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Arch Angels: Fixing Over-plucked Eyebrows

I‘m sure we’ve all been there. Whether it’s over-plucking our own brows, or something doing the dirty work for us; over-plucked, thin, sparse eyebrows are not a good look.

how to fix over plucked eyebrows

I got my eyebrows tweezed for the first time at a professional place when I was 14. I can’t remember why I did, as I have naturally quite thick brows, but I walked into the first beautitian I could find at a mall, which ended up being a huge mistake. The lady gave me the thinnest brows with the highest arch… it just awful.

Needless to say, today I am really careful about keeping it’s original thickness now. In fact, I do it myself now, I trust no one! And during this time, I have learnt a lot of how to fix over plucked eyebrows and thin eyebrows. Here they are…

Try hair growth formulas. Yes, they may seem gimmicky, but they do work. I’ve tried RapidBrow to my brows with great success and would recommend buying 3-4 tubes and finishing them over a period of 3-4 months (1 tube a month, basically). Also, those popular eyelash growth serums such as RevitaLash and Prevage Clinical Lash + Brow Serum should technically work as well and I’ve also heard great things.

Or, try the one that is scientifically proven. Latisse is a prescription-only eyelash growth formula. If I’m not mistaken, the story is that scientist noticed that people who took glucoma eyedrops all ended up having super long, thick and dark eyelashes, and they extracted the ingredient in the medication to make this eyelash growth serum. I think that’s the story – don’t take my word for it, though! It’s the only thing that really scientifically-proven to work, and because of that, there’s no reason why it won’t work on eyebrows.

Hands off! Don’t touch your eyebrows for at least 4 months. Resist the urge! I would say a full 6 months, but 4 months is the minimum. If it’s really getting unsightly, just tweeze those absolute necessary ones that are completely out of your whole eyebrow area (for example, the stray ones that are near your eyes, or the ones in between your two brows, etc). I also read this tip from Linda Wells, founder of Allure magazine: Dip a Q-tip in some Rogaine (or any hair loss formula) and rub it on any bald spots you might have. But be EXTREMELY careful to not let it touch anywhere near your eyes.

Condition them. Apply some kind of conditioning formula to whatever hair you have now. Try applying some coconut oil or Vaseline to them daily to make them healthier, thicker and darker. (Make sure to not get it in your eyes).

Fill them in for now. While you wait for your over plucked eyebrows to grow back, it’s best to fill them in with eyebrow makeup. There’s quite a few options for this, so check out New to Eyebrow makeup? Here’s A Quick Guide, where I share the best brow makeup for your different needs, preferences and more.

Prepare for your next session – properly. If you’re going to go to a professional, make sure you don’t end up with crazy thin eyebrows like mine. I shudder at the thought, it was that terrible! First, look at some eyebrows you like and would like the general look and feel of. Save a few photos of it. Here are some eyebrows I love: Megan Fox, Camilla Belle and Keira Knightley

celebrity best thick full eyebrow

Before going to the brow stylists, bring the photos of the person’s eyebrows you do like – you can’t get the exact shape, but visuals are always helpful with stylists. (Check out my tip on how to tell your hairdresser what you want, which also works in this case – you’re still dealing with hair, after all!)

And when explaining what shape you want, try using words like “natural, low arch, full, thick, slight arch,” whatever you fancy. Tell them about your past concerns about overplucking your eyebrows. Just remember to avoid looks that are too thin and too arched – not a good look on anybody, really.

Maggie Vega

I just overplucked my eyebrows, any advice or support ? It was my first time and now I’m crying


Oh, I’m sorry Maggie! It happens. All my tips are above – don’t touch your brows for 6 months, and a try one of those eyebrow growth serums I recommended in point #1. If it’s your first time, I think it will grow back super fast, so don’t worry!


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