine but that’s for another conversation.

    Here’s an article on her again on this site:

    1. Agree about “it’s too easy to talk about imperfections and being “ok” with them when you look like that!” From the picture, she looked really model-thin, so it’s kind of like, “of course, she is comfortable in her own skin looking like that.” *shrugs*

      1. But everyone feels insecure about something, right? Just ’cause someone is a model doesn’t mean she doesn’t have insecurities or has had feelings of not being ‘enough’, I think it’s just natural for everyone, beautiful or not. 😀 I know where you guys are coming from, though; I’m sure I’ve asked the same in the past, but at the end of the day, everyone is human and no one is excluded from feeling insecure! But hey, if a young girl with “messed up teeth” is really insecure about it but looks at Georgia and sees that she can be successful, unique and just as beautiful with her teeth, then quotes like this makes it all worth it, no? 😉

  2. I read an interview recently in a magazine with Georgia and her mother, they’re both very pretty. And she does have her fathers mouth 😛 I<3 Rolling Stones, but Georgia's very pretty and she's the new face for Natio sunscreen with her mother 🙂

  3. i love her 🙂 kinda jealous of her hair though….i agree she is a total brigitte bardot/lara stone look a like

    1. I love that winged liquid liner and her little pink streak! Great beauty sense, I agree. And yeah, that quote is really great, was the main reason I wanted to share this! 🙂

  4. Wow, so glad I got to learn about this person! It’s so refreshing to read about someone being so happy with their flaws. She’s very beautiful, totally someone I would love to draw fashion/beauty inspiration from, and I think the teeth are sooo cute!

    1. It is, isn’t it? I love her teeth too, even though they are not ‘perfect’. Looking perfect head to toe is so boring anyway, yawn. 😛 Imperfections are beautiful to me! 🙂

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