So Underated: Jessica Simpson Fancy

jessica simpson fancy perfume reviewCelebrity scents are a dime a dozen these days, much to the dismay of master perfumers, filling up the market with overtly sweet, cheaply made perfumes, made solely for profits and not the art of perfume.

But then there are a few that stand out and make us think, wow.

Unfortunately, the market of celebrity fragrance are all about popularity, and I find the good ones are barely on people’s radar.

Personally, I’ve found that the older the perfume is (around the time of 2004-2007), are the best fragrances. (Hilary Duff’s debut scent, With Love, for example, was one of the better ones, but alas – it’s beautiful spicy, woody and milky coconut sophistication did not appeal with the younger ones, and if I recall correctly, it flopped big time.)

But another favorite celebrity scent of mine, is Jessica Simpson Fancy perfume – her first, I believe.

I wrote about it being one of my favorite sweet perfumes, and I think even if you are not into sweet scents, this a perfume worth trying. It’s a fruity sweet scent that while sounds like the usual celebrity scent (I think “orientual sweet vanilla” might describe it better, actually) there is such a depth and maturity to it that it could go head to head with Prada Candy… and probably win.

The fragrance starts of with a burst of fruits – pear (one of my favorite notes in perfume), berries and apricot and then into caramel, a mix of gardenia, with a dry down of almond and vanilla.

It is a stunning scent, and it has to be for me to remember it all these years later! It was launched in 2008, and today, it’s fairly hard to find. (In fact, I did mention here that I think it may be discounted soon – all the good ones are!)

For now, it’s available at and I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a sweet, sexy scent that is super affordable, too.

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