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Guardian Helps You Say “Bye Bye” To Under Eye Concerns

guardian eye masks singapore

Beauty products with cute animals on them – is there anything better?!

I’ve been trying these cute little Guardian eye masks the past few weeks, and the whole act of actually applying an under eye mask has really surprised me – don’t let the cutesy packaging throw you off, they do pack quite the punch!

Here’s what they say about each one:

  • ‘Panda Eyes’ Cocoa Brightening Mask: Helps recharge your eye contour area with refreshing radiance. Added with multiple moisturizing essences derived from Hyaluronate and Olive Oil, your eyes regain charming glow.
  • ‘Tired Eyes’ Firming Eye Mask: Pampers your eyes with mild and delicate care, it helps better firming and smoothness for skin around the eyes… Your eye contour area regains resilience and firmness.
  • ‘Puffy Eyes’ Moisturizing Eye Mask: Helps recharge your eye contour area with supply hydration. It helps smooth out fine lines for a silky touch. Added with Pomegranate essence, your eyes regains the beautiful and healthy energy.”

While I didn’t expect to see any results from Bye Bye Panda Eyes (you know my thoughts on this in my post, How to: Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes) and Bye Bye Puffy Eyes, I was pleasantly surprised that my under eye area did look a tad brighter, and perhaps even a bit more taunt than usual.

Bye Bye Tired Eyes, however, is my favorite of the bunch. You know how people put cucumber slices on their eyes to cool it off? This is the same, plus soothing Aloe Vera and pomegranate for added smoothness and moisture. You apply the eye mask to your under eye area, sit back, relax for about 10-15 minutes, and the result is a fresher, more plumped, brighter under-eye appearance – something that even the best concealer can’t do most of the time.

Overall, not bad at all, Guardian – in fact, quite impressive. What I like the best though, is that these little eye masks come with a 100% money back guarantee. If that’s not confidence it’ll work, I don’t know what is.


Great idea and very cute packaging. I want all of them!




So cute! Will look in Guardian. What is the brand name?


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