How to: Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape

I never realised the importance of blush until, of course, I started using it regularly.

(And going to makeup school and learning just how important it is, of course. It’s really quite incredible!)

blush according to your face shape
Image: NARS

Blush brightens your complexion and “wakes up” the face (when you use the right blush color for your skin tone, of course), creating such a glow that you really don’t even need any more makeup.

Why according to your face shape?

The traditional way of applying blush – just swiped across the cheeks – are definitely still valid, but for me, makeup is all about enhancing your natural beauty, and finding what really looks great and suits you.

Customizing blush to colors that suit your skin tone is super important, so I don’t see why applying blush according to your face shape is any less important to make you look your absolute best.

Because the truth is, blush can look bad – sometimes downright scary – when done badly, and I want you to get the absolute best out of your blush.

How to Apply Blush for Your Face Shape

Before I go on about how to apply blush according to your face shape, it’s vital you know what your face shape actually is. Check out my post how to find your face shape (it may actually surprise you).

how to apply blush for your face shape

Got your face shape? Great, let’s begin!

Oval face shapes

Oval face shapes are considered the ideal face shape since their width and length are about the same.

Lucky you!

You can apply blush anyway you like, but the most flattering is to go with your natural cheekbones.

Start applying your blush from the mid-point of the apple of your cheeks, and sweep upwards towards your temples.

Think of it like the Nike “swoosh” logo… that’s pretty much it.

Round face shapes

The goal is to give some definition and structure to your face shape, and you can do that by following your cheekbones.

Some girls with round face shapes don’t think they have cheekbones, but they most definitely do!

Suck in your cheeks as much as you can and follow that line – you add in the definition by applying your blush at a 45-degree angle.

(Check out How to: Contour and Highlight Your Cheekbones for more help; this makeup look will be amazing on you.)

Square face shapes

The goal here is to soften your jawline, and to do that, blush needs to look “doll-like”.

To do this, put on blush in small circles, focusing more on the apples of your cheeks. (The apple of your cheeks are the fleshy bits that stick out when you smile.) This gives the illusion of a more rounder, fuller face shape.

Heart face shapes

For heart face shapes, you may want to follow the instructions for square face shapes, but bring your blush slightly up towards your cheekbones.

Keep this very slight though – the focus should still be on the fleshy part of the apples of your cheeks.

Long face shapes

My fellow long-faces gals – our goal here is to create width, and you can balance out the length in your face by applying your blush across your cheeks in a horizontal direction.

This can sometimes look unnatural and harsh, so remember to blend. Blend a lot so the blush looks as natural as possible to avoid the “war paint” look.

Also, because applying blush in a horizontal way might look unnatural, it’s better not to use too bright blush colors. Opt for more contouring taupey-colors, light bronzers or why subtle peach colors.

My personal favorite is this one so far!

Whatever your face shape…

Keep your blush “high” on the face. This is a common blush mistake, and when you keep the blush high, you’ll see how much of a mistake it is.

Simply make sure your blush doesn’t go past your cheekbones; blush is meant to lift and give a beautiful flush and natural glow to the face, and applying it to low on the face gives the opposite effect: low, sunken and drags your face down.

To keep this in mind, a trick to do is to keep your blush brush at an angle towards the top of your ears, and always aim to “end” your brush stroke at the top of your ear.

Remember to keep it light

Just a word of caution, to always keep your blush light and natural.

There’s nothing worse than having too much blush on, like legendary makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury says, you don’t want to look like “Aunt Sally!”

And this is especially so when applying blush in line with your face shape – you don’t want it to look too obvious, to the point it might look like bad contouring.

If you overdo blush, simply take some scrunched up tissue paper and swirl it on top of your blush, it will pick up some of the product and diffuse the strong color.

Bottom Line

Have fun with your makeup! And know that when it comes to applying blush with your face shape, it’s all about balancing the structure out to give a pretty, flushed look.

Keep that in mind while applying blush.

Also, if you’re new to blush, check out my e-book, Makeup for Beginners, where I have a huge chapter on everything you’ll need to know about blush – colors to suit your skin tone, face shape (it’s more in-depth than this post), application tips and product recommendations.

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  1. good effort for scanning it and show us 😀 this morning i was still thinking about how to apply blusher nicely, and this def has helped me now

  2. Glad to help! I don’t even know what I do – but I think I apply blush like what they said for the Round face shape, even though I have a long face! Guess I should change 😛

  3. Great Tips!

    I always concentrate my color more on the temples and apply according to my cheek shape. not so much on the apples.

  4. These are great tips! Thanks for the scans. I have a square face and I believe their tip is right. My jaws a little angular and I have very strong features so I use feminine, pink blush. No contouring or bronzer for me! Only pinky blushes 🙂

  5. This is great. I like peach colors, gives a very feminine, soft look to you.

    My tips are if you have a strong face, use pinks, if you have a very round soft baby face, anything but pink will look good, like peaches, bronzers, browns and mauves.

  6. That’s interesting, I have often thought that just the traditional “apples of cheeks” method didn’t look right on me, so I adapted it to carry on towards my temples (I more or less have the oval shape), and now I know that was right 🙂 Go me 😀
    Great post

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