How to: Fix A Bad Haircut

fix bad haircut

Oh dear, a bad haircut. Don’t panic.

No, I mean it – don’t panic. It CAN be fixed. Take it from someone who, believe me, has had many, many disastrous haircuts.

I’ve honestly tried so much haircuts and styles over the years, and thankfully, the past few years, my haircuts have been looking much better – only because I know better!

How to fix a bad haircut

Here are my tips (speaking from experience) on how to fix a bad haircut – please feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below!

Talk to them

Right after you’ve finished your session, politely go up to the hairdresser and explain why this is not what you asked for. Don’t be afraid to honestly tell them. (This is what I did after my disastrous digital perm.) But control yourself. No swearing. No cursing. Certainly no hairdryer-throwing. Treat your hairdresser how you would want to be treated in this situation; with respect and kindness – chances are, they will be more than happy to fix it for you – I’m sure they want happy customers. If you’re super mad or upset, calm yourself down a bit before talking to them.

This normally fixes any bad haircuts and disasters, but if your haircut is really, truly bad, then read on.

Find another hair salon

You can always go to another hairdresser and let her know what has happened, and hopefully she may be able to fix it for you. Go for a reputable, good salon this time – and be prepared to spend a lot more on your hair than you originally planned. Salons such as Frederic Fekkai, Shunji Matsuo Hair Studio, Tony & Guy, Vidal Sasson are all famous, reputable salons and I’m sure they can help you out.

And this time, aim to get a cut you really like! Check out How to Tell Your Hairdresser What You Want so you can truly get a haircut you love, as well as tips on how to properly communicate the look and style you are looking for.

Try hair extensions

For that annoying growing out period, it’s my personal belief that any terrible haircut can be hidden by fake hair. (And lots of it.) Go to a shop for either glue in, clip in hair extensions, and see what you think will work best for your, your cut and your lifestyle. Simply adding hair extensions to blend into whatever hair you have left (yikes!) and making it into a simple style (such as a shoulder length bob) for 3-6 months will pretty much undo any hair damage, and will allow you to look decent while your hair grows out.

Play around with new looks

In the meantime, this could be a good time to get your creative juices flowing – it could be good to get a new ‘look’, especially if you’ve had the same hair for years. You might even find a look you like! Sometimes, a bad haircut can look better when styled differently; such as straight/wavy/curly. Tie it up, pin it back, twist it around, curl it, crimp it; anything. Something should look decent!

Tie it up

When growing out my bad haircuts in the past, honestly, I just tied it up for a couple of months until it grew out and looked somewhat decent, and then I got a better cut to hide it. Now, I won’t suggest wearing a ponytail everyday for the next 6 months (although you could, if you don’t mind), because there are plenty of awesome hairstyles that are updos, as I show here:

hide a bad haircut hairstyles


Bring out the hats, scarves, hairbands; everything. And if you’re really ashamed of your new hair, I guess a mask would be the best accessory! (I kid, I kid.) But accessories can definitely “hide” your haircut for awhile, so use them whenever you want. This one is especially useful in the first week of your bad haircut, if you’re still stressing about it and have no idea what to do about it.

Bottom Line

After many hair disasters and terrible haircuts, when I would get a bad one (thankfully those days are over, though), I would just learn to accept it and then tie it up for months. It’s only hair after all. There are plenty of hair tricks to do though, as listed above, so I hope you find a solution to fix your bad haircut! In the meantime, it’s always good to take care of the hair you do have right now. Avoid harsh heat and chemicals, and deep condition regulary. That way, your hair will grow out nice and healthy – think of it as starting anew.

Hopefully I’ve given you some ideas on how to fix a bad haircut. Now over to you: how do you fix a bad haircut?

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  1. Vitamins absolutely work for hair growth, but prenatals or “hair and nail” vitamin formulas usually aren’t the best route for effectiveness and price. Several years ago, I started a regimen I found online written by a member of a hair care forum. I cleared it with my doctor, who nearly jumped for joy at the prospect of someone wanting to supplement. 🙂 I’ve tweaked the regimen slightly for my own lifestyle, and using it I get one and a half to two inches of growth a month. (Yeah, I measure it. I’m pretty obsessed with my hair.) 🙂 Not only is the growth amazing, the health of my hair increased tenfold. My hairdresser told me earlier this week that I have the healthiest hair she’s ever seen. Who doesn’t want to hear that?

    Google “Bargello’s Vitamin Regimen”. It really does work! You’ll find lots of forum posts and blog entries of people who have tried it and love it.

    But I’m sorry to hear you got a bad haircut. 🙁 Is the salon going to make it right?

    1. Oh wow, thanks Amanda. I researched it and there is a lot of stuff to take! Are you taking all of that?! I’ll have to look into it though, I don’t know where to find half of the stuff, haha. That’s good you cleared it with your doctor though, and thank goodness I found someone as obsessed as hair like me 🙂

      Nope, I’m not going back – EVER – because I’m scared she’ll make it worse. I’ll just wait for it to grow out 🙁

      1. I’m taking most of it. 🙂 I swapped the flaxseed oil for krill oil, skip the protein shakes since I get a TON of protein in my diet, and take a few extra supplements for various things. I get all my vitamins at Puritan’s Pride ( My husband takes the same regimen, give or take a few, and we pay just over $90 a year. If we bought ours in expensive vitamin stores like GNC, we’d probably be bankrupt. 🙂

        Obsessing over hair is just one of the reasons it’s so fun to be female. 😀

        Is she the only stylist at that salon? What a shame. I hope you AT LEAST got your cash back.

        1. Wow … dedication! I am using coconut oil to my roots because I hear it’s a good conditioner and makes hair grow faster… it seems to be working so far. Maybe you can try it as well? And yes, hair is so fun! 😛 Can’t wait til I have long hair again (or something that looks sane).

          And no she wasn’t the only one but she worked on me. And no to cash back – and it was pretty expensive! I was so angry i just wanted to leave the place then called my mom to VENT badly. And then I wrote this post LOL. 😛

          1. I love oils for my hair. I use coconut and jojoba, but my favorite hair oil is camellia. I wrote a post on my blog on natural hair treatments, and camellia oil took up most of the post! 🙂 It is AMAZING!

    i think we all perfectlym undestand your situation, cuz i think we all have passed through it and its really frustrating!!!!
    after the disaster with my hair and going to my way back home i’m just complaining about how horrible it was, about the hairdresser who’s ‘supposed’ to have a title of been ready for this challenge… the exigences of women!
    seriously i think these people need to start again or quick the job.
    It was very hard for me to find the right hairdresser i’ve got a lot of bad experience but now i’m really comfortable! and right now, i’m just waiting 4 my hair to grow long enough to make those crazy hairstyles 😀

    don’t worry Renee, 2 months come fast
    and change hairdresser 😉

    1. Ahahhaha isn’t the picture great? 😛

      I’ve had lots of bad experiences too. I think it has to do with me not wanting to spend a lot on my hair! 😛

      And yes, two months passes fast … but I think I will need at least 6 months/1 year for the top bit, it is cut so short 🙁

      1. Omg! I’m at home crying right now..I don’t want to leave my bedroom. 🙁 I just got home & the salon guy botched it. It’s an ok hairstyle.but waaay toooo short! I have diabetes & it thinned out my hair bad. & it’s curly. So my stupid head went to get a hair style 2 weeks before my birthday. She then messed it all up, so I went today to get it fixed. Because I have a family photo shoot this Sunday coming up. Well this guy went scissor happy. I’m so upset right now. Ugh what was I thinking? !!!!!

  3. Totally feel your pain, girl! I had the worst hair last year… it was final exams time and I was stressed, so I decided to change my haircolor and maybe get a little trim. Well, the hair color part turned out perfect, so props to the colorist… but the haircut… OMG it was a disaster. The stylist was just supposed to trim off an inch or so and make sure the layers looked nice and proportionate, but she kept on cutting and cutting and cutting! At first I didn’t notice because I thought she was trimming my side-swept bangs, but next thing I know, she cut a HUGE chunk out of the top of my hair… I had a horrible thick layer all the way around my forehead. Imagine bangs-length but all the way around. The next layer started below my chin. I looked like a mushroom. I was fighting back tears and my friends being the great people that they are, told me the truth… that it looked hideous and i’ll probably have to wear a hat until it grows out. *Sigh*… so I suffered for about 6 months and then my hair finally grew out a little. I now have a paranoia of short layers! My hair has only long layers (and no bangs to avoid potential catastropher) from that day forward lol.

    1. LOL Omg, sorry to hear that, Jackie. That sounds awful. What is with them – you ask for a trim and they keep cutting and cutting! They love their job too much 😛

      Mine has awful layers too, like I wrote below for Rosa’s comment, it was cut all weird and it looks like a diamond shape. And I specifically asked for the back not to be cut in a straight line, NOT a ‘V’ shape, and you guessed it, that’s exactly what I got. Ughhh I was fuming when I left, so I FEEL your pain!

    2. that is EXACTLY what the hairdresser did to my hair today when I showed her a photo of shoulder length hair with light simple layers!?!? wtf

  4. Hi Renee!
    You should`ve posted a picture of you, I bet its not even that bad, everything looks good on pretty girls! 🙂 But I know how you feel, I think all girls have experienced that at least once and I think the best tip is to get creative and use different accesories. I almost never wear clips or hats unless my hair`s dirty or I`m not having a good hair day 😛 so having a bad haircut can be a good opportunity to spice it up a bit 🙂
    My dad has given me the shave it off advice several times…he says: ¨Go like me, you`d have no worries and it`s a lot cheaper….¨
    He`s funny like that 🙂

    1. Aw thanks Rosa, but it really is bad. I don’t know how to explain it but it was cut so short in the middle that it poofs out so much, so my hair looks like a diamond shape – thin at the top and bottom, crazy volume in the center. So weird! 😛

      HAHAH your dad is adorable. Ah, it’s so easy for men, just shave it off, in one month everything is back to normal 😛

    1. I’d love to but I would go to jail and will not be able to blog from my cell 😛

      Yeah, been more than 3 days. Ugh, nah I won’t go back. I’ll just wait for it to grow and in the meantime tie it up. Sigh :'(

      1. Hi there Renee, How’s your haircut now since October? I know exactly how you feel I had a terrible haircut last June, thinned out so much that there was barely anything there at all, I tied it up for 8 months til February of this year in the hope of a decent haircut and after 3 attempts now, I have messed up hair again!!! I’m back to a ponytail again after so badly wanting to wear it down. What is wrong with these hairdressers, they are all so scissor happy.

  5. Hey beuatyfool, so sorry to hear about your haircut..good thing hair grows…but I think your male friend is onto something haha..SHAVE IT OFF..who knows..u might look HOT!

    Great review..keep em coming


    1. Exactly renee!! You’re hot as it is… who care bout your hair! Shave it off:)) or you can wear the tudung, like me! haha

  6. Oh my gosh i know just what you mean, for christmas i asked to have my hair done really nicely – coloured and everything. I ask for a dark colour underneath and some reddy/brown bit through the top of my hair with a big fringe the tinnest bit of the length and a few soft layers. I got layers about 2 and a half inches long!!! i loved my long hair and now i hate it its awfull, i cant wait two months for it to grow back arghh “/ .I used to put big soft curls in and now all i can do is straighten it and that still looks pretty bad!
    i’m really sorry to hear about your bad haircut Renee i feel your pain LOL!

    1. Aww Imogen! 🙁 So we can feel each others pain now! Haha. Mine has grown a little bit, I think maybe 2 more months and this awful haircut will grow out and I can hopefully fix it. Hang in there … it really takes time and lots of ponytails! 😛

  7. :L Thanks Renee. okay so i over reacted a little but still cant wait untill its all grown bakk.
    Im sure its not as bad as you think honest! 🙂 much luck LOL! .x

  8. ohh my goodness :)) thanks you for this tip!

    my hair has left me in despair and :)) i really feel! angry or sad and shy! everytime i remembered my bangs! :(( and my mom really don’t understand what i feel now :(( i really can’t go to school like this! my bangs is sooo short! super! short! and i think it’s not a bangs anymore and now my hair looks like i have a Mohawk in the middle of my hair and the two other side have a long hair! i really! can’t stand my hair anymore! i tried all! my mom and me go to the salon and have a extension but nothings happen :(( its like the same!

    but yeah! i realize it’s just a hair even its so hard for me co’z i really feel the pain but, now it’s just a hair sh*t happens so really thanks! for this tip! i love youuuuuu! :))
    sorry for my bad english :))

    1. Yuki I feel your pain 🙁 i just got a really bad haircut too and tried extension but they didnt work either, thats how bad the cut it 🙁

  9. Oh gosh, don’t get me started on horrible haircuts. I requested that my hair would be cut short, but not to my ear lobes. Devastating. That was just this morning too. What a good start to a crazy day.

    When I usually have a bad haircut, I usually just tend to exaggerate other things (clothing articles, accessories, handbags) to keep people’s attention away from the short black strands I actually call my hair.

  10. Yea I got this cut ( i like my hair short ) but I don’t know what the people did but I look like a nerdy guy! It is so horrible clips and extensions didn’t work. I tried different ways of geling it and stuff, but it is just bad and I can’t fix it. I can’t go to school like this!

  11. The hairdresser that I like the best canceled on me. I didn’t want to wait,because I’ve been wanting a haircut for soo long…wish I would’ve waited. I had mid-back hair,now it’s to my shoulders! I asked for razored hair only and some thinning because I (sadly) have thick hair. She told me if I wanted more layers,then she’ll have to cut more of my hair. It was like this much: | | of my hair,just GONE! Argh! Anyways,I asked for my shortest layer to be underneath my earlobe. Nope,it was like above eye level. Now,my ‘wonderful thick hair’ looks like a freakin’ mushroom top. It’s thin on the bottom,but all those short layers I told her not to do,poofed up my hair. I’ve never had a good haircut. Not once. I told myself ‘It looks fine,you’ll love,just get use to it’ but really I wanted to ram my Mum’s car into their store window. I told my parents I liked it and all. When my brother and Dad told me I looked like a mushroom. So I flipped out,ran downstairs,and went to bed like 4 hours earlier. I’m now considering shaving it off. My Dad always says ‘If you don’t like it,we can shave it off.’ when I say I hate my thick hair. I swear the hairstylist was trying to make me have a ‘model’ hairstyle that you see on those mannq. heads. It’s all flipping out and stuff like that. She did okay on my bangs. I’m just going to wait next time…

  12. I’ve had enough bad hair days and I finally had enough when a very expensive en exclusive stylist messed up my hair. He cut it awfully and colored it a neon-orange! From that day on I have cut my own hair. It has been trial and error (it DOES always end up shorter than you intend), but I finally found a style that works. I have wavy hair that looks bouncy when it is cut in layers. Through numerous youtube videos and hours spent in the mirror cutting strand by strand I learned what worked for me and what didn’t. Surprising thing is this: I could get the same perfect hair in 5 minutes. All I have to do is comb my hair into a ponytail on top of my head, then feather cut the hair off at the elastic. I positioned the ponytail close to the front of my head as this gives me a semi-bang. The top layer is quite short, but that’s the way I like it. By varying the position of the ponytail you can choose how long you want to make your layers. If I had to stick with a style, this would be it!

  13. Ughh… I just got a HORRIBLE haircut. Well, maybe thats a bit exaggerated, but I hate it. I went to the hairdresser i always go to, and I asked for my bangs to be trimmed a bit shorter and my hair between my chest and my shoulders…. well i got too short of bangs, well for my liking and they look retarded when I put it in a ponytail because it it cut pretty much straight across with no slant ( i had side bangs) , and my hair is too short with the layers. It looks stupid in the back and it’s really difficult to straighten. I haven’t tried curling it yet, but I think it’ll be too short and with look like I have an afro. I don’t think I’ll ever go to that stylist again, unless my mom makes me. I just feel like crying. 🙁 Oh well I’ll find a way to make it look good for tommorow at school…. I hope.

  14. im 12 AND IVE HAD MY HAIR CUT SHORT AT FIRST I HATED IT but now i think its actually allright but people keep picking on me at school about it evan the guy i like and i cant help having a mega crush on him and it makes me cry that he could be that mean to me plllleeassseeee give me a tip how to make my hair look more grown-up and nicer so no-one will pick on me as much anymore if u do u would be a life saver pllllzz :'( im having a nightmare

  15. I didn’t know this happened so often I thought it was me because i was so picky but i always ask for basic cuts I thought. I get so frustrated when I ask for a specific cut and not get it. I mean this is your specialty be good at what you do. I took a pic this time and even asked if she wanted to hold it herself after showing it to her and she said no. She cut way too much off and my head looks very tall on the sides she gave me a bowl cut a frilly cut like the cartoon character. I’m not a hairdresser and even i know you must cut styles porportioned to the individual’s head. On the picture the person has hair; she cut all my sides off and clipper arched my edges; nothing like the picture and i had enough hair for this style. So now I must start over. I can’t add hair because i need it along the sides and there would be no hair to cover the tracks. So I will wear a wig and be uncomfortable because i’m use to my own natural hair. And i have a question about that: i received a relaxer along my sides will the wig harm my hair growth? I’m so over the short hair cuts because you can’t find people to maintain them or cut it back the same once you find someone that gets it close. My other question is how do they even get their license cutting like this? One more thing I normally go home and look at it more then text my dissatisfaction because I don’t want to be uncomfortable at the salon voicing my concerns and I never return but I’m at a point now where I’m mad about losing money when I’m not happy at all. So depressed about my haircut 🙁

  16. i got a terrible haircut yesterday and was googling ways to get over it when I found this post :'(

    I know its been years since this post, but wondering if you could let me know how long it took for you to grow it out, or even eventually accept the haircut?
    Thanks in advance! 🙂

  17. im a dude (not gay) i went to a barber shop and i told the lady what i want and the she told me “NO I LIKE IT THIS WAY” then she cut my butiful hair uneven and now i look like i was in th betels my hair looks realy bad and I NEED HELP. XO

  18. UGH! I have YET ANOTHER terrible haircut. I was “treated” by my fiancee, to a haircut by his hairdresser, allegedly the “best hairdresser in town”. I tell this story because I should have seen the bad haircut coming and not walked, but SPRINTED out of her chair when this hairdresser accused me of “busting her chops” for having the audacity to actually tell her what I wanted, which was to leave it long and keep it the same style I had because (gasp) I really liked my hairstyle and didn’t want to change it to the “piecey” cut that she informed me was HER signature style of cutting. That, apparently, was more important than how I wanted to wear my hair. So, now, 6 weeks before my wedding, I am stuck with not only a “piecey” haircut that I hate and can’t style but it is also three inches shorter than I requested. The moral of the story? I didn’t stand a chance from the moment I sat down in her chair. I knew she wasn’t going to do what I wanted BEFORE it happened because she was arrogant and had a major attitude about who was “right”. If you ever detect that your hairdresser does not understand or is unwilling to respect your wishes, GET OUT! It is not rude to walk out on a hair appointment. You may disrupt the stylist’s schedule for that day and wound their ego for a few moments but at least you won’t get stuck with a bad cut you have to live with for six months!

    1. OMG! I soooo feel your pain! It is now about 6 weeks since you posted. I hope it has gotten better. Look at my post below. I will probably NEVER go to a salon again or at least not without plenty of pictures, diagrams or written instructions. LOL

  19. Today I had the WORST haircut of my life. I had been growing my hair out for nearly two years, ever since my last haircut(which was also terrible, the stylist pretty much gave me a mullet). Problem is, I reeeeeally hate having long hair. I usually get my mom to trim it cos she doesn’t ever take off more than a 1/2 inch. But today I decided that I would suck it up, go to a salon and get my hair done. I asked for an angled bob. I look like Justin Bieber with a sideburn rat tail. So now that I’m all done crying, I’m looking for some kind of solution, and this article has made me smile and feel much better. I have to say though, you should add in somewhere that you should never get your hair cut before an important event. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend, and I’ll be damned if I let him see me like this!

  20. 4 years ago we moved to a new town and I decided to stop going to salons since I had no idea where to go and because my previous experiences were not very good. I have spent years suffering as a result of bad haircuts at what were considered “exclusive” salons. I wore my hair super short because of it. So after the move I stopped getting my hair colored and cut and guess what happened? I LOVE my hair now!! It is down my back and the longest it’s ever been in it’s natural color. I do have some grey, but it almost looks like I had my hair streaked! I have spent thousands of dollars trying to be a blond and now it looks better without coloring it at all. I used to hate my hair most especially after getting it done. I got upset after getting it done once and the stylist literally started screaming at me that I was lying to get a free haircut!! Now I haven’t had a bad hair day in years!

  21. OH MY GOD!!! Thank you so much with that inspiration article!!! (y) LOVE IT SO MUCH.
    I’m having a bad hair day too right now. 🙁 It’s a kinda “layer style”(I ask to do the same as before but UNFORTUNATELY, I think the hairdresser is trying to make some ‘creative’ change that I hated soooo much :'( Oh, it seems that I really want to cry these days), it becomes too short at the back but long at the front(even it’s not really differentiate actually, but the final look makes me so desperate), the middle looks too volumize 🙁

    for solving, I think I’m still trying to accept it, and…just believe that inner beauty is more precious and beautiful rather than my outside look, isn’t it right? 😀
    I try some tied looks, in ponytail, but it’s done at my left side and it’s really adorable, and I’m trying to add some head bands, it’s a BIT cute. actually some of my friends said that it’s cute, but, because I’m still hurt with that haircut, so maybe I get a BIT blind to see it beautiful again. 🙁

  22. So, I had a few glasses { grunt } & bottle of wine after a 13 year divorce with the girls one night, and so I decided I needed to cut all the years off I was with him. Almost all of it. I regret it, but plan to get in and hopefully find someone who can fix it:)

  23. Well, I just got my first horrific haircut today. I wanted to go short because I have such thick hair, live in Florida, and have no air conditioning in my car so I have to ride with the windows down, so my super long hair looks a mess. I gave her pictures and everything and right now I look like I have a brown football helmet on my head. I have been crying and fuming since I came home. I tried to look on the bright side, bought some hair wax and gel to try to make it look a little edgy, but it’s too short to straighten yet too long to try to sort of “downward spike”, so it’s in jagged chunks off to the side rather than standing up. I’m probably going to grab my scissors tomorrow and try to thin out the sides a bit so that it’s not framing my round face. What I’m mad about is that I gave her a whole sheet of pictures of what I was looking for, all of them variations of the same look, and it doesn’t look like a SINGLE ONE OF THEM. $27 down the tube for me to feel terrible about myself.

  24. omg you guys i feel your pain i had a horrific cut and i asked for a tiny trim but what do i get a enourmously big bit cut off when he washed my hair he was digging his nails into my scalp it hurt and i tried to fight back my tears i know the feeling xxxxxx

  25. My hair used to be down to the top of my boobs.. I went into Great Clips and easked them if I could have a 1inch trip to get the split ends off, because my graduation was coming up in a few weeks. She washed my hair and started cutting.
    Once the was done, I looked in the mirror and it was up to my shoulders! I thought it was way too short, but I could manage because I was used to short hair. The next day, people kept saying it looked like I was missing a layer in the back. So my dad brought me back to get it fixed. (The lady kept blaming it on my hair color, which I thought was hilarious…) She cut it, and when it was finished, it was hidious. She cut off ALL my layers, made my hair up to my chin, and made kind of a drop off to where the back is longer than the front. That was NOT what I asked for!
    So now everyday I wear my hair up somehow but I’m getting so bored with low ponytails. Also, all my split ends arent even cut off. I don’t know what to do.
    Do you have any tips for my situation??
    Thanks. <3

  26. “Shave it off

    My friend (who is male and doesn’t understand our pain, obviously) says the only way to save yourself from a horrible haircut is to shave it all off. Yeah, right.”

    As a female – yes, a FEMALE! – I have done this!

    My hair was to my shoulder blades, the hair dresser cut it wrong and I looked so, so, SO bad. After being upset for about two minutes, I took a deep breath and told her to just shave it off.

    It was /so/ cathartic! It took a lot to get used to – I spent nearly 20 years with super long hair – but after a week I was beginning to like it. Growing it out was liberating because I could play with various forms of hair styles.

    If you get a bad haircut, it’s not such a bad idea to start from scratch because you can end up experimenting with so many different styles as you grow your hair out!

  27. i’m going thru a bad haircut too, i went ONLY to get a blowdry for a trip to Europe which I’ve waited all my life, the night before leaving, i went to get a blowdry only and i told the lady “only this much” with my fingers since she insisted a trim. Before i knew it, she cut off 12″ in layers, now i have to wait for the layers to grow out AGAIN (which took me 2 years to do from a previous bad haircut) just to experience the depression and waiting ALL over again, on the trip i was depressed (i tried not to but i care about my long hair since it was below my butt no lie). WORD OF ADVICE: DON’T CUT HAIR BEFORE TRIPS, SPECIAL OCCASIONS WHERE YOU WILL HAVE PIX OF. ALSO, PUTTING IT IN TIGHT PONYTAILS WILL BREAK HAIR AND STOP IT FROM GROWING; USE CLIPS OR LEAVE IT LOOSE TO LET IT BREATHE. and don’t cut your tips often, that’s a myth it’ll make it grow faster, every six months is ok. and for trims, just cut it yourself at the ends, now, im taking hair and nail vitamins.

  28. I feel a lot better after reading a lot of your posts. I too have gotten the worst haircut in my life about 4 weeks ago!!! It is absolutely HORRIBLE!! My hair was down to the middle of my back with no layers…took me 3 years to get it that long and I was very happy with it. I went in to the salon only wanting a couple inches off the length and some LONG layers as well as side bangs. Nothing too major at all, especially to my length. Well, by the time she finished…I looked like a mushroom too!!! My hair is very thick and short hair cuts never look good on me that is why I keep it long. I was so upset I cried all the way home. So the next day I go to my mom’s hairstylist to see if she can help me at all and she tried her best to help me, but I now have the worst boy cut of my life. she cut my hair from the middle of my back up to just below my chin…with layers so short on the top I literally look like I have a mullet!!! I can’t do ponytails because it’s too short, so I am stuck. It’s too short to straighten, and looks hidious when I try scrunching it to give it some curl. So now I am wearing a ball cap 95% of the time!!! I am trying everything to help it grow out faster, hot oil treatments, deep conditioning treatments, argan oil, coconut oil, and vitamins!!!! I am so upset I am constantly researching on how to help it grow faster!!! And to top it all off, I am in my best friends wedding in less than 4 weeks!!! I will be the worst looking bridesmaid out there!!! So embarrassing because all of the other bridesmaids and the bride all have very long hair!!!! I hate that the rest of you have had to deal with horrible hair cuts but it’s nice to know I am not the only one dealing with it! I just wonder how long it will take for it to grow!!! It has already been a little over a month and I cannot tell my hair has grown any!!! 🙁

  29. It’s nice to see other people going through this and knowing you’re not alone =( I went the day before yesterday to the salon, gosh, I asked for a pixie cut like Ginnifer Goodwin’s cut or Emma Watson’s, I took a bunch of pictures and the girl just said “ok” and started cutting. The worst thing is that at the end I could see her distress because SHE DIDN’T HAVE AN IDEA OF WHAT SHE WAS DOING! I mean srsly! if you don’t know how to make a cut even with the picture there, then say it! Don’t screw up the client, now my hair is horrible. Is not the pixie cut I wanted and is not long enough to actually do something, I’ve tried to style my hair like Samaire Armstrong or Halle Berry short cut, but nothing, it’s so short behind and it looks like a friggin’ fungus on top! it’s so spongy. I really don’t know what to do, I don’t even want to go out. Does anyone have some tips? I don’t know how to style short hair like this! and I’m sick of crying.


  30. This happened to me today. Unbelievably, the owner of “the” salon in our community cut it himself. I cried, too. It looked bad to me but I wanted another opinion, so I washed and styled it myself and then showed it to my adult daughter. She took one look at me and said “Oh my God, who did that to you”? I called the salon and they offered to fix it on the next day they were open. I didn’t even want to leave my house. I went to the mall today and had it cut again – the second time in 24 hours. The nice man who cut it said it wasn’t even-even, the one side of the mullet was longer than the other. I had asked for a “trim” the first time, not a Florence Henderson/Joan Jett look. I have a picture of myself with the same cut – in 1977. It looks better but I am still horrified. I am definitely going to insist on my $ back, and I would suggest if this happens to you do NOT go back to the same salon. In my case it would have put a subordinate in the position of fixing the owner’s terrible haircut. Now I have really short hair, and it will probably take a year to grow out, but at least it looks halfway normal. This kind of thing can be truly devastating. I told the stylist exactly what I wanted, and he simply did not listen.

  31. Today I got a haircut. I’m 15. I only wanted the side bangs trimmed a bit and the split ends trimmed off only about 1/2 an inch. I used to have short layers that only came to my chin level, and I HATED them, and vowed NEVER to get a cut like that again. I grew my hair our and it was down to about the middle of my boobs, and it looked so great!! I just didn’t like the bangs. The hairdresser told me I had split ends that she would give me thicker bangs so they weren’t flat. I was OK with that. I look in the mirror 10 minutes later and just bite my lip, holding back tears. I told her it was too short and she was like “you should have told me!” i will never go back there again. I got home and just started bawling and crying. I feel so ugly. It feels good writing all of this because I am just so devastated and upset. I haven’t cried like this in years. Everytime I look in the mirror, I feel like I am going to cry. I’m still crying right now. My bangs look boyish, which I HATE.

  32. hi i got a haircut in mexico and i liked it at first it was layers and i loved but the next day the stylist wanted to cut a bit more off so i was like okay but after i hated it i have been crying everytime i think about its terrible!!

  33. And it continues,,, had very long 80’s style hair. Wanted change after 20+ years, so asked around and went to the salon. I brought 5 pictures of Sally Hershberger’s shag cut that is on her. The girl cut off my hair and it looked like her own. Parted on the side, wedge in the back 1/2 way up. with the long flat area on the other half going down (laying flat on your neck like a square)…it looked nice, but that’s not what I asked for as now everything was short. I let it grow out, and tried again…same thing…we tried this for a couple of years..then I got fed up with her and realized that is all she knew how to do.

    So I let it go gray and long and I cut it myself on a very long 45 degree angle so it ran diagonally along from where the bangs start to the back. It was another 5 months after it was wild and streaking gray (I have very dark brown hair). So I asked around and someone suggested THEIR salon. I went there yesterday with 5 pictures of Lisa Rinna’s long shag style with the highlights (I had plenty of hair to do that cut). I sat the stylist down to explain all the trauma I went thru before trying to get this simple modern shag, what I want to do, etc…alot of detail. I even said if you can’t do this cut, and there someone else in this studio that would be better, then tell me know.

    Sat in the chair, she took out her razor scissors and went to town. Guess what I got? Another short cut, soft on top, mushroom on the back with short sides, and long sidetaps AGAIN! She colored (which the color was a nice warm shiny brown)…but I notice today, that she missed some color in the front, so I have some noticeable gray strands. I should have known I was in trouble when another lady working there says I want to watch you do this cut, I love that hairstyle…and then during the cut, she said to my stylist — “Did she want it that short”? HOLY CRAP!!! I have no hair!!! Oh…and regarding the highlights, she said you don’t usually get highlights in the winter …

    So here we go again…I have to wait MONTHS to grow this out – use a lot of GOOP for now…and try to forget about it. Now I have no choice after this is grown out, to travel to my home state of 5 1/2 hours to a stylist I know that can do Lisa Rinna simple 45 degree shag…I mean really? I can do it, just not the back!!! I HATE HAIRSTYLIST!!!

  34. Karen, let your hair grow out long and beautiful (YES, at YOUR age!), and stay away from stupid “stylists”. It’ll take time, but it will be so worth it. My wife grew hers out again, and never looked back.

  35. Thanks RJ….I’m soooo aggravated!

    Went and bought all kinds of “texturizing paste”, “cremes”, etc…trying to get it into some kind of style that looks nice. Looking at a lot of videos/photos to try to style it for now….

    I “think” it looks like Justin Beiber’s haircut….so it has more on top. Plus I have this area of heavy amts of gray strands that she completely missed that I’m trying to style my hair to cover…UGH! I go to work tomorrow…I’m dreading it! So embarrassing.

    I can’t even comprehend how she got this haircut out of 5 pictures I brought???? I like to take a pair of scissors to her hair 🙂

  36. I am depressed… I went to the hair salon yesterday to trim my fringe, and my mother promised me not to touch the back o my hair since the last time he chopped off way more than I wanted and it was still short. I had taken such a long time to grow it out. Then he told me he would keep the length but thin it a bit. That sounded good but he ended up giving me a mullet with extremely short layers of hair on the outside and long layers below. It makes my already fat face look round and huge. I always use my hair to cover up and hide my chubbiness and now I can’t. Worse of all, my school requires me to tie up long hair and it can’t be tied up because the short layers are too short, but won’t be considered short hair since its long underneath 🙁 I look ridiculous and he didn’t even trim my fringe. I thought about going short but I think I will cry even more. Someone please talk to me and help me

    1. I just got a bad haircut right before christmas!!!! How short is your hair? Mine is a bob barely chin length,I bought tons of headbands,clips and barrettes,I got a cute winter hat too and Im goin to start experimenting with curlers and a curling iron,normally I prefer my hair shoulder length or much longer and straight but my hair is not only short its got uneven areas :(……my so called friend did this to my hair and after he left and took my money I think he realized he messed up my hair but still took my money…..Im super pissed cause I am a stylist myself,I dont work in a salon but I do hair for all my family and friends and I wouldnt ever butcher off someones hair like this,I think these people are seriously stupid and have no idea how to use a ruler which is pathetic cause most stylist combs have a ruler on them!!!!! I say its 2013 no more haircuts for me ever,every time I let someone touch my hair it gets ruined!

  37. I have naturally curly hair and it seems like 90% of the hair dressers out there have no idea how to cut curly hair. I have had MANY many many awful hair cuts, you ask for a inch to be takin off and they cut 5 inchs then as the hair curls it looks evern shorts! aghh LOL I have a real problem with hair dressers now! I feel sorry for anyone who experiances a bad cut! I know how devistating it can be! lol I used clip in extensions for months until my hair grew out and then I decided to look up videos on how to cut my own hair because im scared if I go to a salon they will mess it up again. In my hair cutting searches I came accross a product called Creaclip it looked neat so I ordered one and after 2 hair cuts with it, doing it myself I can honestly say I now have the best hair cut ever! Finally perfect hair every time! Aghh if only I had known about this years ago I could have saved myself $$ and all the bad cuts. LOL

    Just thought i’d share cause YES it does work and I think everyone who has experianced many bad cuts should give it a try. There is hope out there! 🙂

  38. I think the best way would be to shave it. How is it painful for a girl to shave her head? I have a friend who shaved her head for breast cancer and she didn’t care what people thought.

  39. Sadly this is my first bad hair cut T^T
    I let a friend cut it for me because she has really cute hair! But when I examined it more closely there were tons of layers that where just too short and not really any length i wanted to keep on the underside. She said she made a mistake and would fix it but I told her it was okay. Since it’s the length I don’t enjoy i’ll be ordering a nice set of clip in hair extensions (yay) but I have to survive this week. It doesn’t look like there’s a mistake so I don’t know… This article really helped me to calm down though! It let me know i’m not the only one whose experienced this stuff and that I can actually ADD length! (I don’t have the face for short hair and so it just looks weird, and even if the length isn’t naturally mine it’s still length!) Thank you so much for the article and tips. I’ll try to maybe do more up does with it until this weekend. It’s better to think of it as an experiment then as a disaster :3. Thank you for the article and Insight, i’ll be sure to go to my regular dresser in a few months or so when it grows back out to be fixed. ^-^

  40. So what do you recommend when you’ve been bushwacked with thinning shears and you don’t want to cut all your hair off because you’ve spent 9 months growing it out from a pixie?

  41. Heather I feel your pain, this is just what happened to me. I went in with gorgeous thick hair shoulder length hair and she cut it all off and out, it’s too short for a ponytail and what’s left is now so thin and stringy, I just feel violated. I can’t get over how horrible it looks and feels, I’ve never had something like happen too me.

  42. I got a haircut yesterday and I got it long on the top shaved on sides and back I thought it would look good but it’s really shitty and makes me look like some kind of demon elf (not a good look for me) and now I have to go to work with it and today go swimming with my goddaughter and when I got it I asked it to be a centimeter on the sides and back but no I get shaved its really fucking dum. So then I went back to my hair cut person (or what ever you ladies call them) and said BITCH WHAT THE HELL DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND ABOUT A CENTIMETER I’m about 7’2″ and 360 pounds of muscle so then after I yelled at her she called the cops but now I relize I can just wear hats to the swimming pool and everywhere else or just get my head shaved so your guys haircuts are not nearly as bad as mine 🙂

  43. I got my haircut two days ago, and it looked good at first, but then it turned into a terrible mistake. I had long, straight/slightly wavy, thick, red hair that went down to my mid chest. I’d been growing it out for years. I loved my hair soooo much, but I was talked into getting it cut. Happy at this prospect, I booked an appointment and got most cut off (just above my shoulders). I was devastated when I learned how much effort it would take to put up and down. I cried so hard when I got home. I’m a competitive runner/horse rider, and my hair had to fit into a ponytail. My hairdresser promised me it would, but no. I have to use about a million bobby pins, 2-3 hairbands, and a headband that keeps falling out. Everyone around me has really long hair. Mine poofs out to the side and is way to thick at the bottom. I had to go out yesterday and buy $90 in hair products just to make it look OK. I want my hair back. I’m straightening it and putting headbands in, but my hairdresser said that it would grow quickly. I don’t know what to believe.

  44. I usually have curly hair that is a bit below shoulder length. There’s a few layers in there, but I wouldn’t know how many, since I have curly hair, so it doesn’t really matter, right? It usually looks decent enough. My hair has grown out quite a bit, so I decided that I had to get a haircut, just to take off the thin ends and have my bangs a bit shorter. This is where it gets ugly. Because of budgetary reasons, I asked my mom to cut my hair, like she has done in the past. I don’t know what I was thinking! She has screwed up my hair so many times, yet I allow her to cut it…AGAIN. She only had to take off the ends, but she cut off so much, that what I’m left with is a boyish short look that gets even shorter because of my curls!!! And my face is already sort of round, so it looks ridiculous. Moreover, she got uncertain at the end, so she left the top layers ffor what they are. So now I’m stuck with too short, partly too long hair with some serious dead ends. PLUS it’s uneven. So yeah, for the next few months: a ponytail it is.

  45. The worst haircut in my life! Three styles…the uneven bangs, the middle is styled in a bob that looks similar to Carrie Fischer’s character Princess Leia (think donut) and the layered ends. The bangs are too long to keep down and so short when pulled back they stick out. The entire style looks like zigzag scissors were used. The only option is wearing the hair in a bun, I am hoping this will be manageable by Christmas or next year’s birthday.
    A friendly reminder, before getting your hair cut or styled by someone new, ask for references of the stylist who is going to cut your hair from the salon, and ask what their policy if you get a bad haircut.

  46. I feel the pain of everyone here. I actually felt suicidal after my crap haircut 2 days ago. Just try and own what you have a think in a few months you can start pinning it up – that is what is keeping me sane x

  47. After receiving my last bad haircut 2 months ago, I have finally dumped my hairdresser of 5 years. In the beginning she would cut my hair nicely in a blunt, all one length style. I had worn that style for many years. My hair always looked healthy, smooth, and shiny. AND, it was low maintenance. After about 2 years she finally talked me into adding layers. They weren’t that bad at first because they were long. But, it was more maintenance and not the easy wash, blow, and go I like. My hair also looked somewhat fizzy and damaged even though I did not have split ends. It looked thin and straggly as well. As time went on she would cut the layers shorter and shorter. My hair looked like shit! I stupidly kept this style for almost 2 years until I had finally had enough! I told her that I wanted to grow out my layers until one length again. I waited 6 months until the top layer was shoulder length, went in for a blunt cut…..she cut layers again! Even though I reminded her NOT to cut EFF’N layers! 2 months ago, after waiting another 6 months……layers! I let her know that I was pissed and that I would never let her touch my hair again. She had the nerve to tell me that the blunt cut that I like would make me look “blah” and it wasn’t ‘stylish”! Bitch! I found a new stylist in a rinky-dink, no flare salon to cut my hair blunt and all one length THE WAY I LIKE IT. I told her exactly what I wanted and watched her like a hawk. Cut it yesterday and love it! I have missed my soft, thick, shiny, healthy looking hair! And the best part was that she only charged me $15 compared to the $75 shit job at the “high-end” salon. Don’t listened to these whack job stylist! Layered hair does not look good on fine, thin hair. It looks like a frizzy, mangled, straggly mess. Also, insist on watching ever single cut they make with those evil shears.

  48. Disaster!! I had long hair midway down my back (well below my shoulder blades. I asked the hairdresser not to touch the length as I had trimmed it myself a few days before and just trim the layers to even them out. Not only did he take about 10 inches off the length (I could see what he was doing until it was too late) he completely butchered the layers and then put in 2 inch feathers everywhere. So now I have short, uneven, bitty, thin hair that looks like it needs a cut….. devastated! It’s too short now to try to have the feathered layers fixed and it will take about 2 years, if not more to grow back the length. The layers are barely even long enough to put back into a ponytail. And I have a wedding to attend in 3 weeks. I just want to cry.

  49. I got my long hair cut last January, I explained what I wanted and she did a good job. I was happy with it. My hair is really long. So I went back to her and said “Please just trim it up in the same manner.” Well, she did not trim it up the same way, I honestly thought she would. When I came home my daughter said “Did you do Locks of Love? I said no. The next day I realized how much was chopped off. I am so unbelievably upset, my stomach is in knots when I look at it. It is so uneven, it makes no sense. So, that is it. That is the very last time I will ever trust a hairdresser. They just really don’t care, don’t listen, do what THEY want, not what you want. It may take a year before this can be fixed. I am just so so so upset. Never ever again, I will just cut it myself. Obviously they just can’t listen.

  50. hey, my mom cutted my hair last night and it turned out… horrible (in my opinion) my bangs are way too short too…. i hope it grows slightly longer in a week… i hope that should be enough to let it look ”allright” :I

  51. I see this thread is pretty old but reading others experiences makes me feel like less of a freak. I was beginning to think I had the words BUTCHER MY HAIR AND TAKE ALL MY $$$ on my forehead somewhere since I’ve suffered so many bad haircuts. I know all about the mullet layers and uneven bangs, I’mashamed to admit how much I’ve dealt with. I had long hair well past my bra straap that my bf loved. Went for a color consult w a new girl and decided to get a trim while I was there. She messed it up but I didn’t see it til I washed it the next day. A week later she gets me in for a redo (I called the next day, she just didn’t care to get me in I guess) and now its actually WORSE than it started. Wish I never let her cut it and I shld have known better than to allow her to “fix” it if she let me leave her chair looking the way I didn initially.

  52. Thank you for your web site because when I came home from the “beauty” salon and looked in the mirror my heart sank! I had gone in with medium length straight blunt cut, just below my ear, a side sweeping soft bang and a small layer in the back. If I looked in the mirror I saw same length hair neatly cut and naturally curling under and around my face. I made the mistake of saying to the hair stylist that the bangs were too long and I wanted a cut that kept its shape. I asked to keep the blunt cut like a bob. I also color my hair blonde but because the back is slightly undercut it was not highlighted underneath but did not show.
    When I came home and looked at the back he had layered the entire back area so it was no longer a bob and the dark brown area was now showing!!! So not only had he ruined my original cut but now the coloring was disrupted and as you know that costs money.
    I decided to go back to the salon and get my colorist to somehow unify the haircut which was now all layers and choppy looking especially the color. She managed to pull the color together by taking up the color a notch and making it an all over color, but she decided that because the area at the nape of the neck was so short she could not color it. We decided to wait and grow the hair down. I now have very little hair to cover my ears and a cold chilly neck at the back. My colorist told the manager of the salon about my unhappiness and she was very gracious and helpful. She offered me a restyle to help with the grow out in 6 weeks and my colorist will monitor the re growth.
    I have to add that I had this Pixie haircut when is was 19 and it looked great. I’m now 69 and I can only think the stylist was smoking something! Thanks for your website. I’m being very Zen and luckily it’s winter 🙂 and I’m wearing a hat.

  53. It makes me feel better to read other peoples’ stories. I only get my hair cut once every 2-3 years because I like to let it grow out and then get it cut off to donate. I tried a new salon this morning and the hairdresser wouldn’t listen to me at all. She cut it about 2-3 inches too short, she did this weird thing where the hair around my face is shorter than the rest of my hair ( she asked me if I wanted her to do that and I said no thanks, but she did it anyway WHY???), and then she parted it off to the side (again after asking me if I wanted my part left in the middle and I said yes). I was able to fix the part, and I can deal with the length, but the stupid shorter hair in front looks awful and there isn’t anything I can do about it except wait for it to grow out. I’ll probably get my dad to cut my hair straight across when it grows out enough. He did my childhood haircuts and they always turned out fine. Worst thing of all–this salon doesn’t even donate the hair that they cut, so I can’t even feel a little bit better about my stupid haircut by thinking about the people it will help! 🙁

    Oh well–it will grow out. Good luck to all of you in the same position as me. And thanks again for the post and sharing all these stories.

  54. Please don’t say that males do not understand the pain of having a bad haircut
    im 15 and i got a horrible uneven weird looking haircut and i HATE it!
    the lady cut it more from one side than the other…is crazy.
    I can’t shave it off because i got a disgustingly ugly large face with a small forehead and id look creepy and disturbingly gross.
    i didnt noticed till i got home. and im suffering a lot cause i have to go to a place for homework in 30 mins and i cant seem to fix it. 🙁

  55. As a hairdresser, I ALWAYS underestimate a trim when someone asks for it, that way, if they ask for more off, then I’ll go back over it and take a little more off.
    Although I haven’t been in the business long, I think it’s safe to say that I’m better than someone who’s been in it for over a decade: my aunt.
    I love her because she’s family, but when she touches my hair, I swear I have internal panic attacks. The problem is always that she takes too much length off.
    When I was in beauty school, I had a friend cut my hair. She definitely understood what I was aiming for, but she struggled to get to that point, so we had our mentor help. After a few misunderstandings, I ended up with a shaved undercut in the back of my head and there wasn’t enough length from the rest of my head to cover it up. I don’t think I mentioned this, but I’m a girl. So I accepted that and waited patiently for my hair to grow back out. I also don’t think I mentioned that I had a huge tail of hair hanging from that traumatizing haircut. But I still waited patiently and got it shaped up from time to time. Luckily, my friend felt more comfortable about touching my hair, as I was with her since she had the best idea out of everyone else what I was going for. So from time to time, I would get that tail chopped up and after 8 months, I had about 4 inches of hair grown out.
    By that time, I was out of school, and I had already started work. I notice that my hair looked heavy in some places I didn’t want it to be, and things looked blunt. So I go back to my aunt to get it fixed. I bring in a picture so she knows how I want it to look, and I told her I wanted to keep the length. By the end, I feel that she’s using trimmers on the back of my neck. I had a horrible feeling in my stomach. Once she finishes, she hands me a mirror, spins me around, and to my demise, the length was literally half of what I had grown out before, and the back of my head was a blunt rectangle with all the weight at the bottom. I turn my head to the side and the shape was a circle. I noticed that I look like bieber when he had that bowl cut looking thing back then. Obviously, I was not a happy camper.
    I did not want a pixie cut, I wanted choppy layers and medium length and textured ends.

    6 months of growing my hair out, and now I have to start over again. I swear, this happens EVERY SINGLE time I go to my aunt. I need to find a new reliable stylist and raise my dosage on biotin.

  56. Once they do a botch up job there’s no going back,you sit at home with your hair wrapped in a scarf for at least 3months,then you tell all friends and relatives never to set foot in there warn people wear a big sign anything so others won’t have to suffer

  57. Whatever you do don’t let them give you a short bob they are awful I hate them,took months to get it long enough to put in a ponytail again,I’ll never go near another hairdresser,get my sister or hubby to trim

  58. I’ve had an awful fear of any hairdressers for about 5 years now. I like more edgy crazy hairstyles , especially ones where my bottom later is a not longer than the rest. Every time I went to get my hair cut I would tell them I just wanted a trim and nut too much length off, just a bit of razoring for texture and every place I went to would make it so short. So I’ve been trying to grow it out for forever now and I just trim it myself because im terrified. But the problem is that I get scissor happy too and cut too much and now it’s all uneven and looks so horrible! I Need to hide any scissors I have lol!

  59. Some tips to get a good haircut / Bring a picture/ If you see someone with a hairstyle you like Ask them who their stylist is / Check reviews online about the hairstylist / Try to meet the stylist in advanced to see what their personality is like I have met stylists who were bossy / Get a consultation first to discuss the haircut

  60. Ah! I’m so happy I found this board! I’ve been googling ways to hide bad haircuts when I came across this blog. Needless to say I am so relieved to know that I’m not alone and I feel like this is the perfect place to get my story out so I can finally put the trama behind me and focus on the regrouping process. About two years ago I moved to a state with much less humidity and harsher winters then where I lived my entire life. My Hair DID NOT like this. Ive always grown my thick, wavy, aubrun hair very quickly and now it grows like molasses and breaks like straw 🙁 however after several attempts to “Start fresh” and grow it out my hair had finally reached my mid back again. Still it wasn’t in the best of conditions but it was long and oh how I had missed it. After 8 months of not touching it I decided to have a demi color put in just for fun. I also wanted to add a colored streak. A friend of mine said she had a great hair dresser and I should go to her salon. Unfortanetly the hair dresser my friend sees wasn’t taking on clients but her cowoker was. (Now I know why). We scheduled our appointments for around the same time and went in together. The stylest seemed nice. I picked out a color and she was exited to put in a hot pink streak for me. After my shampoo I saw that the color looked fantastic so for some reason I had faith in her cutting skills. She asked what I wanted and I told her just the slightest trim and a FEW SOFT layers around my face. I even showed her a picture of Jennifer Aniston. She said ok and proceeeded to cut. Then the comments started coming like “wow this is really damaged” “you have a ton of split ends” and “I can tell you use a ponytail a lot”. All of these statements where true and I adknowleded them not realizing that she was using them to rationalize the hacking of my hair. By the time i put my head up I could see the she was literally HACKING Chin length layers in my hair. I said “no! That’s too many layers!” And she just looked at me and said “that’s what you wanted, plus I had to cut all the split ends off”. So I sat there in silence for the rest of the cut. No turning back at that point…so I thought but now I think I should have stopped her right there because it did get worse. And for some reason I was quiet and paid for it. My friend finished too and she looked great. We went to lunch and I ignored my hair totally. It wasn’t until I pulled in my drive way that I took a good look at it. I began to ball. It looks like I have two different haircuts. On is a piece messy uneven chin length bob and the other is a long scraggly thin shoulder touching mess. She must have cut for inches off the top longest layer and 8 off the shortest. Also the mid lengthe pieces are heavy and it gives me the mushroom look. She started them from behind my ear forward and there’s now gradual angle to the long hair. It’s a cross between a mullet and Jennifer Aniston…from 1995! My husband says it’s fine and other people have made comments about it being “unquie” and “edgy” but I’m shy and quiet and kind of earth so it doesn’t fit my style at all. I’ve played around with it a bit and I can’t pull it up and I can’t even wear it in a head band without short chunky pieces just laying there. The only thing that looks half decent is flipping it out but that only lasts for and hour or so. I had debated whether or not to just cut it some more…take some length off the longest layer and make some long bangs out of the massive midlenght chunks. But that will only delay the growing procress and I so despartly want it long. Instill have decided if I should call the salon again and ask for a refund. Can I do that? *sigh. At least it’s winter. Bring on the hats! Best of luck to anyone recovering from a bad haircut. We’ll get through this together!

  61. I had my hair cut yesterday. I wanted them reeeally short, but the hairdresser said she’ll try the “asymetrical – short in the back, longer in the front” first and if I didn’t like it, then she would cut them shorter. During the haircut she said things like “I’m gonne leave the front longer, so you can cover your face with it” and “I’m not gonna cut the back, because you have short neck and it’s not worth showing off”. I ended up with a friggin helmet on my head, not even close to what I wanted or to what she said she’ll do. Now I’m honestly considering shaving it all off, because anything will look better than this…

  62. Ok, So my haircut isn’t BAD per se but it’s just NOT my type. I wanted choppy layers and she gave me…. IDK what!! Everyone else, who I dared to show liked it and told me “Stop being such a DRAMA QUEEN” but Dang, I spent 6 months growing it out long enough for ONE special day and.. BOOM! All that work gone. Now, I can’t even tie it in a PONYTAIL. :3 What do I do?!?!!

  63. Hi… these are the worst days of my life… I got my hair totally damaged..I had long hair. It is naturally curly but I rebonded the newly grown hair once in a while… last december I went on to color my hair blonde, and got brazilian hair blow out. It turns out great. But tis february my hair started to grow back curly so I want to rebond it again.I went to the salon where I got my hair colored, thinking they will know how to handle my hair.
    At first I opt for just hair treatment or reborn, but when I show him the cut I wanted he told me that I should have told him earlier and said he will rebond my hair again. I told him I’m afraid it will become rubberized but he said he is good at it. So I trusted him.
    He colored it again with dark brown, cut my desired style, short at the back and long at the front, rebond it, put on celophane… and then the worst came. My hair were damaged. It was like it was cooked with the chemical. So he cut it too short to get rid of the damaged ends. It was so short I nearly cry.
    2 days after rebonding my hair is curly again and so damaged. I went to the salon got my money back but my sister ask the stylist to shoulder all the expenses that will be spent to repair my hair. He agree, I spent another four thousand pesos for treatment and show him the receipt. He said he will paid it back. But day ater that, i called the salon and the cashier said he didn’t report to work that day. I was really pissed off.
    Now I have to deal with bad hair, I’m shy to go out and now I’m sick, maybe because of stress. My boyfriend don’t like it, and I’m really stressed afraid it will take long time to grow out because pf the chemicals.
    It’s been 5 days now, but im still crying everytime I look in the mirror.

    P.s. sorry for the wrong grammar.

  64. I have shaved my head A few months back due to my hair suddenly getting gummy for no reason. I was in the process of growing it out, then I let a butcher at it. Asked her to “trim” it. Apparently she has no clue what that means. I now have uneven, crappy hair that is about an inch long. There is no way to fix that! If I had wanted it that short again I would have shaved it all off my self! Very angry. Plus I can not wear wigs or hats at the moment due to the classes I take. I guess it’s just best to cut my hair myself. That way if I screw it up, at least I am to blame and not some thieving, scissor wielding idiot. I think “hair dressers” hack peoples hair up on purpose.

  65. Miss my mom in my home country. Hair cutting is not just about cutting hair, but making someone beautiful/handsome. I always think that hair stylists need to be artists too. The good ones are those who pause every now and then, step back, and look at you or the mirror like a developing artwork. I’m a guy with a big forehead, so my bangs always get screwed up. Part of the problen is that the stylists I go to, always leave a long back, which i hate for its artificial look. Then when i tell them make the back shorter, they respond that they have to adjust everything else. Wtf?! Next time, i’ll probably spend 10 times more, money loss is more bearable than “face loss”. Also, not all guys are ok with being bald as it may not fit their image, not mine at least.

  66. I just went in the have my hair trimmed and layers and left with two inch wide chunks of hair hair that are maybe half an inch long….and it is all over my head including the very front of my hair in my bangs and just past my bangs….i dont have any idea what in the world she was thinking…i have super rhick hair and have had thinning shears used in hair cuts plenty of times…but this looks like she let a toddler whack away at my hair. Im expecting grow out to be super interesting for me!!

  67. Well I just went to cut my hair because it was all the same length and it was touching my shoulders and curling out so I wanted to cut it a bit shorter to prevent the curling out thing. Aaaaaannddd…..I ended up with a Harry Potter haircut 🙁
    My shortest layer is the same length as my bangs and it just looks like I have a helmet on 🙁
    Now I’ll just use it in a ponytail until I can make an actual normal person short cut with no stupid layers. I wouldn’t mind it being short, I just hate the whole layering stuff.
    My boyfriend keeps telling me it looks great, my I know he is just being nice…

  68. ya I should be used to “bad” haircuts by now and figured out what doesn’t work for me. Well I needed a hair cut because I hadn’t had one in 4 months and thought I could use some layers cause my hair was pretty well grown out. Well all of high school I thought I was kinda ugly and just recently (2 years after high school) I feel like my looks are picking up again… that is until I decided to get my hair cut. I’m not going to blame the hair dresser cause she actually did a pretty decent job, but the style doesn’t look well on me. I look ugly in pictures all over again (hello high school days). It is pretty well long in the back with some layering, but short layers in the front, and short layers- I can finally put a name to the thing that does not look good on me. Short layers on a round face make your face look, well, round, which was opposite of what I was going for hah :/ and side bangs I found out in grade 12 are not my friend, so OF COURSE I let the lady trim them. Are they ever gonna grow out?

    Here is my advice to you having bad haircuts, and take it from me, I’ve had many many bad haircuts: HAIR GROWS!! I know the initial growing it out stage sucks, but one day it’ll just be a couple of bad photos in a photo album. Plus, now you know what not to go for when debating haircuts.


  69. The other day, I went to a hair salon and also asked for a Jenn Aniston cut, except it was really similar to what I already had (thick, straight, collarbone length hair). I had just cut it two months prior from under the chest length because I wanted a shorter cut for the summer, so I was finally getting used to it, and it finally looked nice. At the salon, I showed the stylist the picture I got off Google and told him exactly what I wanted, which was basically a trim. Instead of getting what I wanted, he gave me side bangs AND really high, blunt layers. I’ve had layers and side bangs before, and I never looked good. EVER! After the cut, I literally ran into my car crying. I also cried for two hours when I got home, making me late for an event! My mom wouldn’t even talk to me for the next two days because she thought I was getting depressed. What’s left of my hair is now in a little ponytail. I mean, it always used to be in a high pony or a high bun, but I’ve never been so upset about hair in my life! I even tried curling my hair yesterday, but the top layers are literally past my ears and won’t curl. Every time I look online, I envy the people with luscious long hair.

    I just read this to my mom, and we laughed the whole time about how everything you wrote was true for me too! I’m so relieved that I’m not the only one that grieves about a bad haircut!

  70. I was literally cracking up reading these posts so, thank you! After many and many Yelp searches I found a salon with all positive reviews and booked an appointment there this past weekend. I had pretty long hair but wanted a change, one of those trendy long bobs that are longer in the front and shorter in the back. I brought a photo that I felt showed the exact style. As she was cutting it, I started to feel like something was…awry. She was texturizing the bottom in a way that I felt was not necessary. When she started blowdrying, I was even more worried. I looked like a fluffy dog, totally flat on top and two clumps of fuzz on either side of my head. At this point she could tell I was nervous and turned me around. She told me she was going to curl my hair. I said okay. When she turned me around it wasn’t horrible, but my hair was so flat on top with ringlets on the bottom. She’s like “OMG ITS ADORABLE.” I didn’t want to tell her at that point that I’m 29 years old and I wasn’t really aiming for cuteness here. I went home and straightened it at home and it was comparable to witch hair, JAGGED scary edges at the bottom. When I blow dryed it the entire back of my hair was flipping up like a 40’s house wife and the front was curved in. I thought to myseld, “who does this remind me of?” and I realized it was the 1992 Rachel from Friends haircut. So, I went back to the salon. She was the only one there and she’s like omg you’re hair is so cute, you don’t like it? I explained the issues and brought out the photo again. She said “Well of course your hair isn’t going to look like the photo because you have different hair texture.” ……….Well if that was the case why didn’t you say anything!?!?!? Debating whether I should just sweat this out or go back to another salon.

    1. Oh gosh, yeah – they should’ve told you about the hair texture thing, that’s really important. I always tell my makeup clients that too (“…we can do something like that, but not exactly since your eye shape is different than this girl in the photo, etc.”)

      Let me know on what you decide!

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