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HD Powder Mishaps: How to Avoid (& Fix) It

HD powder mishap Angelina JolieRecently I got a question on how to avoid the dreaded flashback that can result from using HD translucent powders, especially the popular Make Up For Ever HD Powder.

The powder – which is so fine you can’t see it on the skin – contains the ingredient silica, which reflects light, so with camera flashes you can get some pretty unfortunate photos.

  • Don’t use a loose powder that contains silica. Go for talc instead. (However, when used correctly this HD powder is SO good, so I know many don’t want to not use it, so keep reading.)
  • Use very little product. What I do is I apply it with a big fluffy kabuki brush and hit the brush against the back of my hand so excess powder will fall off. So much so, it looks like my brush has no product on it (but trust me, it’s there!) Next, I apply it in circular motions all over the face; going over the same areas several times, “buffing” as much as I can.
  • Test it out first. Unsure? Always test and see how it looks by taking a photo with a flash on your cell phone.
  • If you’ve used too much powder… take a clean big fluffy brush (emphasis on clean – there must be NO product on it) and keep going over the area to try to diffuse and remove the powder, sweeping away the brush from your face.

Really, the only reason why these HD powder mishaps happen is because they used way too much product – so just don’t use too much!

About the Author: Hi, I’m Renee, a makeup artist and person behind this blog! Blog for Beauty is an online resource for makeup & beauty tips, advice and reviews created with beginners & newbies in mind to to help you enhance your natural beauty so you look – and feel – great.

Ailyn Koay

so Jolie should have fired her makeup artist?


Tough to say, it was probably too late, but I reckon she probably didn’t hire her again. Although this photo (and the other HD powder mishaps on the red carpet) were a few years ago – probably around when the product first gained popularity/came out, so maybe they didn’t know about the light-reflecting thing yet. I’m sure everyone gets it now… although Miley Cyrus had a small mishap somewhat recently!


Wow, I never seen that photo before! That’s crazy! Cheers for the tips! X


Crazy huh? And you can only see that in photos! And no worries!

Candice Petersen

Oh wow thats insane



I know right?!


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