How to: Find Your Perfect Blush Color For Your Skintone

I’ve always been a bit scared of blush.

How do you apply it so you don’t look like a clown? Do we really need it?

For years, I had been doing my makeup and opting for bronzers and contouring my cheekbones rather than blush, but ever since makeup school and trying it out myself… I can safely say that blush really makes a difference.

A huge difference, especially for days you don’t necessarily want to wear makeup, but need a little perk-me-up.

So today I thought I’d write a super-quick guide to finding the perfect blush shade to suit your skin tone.

  • Fair skin: If you have yellow undertones, peachy blushes look amazing (this pinky-peach is my favorite); since it too is in the “warm” color family. Complexions with cool, bluish undertones look best in soft pinks.
  • Medium skin: Use a deep golden pink shade for a subtle day look and pump it with a vibrant rose gold or apricot blush for night.
  • Dark skin: You need colors that will pop against your skin, so look out for plum colors… and if you dare, bright fuchsia would look great.

What blush colors do you use for your skin tone? Now that you’ve found the perfect blush color for your skin tone, check out How to… Apply Blush According to Your Face Shape.

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  1. Hi Renee! I don’t have too many blushes. I have Nars Orgasm and Luster! They’re both great and last on my skin. Luster is a neutral/brownish color, gorgeous. I have 2 mac ones, one is called “personal style” and it was a limited edition BUT the color is neutral/brown but perfect for fair skin tones, I use it to contour my cheeks and it’s very subtle, the problem is the color payoff, it’s not that great, you have to pack on the brush to get some color. And I have Mac Dainty which I don’t recomend, it’s too pink and doesnt last on my skin. Even though Nars Orgasm is quite pink/peachy too, I prefer much more!!!

    1. Reading the comments, I see NARS Orgasm really is No.1 hey!

      Why does MAC do LE so much?! Bums me out whenever something I like goes away so quick!

  2. I have different shades of blushes (cause I’m a beauty junkie?). But my favorites would be my peachy pink ones. I have a soft spot for them. Especially MAC Hipness (it’s limited edition). Another good one would be MAC Peachykeen. And there’s always NARS Orgasm. 🙂

    A yellow undertones pink shade would look amazing for us fair yellow undertones girls too. It adds a bit of a youthful flush.

    1. Ah! Peachykeen, I think I tried that one out recently! I bought MAC’s Sincere… I dont know how to explain it. It’s a peachy brown tawny color? I liked it in the shop and now I’m not sure… it’s looking too orange for me. I tried NARS Orgasm and loved it but it was a little too pink for me. Does NARS do a more peachy color? 🙂

  3. I have one blush and one blush only: NARS Orgasm! It’s the perfect peach-pink for my yellow fair-medium skin tone. Error-proof application can be achieved through these tools: MAC 187 or Shiseido’s Perfect Foundation Brush.

    1. I feel sad that I threw out my Orgasm now! It was like 3 years old so I think it went bad. I had only used it a couple of times because I just bought it cause, you know, it’s the famous one, and like I said I didn’t really use/or how to know blush! I miss it now. 🙁 Wanna wear it again! All I remember was that it was a tad too pink for me, though… but I still liked it!

  4. I have about 15 blushes maybe? My favourite’s are Nars Luster and Nars Deep Throat. I’m pale and love peachy/apricot colours but sometimes I GATTA GO for pink 🙂

    1. Wow Annie! 15? Do you use them on rotate? That’s so interesting. I’m sure you’ve tried them all – so which brand do you think makes the best blushes? 😉

  5. Have tried many different blushers over the years…
    but once i tried Nars – Orgasm, it is the ONLY blush I use.
    Never fails to give me a glow!
    (Am chinese with a slight tan)

  6. I’m scared to use blush, ha ha. I’m still trying to master eye makeup. Maybe someday though. I do have a few blushes … something by Nars and Smashbox. At least I’ll have something to use when I decide to give it a shot! (:

    Hey, Renee, do you have any tips on how to hide laugh lines? I get them within an hour of starting my day, and they’re there until I go to bed. Foundation doesn’t help much, either.

    1. I swear you’ll love it when you do! I don’t know how I went without it really. And don’t worry, it’s way more intimidating-looking than it looks! I always were scared of them for fear of looking like a clown, haha.

      Hmm laugh lines are a toughie… treat it as you would wrinkles, so do not put any powder near it (will bring out the lines more), keep it very well moisturized. You could opt for “wrinkle” erasing eye creams, although to be honest – they very rarely work. I think the only one that has been scientifically proven is Retin A or retinol, though very harsh so please ask your doctor about it!

  7. hi renee,

    this is such a cute post..i myself is guilty of owning more than 10 blushes and it sucks abandoning most of them :/

    burberry and becca are really great blushes… i have lessened my blush impulse buying ever since I’ve tried them xox

  8. You’re spot on. I have fair skin and have been using MAC’s Pink Swoon blush forever, it’s a nice pink with a bluish untertone, it’s gorgeous. Sometimes I also use Benefits Posie Tint lip and cheek stain which is beautiful and gives a very fresh, glowing look.

  9. I love bobbi brown’s coral 3! there is a hint of pink in there but it pulls peach on my very yellow skin. love the subtle shimmer so it looks glowy than shimmery.

  10. Hi renee,
    I have medium skin with cool undertones. I have light brown hair with blue green greyish eyes. I am 47 years old, and still a novice at makeup, I recently purchased Nars orgasm blush and think I like it. Several “experts” have told me different things> However, most suggest a blush in a pinkish brownish color. for instance Bobbi brown in Tawney or Mac in blushbaby blush. Also, lipstick in Bobbi Brown Pinkie Brown. Any suggestions?

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