How to: Get Rid of Dark Circles Around Eyes

how to get rid of dark eye circles

Dark circles around eyes, also known as dark eye circles, are a common concern with women and men alike.

And while there are many products, techniques and procedures out there that claim to get rid of them, a lot of it just doesn’t work.

Because the truth is… even doctors agree that dark eye circles are difficult to treat! I personally have pretty bad dark eye circles, so it’s a topic that has interested me enough to do some major researching and testing throughout the years. Here’s what I found.

What Causes Dark Circles Around Eyes?

Most of the causes come from discoloration, poor blood circulation … and get this – your parents!

Yup, dark eye circles is a combination of heredity and genetics. Brownish colors are pigmentation common in dark skinned ladies, while purple and blues are a sign of bad circulation and poor sleeping patterns. Fragile and damanged blood vessels underneath the skin can also be a cause, as well as allergies.

What are the options?

Unfortunately, there’s not too much good news for us who suffer with dark eye circles, but there are a few options out there:

1. Eye creams.

Some beauty experts are adamantly against eye creams, saying they are unnecessary, but I personally don’t agree. I think eye creams are useful and do work, but you gotta know which one to get, because sure, a lot of them are basically just moisturizers and you don’t need to spend so much money for something you already have, in that sense.

So it’s important to find an eye cream that is specially formulated for the extra special needs of the under eye area, keeping in mind the extra delicate nature of that area as well. And it’s not just me – while I’ve personally found success in eye cream, I also have a lot of  friends – old and young, in the beauty industry and outside of it – who swear by them. The eye cream with the best reviews – from customers, dermatologists and experts – is Caudalie Premier Cru Eye Cream. It’s worth a try!

2. Sleep.

It’s the number one recommendation in getting rid of dark eye circles, because it’s the belief that dark circles around eyes come from lack of sleep. Unfortunately for us and today’s world, 12 hours of sleep everynight is just not going to happen! So try to aim for at least a good 8 hours every night, which should decrease some of the color in your eye circles.

3. Sunscreen.

Because the skin around your eyes are much thinner than the rest of your face, sunscreen is vital on the under eye area. Sunscreen is also the #1 thing for anti-aging on any part of your skin. A good sunscreen for the eye area is Shiseido Sun Protection Eye Cream, which I also use. I would recommend using that in the day time, and the the Caudalie one I recommended above, at night.

4. Concealer. (And this all important makeup trick.)

When all else fails, use makeup. I highly recommend Laura Mercier Secret Concealer and Benefit Erase Paste, or just be sure to look out for concealers that are peach in color. If you want, you can even go further and use color correctors which should cover just about any type of discoloration or dark eye circle. Stay tuned as I will be writing a post exactly on that.

When applying concealer to your dark eye circles, be sure to not to skip concealer on the all important inner corners of your eyes, near your nose bridge, which most people forget. Applying concealer there lightens the natural shadow which contributes to the dark circles around the eye area, and makes the most difference in making your eye area look brighter and fresher.

5. Check your health.

If you think that your dark eye circles are worse than most, there is a chance it may actually be a sign of another health concern, such as an autoimmune disease or even allergies. You might want to get that checked out with a healthcare professional if you are very concerned about your dark eye circles.

My Personal Recommendation

Hmm, this post is as disappointing as my post about getting rid of cellulite, no?! Thing is, getting rid of dark circles around the eyes are actually quite tricky.

My personal recommendation, as a makeup artist and someone who generally likes to keep beauty natural, safe and non-invasive, would be get enough sleep, and then cover them with some great makeup tricks – namely, color correcting and then an incredible concealer to cover your dark eye circles.

Other options to get rid of dark circles under eyes include laser and even plastic surgery options, but if you are going to go down that road, I suggest you do your research very carefully and choose a doctor that has been recommended to you.

Over to you, my co-bloggers: how do you get rid of dark circles under eyes? Do you have any other tips to share?

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